Thursday, March 21, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 9

I am really behind in getting this post up...

I wont even go into what I was supposed to run because we should all know by now I am not very good at following my training schedule...

This weeks theme though was FAST!

Day 1: 

Nothing... cant remember why I did not get out...

Probably it was really windy.

I decided I hate wind more than anything!

Day 2: 

I knew I had to get out there.

I dropped the girls off at school and immediately did 4.1 miles in the chilly morning.

9:15 pace.

Day 3: 

Again I had trouble getting myself out there...

Before getting the girls I figured I would atleast get in a quick 3 miles.

My goal was to not even look at my watch the entire run...

It was the route around my neighborhood and I knew the mile markers.

But when I was about 2.5 miles in I glanced down to see my pace.

I knew I was going a little faster, but no idea how fast.

I saw 8:05!

Seeing that pace made me push myself the rest of the way to see what I could get in a 5k.


I really shocked myself since I was running alone where I am usually pretty slow and did not even have intentions of going that fast!

Now I wish I would have pushed a little harder that first mile...

And I am really anxious to see what I would do in an actual 5K race now!

Day 4: 

The news was forecasting a 60 degree afternoon.

My running buddy Heather, who also works from home, texted to see if I was interested in running together.

Of course!

This girl might be my running role model!

She runs a 1:50 half marathon...

Sub 4 hour full marathon...

Is 10 years older than me but in awesome shape.

She is slightly faster than me obviously but I love to run with her because it pushes me a bit harder.

We waited all day to meet up.

We kept pushing the time back because it was still COLD outside.

And raining!

We finally decided 1:30 to head out, but on the drive to meet up it started raining again.

She has a membership to the "local" YMCA and offered to just head there and I could be her guest.

(I do not consider this local because its 15 minutes away!)

I did just under 7 miles in 60 minutes...

Around a 9:00 pace.

I also loved being at a full gym again!

I cannot wait for the Eureka Rec center to open up so I can get a membership and enjoy it!

Seriously, cannot wait!

Its only 3 miles away from my house so I have dreams of running there, doing some weights, and running back home...

Day 5:

It really was fabulous out so Heather and I met again for an afternoon run on the Al Foster Trail.

The girl knows I want to do the half in under 2 hours and she definitely is trying to help me get there.

We did the 5 mile trail in about an 8:15 pace!

I usually just run....

But Heather is helping me tryi to work on getting faster each mile and making small goals with each run I do.

Its definitely helping.

Day 6: 

Another scheduled/organized race!

St. Pat's Parade run 5 miler...

I had all intentions of heading down with Heather and her friends then meeting up with Melanie, Holly, & Laura...

That was until my cranky mood took over.

I ended up forgetting my number/bib all together.

There was no sun.

It was again colder than expected.

I was tired.


I was just grumpy and not feeling it.


We ended up starting off at the beginning of the "yellow" bib section...

aka the semi fast group.

Yes, I am semi fast, but compared to the general running population, there are a lot out there a whole lot faster.

1504 to be exact.

This run was a little depressing...

I know its a similar course as the half...

And to see all these people continually passing me really knocked my confidence for the half.

The whole 3rd mile was pretty much at an incline into the wind and I HATED it.

I hated the crowd and I know the half will be even worst.

During the run I just kept thinking the half will be miserable!

I think it was just the weather that effected my mood...

Lets pray for nice, sunny weather for April 7th!

As for the actual run...

Heather gave me her bib about 2 miles in.

We were running together and the serious runner she is has a fancy bib holder belt thingy so mid run she just handed it over and I put it on.

She was not feeling great that morning either and the cold wind really gets her asthma going so she was planning to stop for a few minutes.

I finished in 42:53.

8:36 pace.

1505 out of 9600 total runners.

Not too shabby I guess.

But I ran 5 miles faster the day before!

Heather ended up finishing in 47 minutes...

Even with a 3 minute pit stop, hitting her inhaler, and calling her husband!

Doesnt this picture just scream COLD! 

Afterwards there was free beer... but I was too cold and just managed a few sips before giving my beer away. 

Day 7: 


It was a rainy rainy day. 


So this week I got back to multiple runs... 

Maybe not high in mileage... 

But I definitely have picked up my speed. 

I decided that I much more prefer smaller organized runs. 

Lets keep it under a thousand people.

The big crowds, stress of parking, so many runners really messes with me and is just not worth it to me. 

Please let the half be a much more enjoyable experience! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Round Up: 11 of 52

Monday 3/11:

Single mothering it up.... a good night picture to daddy. 

Tuesday 3/12:
My uncontrollable desire to decorate while the hubby away continues with a new picture gallery in our bedroom. I am LOVING it. 

