Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emily's 1 Yr Stats


I need to get these down for documenting purposes...

Everything at Em's 1 year check up looked great and she is growing up right on track.

Height: 30.75 inches - 93rd percentile
Weight: 22 lb 10oz - 86th percentile
Head: 30th percentile... moving on up!

For comparison's sake...

Leah's 1 year old stats:

Height: 31.25 inches
Weight: 24 lb 12 oz

Em - 1 yr

Leah - 1 yr

Definitely sisters... but different. 

Em's hair is MUCH curlier! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Emily's 1st Birthday Party

(I started this post last week but then realized I was on the wrong computer and could not add pictures... I am finishing it today because my poor poor 2nd child is getting so cheated in the documentation area and I NEED to get this post done.)

It's official.

My baby turned 1 yesterday.

We had her party this past Sunday, June 2nd...

In hopes that the first weekend of June would be a little "cooler" than the 2nd weekend of June.

We were correct!

A high of 65 to be exact!

Most of us wore long sleeves and pants even.

I never imagined my June baby would have a first birthday like that...

But it was great.

Everyone enjoyed the park, letting the girls play...

Things were just nice and relaxed.


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