Wednesday 3/13:
Finally made it to the store to get some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.... Im now hooked. 

Thursday 3/14:
I couldn't stop painting the day before... this table ended up getting a face lift as well. Thursday was spent waxing.... 

Friday 3/15:

The St. Louis area was teased with some awesome weather Friday.  I met up with a buddy at a local trail for a QUICK 5 mile run... 

Saturday 3/16:
The day started off with the St. Pat's Run and errand running... including picking out the grout color for our next house project happening the last week of March! 

Sunday 3/17:

My brother posted this picture... He is a soon to be a first time dad.... so sweet! 

I snuck in a little girl time with my mom and sister and baby girl.  We all hit the mall while Brian and Leah stayed home to play video games. Emily was just way too excited to have mommy sitting next to her in the car. 

This lady had zero clothes for the warmer weather but after a little shopping, new shorts, tank tops & dresses! I'm ready for vacation and summer!  I think I will be wearing something similar to this every day June - Aug. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

A typical weekend afternoon hanging out... 

You know, just bouncing on your bed in a princess dress and magic wand. 

I LOVE this picture! ... Emily looking down, talking to her daddy. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 8

This week has a theme...

Its called SORE.

I am not sure if it was the 12 mile run on Sunday...

Or some sort of illness...

Or the return to boot camp class...

But I sucked at running this week.

I was all over the place...

aka -  not following my plan.

And I could barely move my body.

Day 1: 5 miles

Skipped bc I just ran 12 miles the day before...

That was my furthest distance yet.

I know you are supposed to rest after run a half marathon, I figured I should probably rest after running 12 miles at a pretty good pace with tons of hills as well.

I felt pretty good though...

Day 2: off

OMG this day was miserable.

I already mentioned how I had chills and shivered all day...

I did not mention in my other post how my legs KILLED me...

I felt like I had 2 rocks for butt cheeks and could not stand to sit in my chair.

I actually made it down to the treadmill.

Hoping some movement would stretch me out a bit.

I did 3.1 miles...

Not even running it all.

I still was hurting.

Day 3: 3 miles - speedy

I rested my aching body.

Day 4: 4 miles

I was finally starting to feel a bit better.

I was a little late getting down to the gym and was only able to get in 2 miles before boot camp class.

Boot camp consisted of TONS of squats and lunges.

The 2 rocks for butt cheeks returned.

Day 5: 6 miles

The weather was too goregous not to get in a run.

I knew I majorly slacked so I was hoping for a mid-distance run...

aka 7-8 miles.

(isn't it ridiculous that I think 7-8 miles does not qualify for a "long" run anymore?! Who am I?)

I took a little scenic run of Eureka... past the horse farm. I stopped for some fruit snacks (I was out of GU or any sports snacks and my brother had mentioned to me before that fruit snacks are pretty much the same thing... just harder to eat while running!) and enjoyed the horses. 

I made it back home at 7.48 miles.  Around a 9:30 pace. 

For being SORE and my muscles so tight I was THRILLED with that 9:30 pace! 

Day 6: 5 miles

I had all intentions of running the 5 with my gals in my running group but as I said yesterday rain ruined our plans.   

The day got away from me. 

And family time won out over any chance to go run. 

Oh well. 

Day 7: 10 miles

It rained ALL DAY. 

And Brian headed out of town. 

So running didnt happen. 


If you are counting.... 

Schedules miles for the week  = 33
Miles ran = 13.58


I feel like I am in a running rut right now. 

Its not that I do not want to do it... 

I miss it. 

I know I am crabbier. 

This week should be better. 

Nicer weather. 

I am hoping to make up for my missed miles a bit... 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 10 of 52

Whoa... week 10 already.

Monday 3/4:

This day would definitely be marked as the highlight of the week.  It was the day that I found out my yearly raise amount, my bonus amount, and the fact that...


The best thing is that I will be getting a raise, higher bonus percentage, and I will be doing the EXACT same job. Nothing at all changes. My boss just had to prove that I was already doing work on the level of my new title... now I get rewarded for it!

So when the Oberweis guy rang my doorbell after I got off the phone with my boss, he benefited from my good mood and new higher income and I signed up for weekly milk delivery!  It kind of cracks me up, but for about 50 cents more than what I pay at the store, I will be getting fat free, in a glass jar, hormone free and organic milk delivered to our door every Tuesday. The stuff is GOOD too... He gave me this chocolate milk for free because I told him I loved it but I will not let myself get that delivered weekly... 

Tuesday 3/5:

Does anyone else ever notice that after a really good day you usually have a crappy day?

Tuesday I was just feeling ROUGH.  Maybe it was the fact that I was SORE from my 12 mile run a few days prior, or some sort of bug... but I was FREEZING all day, no appetite, could not stop shivering, and just all achy!  This tea was my attempt to warm up... it worked for about 20 minutes. 

After I picked up the girls we needed to hit the grocery store for a few items.  Schnucks just got in these little carts and Leah LOVES them.  She behaves so well just shopping around, picking up everything for me and putting it in her cart. 

She wants to go to the grocery store all the time now. 

Wednesday 3/6:
I actually wore my hair down! 

We started off the morning with Miss Emily's 9 month check up. 

And ended the night playing in the loft. Leah was very proud of her Mr. Potato head. 

I gave Emily her snack of cheerios in a bowl and set it in front of her... she kept trying to put her face in the bowl.  She was too funny! 

Thursday 3/7
I headed back to the office and was back to boot camp class as well.  I was still sore from my run, and after a class full of squats I knew I would be hurting more... I tried this protein drink to try to lesson my soreness in anyway possible... not sure if it worked, but it wasn't half bad either.  

Leah spent the afternoon/evening with some tummy issues and not feeling great... I hate when she is sick, but I do like that she is now old enough to vocalize how she feels.  It kind of makes it all a little easier. 

Mommy spent the evening sad because Daddy found out he would be heading out of town the following week... The knowledge always depresses me and sends me into a weird funk. 

Friday 3/8:

The weather was fabulously 50 and I spent the entire day looking forward to a nice longish run. ... in my new capris! Im newly obsessed with them.

Saturday 3/9:
Saturday did not start off well.... 

I was really excited to get in a run with my running group. I miss those ladies and havent seen most of them in a while because of the crappy weather lately.  We were all anxious for the warm weather that was forecasted and getting together but we woke up to RAIN!  We were all BUMMED. 

The rain finally ended by early afternoon, and after a few errands we hit up the park for a bit. 

 Then we met up with daddy at the tile store, with our handy man and picked out some tile! I am SO excited about what we decided on.  We are waiting to hear back on the pricing to make sure we are still in budget, but OMG it should all come together perfectly! I cannot wait!

This picture was of us just sitting on the curb, waiting on Blake to let us in the store. I love how sweet my girls look. 

Once we made it back home we played with some friends outside for a bit and then hung out while daddy BBQed for us.  Emily now LOVES the swing!! 

And Leah loves to push her! (The swing is hanging down from our deck)

Sunday 3/10:

This day was just depressing...

The time change made us lazy.

It was raining ALL DAY.

And daddy left for his business trip at 1pm.

She is starting to loose the baby-babyness and starting to look a little more little girlish... 

Leah is a puzzle MACHINE!  Seriously this girl is awesome at them. She does not even need a picture to look at, she just knows to do the border first and then works her way in. I love watching her do them. 

Once daddy left we headed to Brian's parents house for his parents to watch the girls while I ran a few errands. 

Then we headed to my parents for dinner. 

Remember when I wrote THIS POST about my uncontrollable desire to decorate whenever Brian goes out of town... 

He wasnt even out of town for more than a few hours, but I guess it was the fact that I was in Fenton, near Garden Ridge, that I decided I really wanted to go look at their bar stools... My dad went with me because according to my mom "If she buys some, she needs help getting them in the car."....some father daughter time. 

We walked around... then found the clearance section.  My dad is the king of deals... There were alot of great ones, but they mostly were random single chairs.  I wanted matching chairs obviously, and preferably 3!  There was a group of 5 of a single style, very sturdy, heavy, good stools... but a little more frilly than I knew Brian would like.  He already didnt know I was looking at bar stools, he would really shoot me if I got something he didnt like.  I was about to give up, with my dad checking at the Garden Ridge by his work to see if they had any of the style I was liking, that only had 2... when I suddenly looked up and spotted a third!! We seriously were there for about an hour, in the same section, I have no idea how I missed these 3!

1 was priced at 149.99.  1 priced as 129.99.  And another without a price. 

They were all 50% off.... If I could get them all for $65 a piece that would be a steal... They are really nice and sturdy ones too.  I about killed myself trying to pull one off of the top shelf ..  I was a little nervous heading to check out, but the 149.99 price tag was on the bottom of the chair, while the 129.99 was up and visible on the other. I was hoping the cashier wouldnt bother searching each chair... 

And he didnt!  I scored all 3 chairs for $211 after tax! 

And I freaking LOVE them! 

I told Brian, and sent him pictures.... he didn't say much... luckily I am under budget this month and I think he understands that I got an awesome deal on them. 

So who wants to come over and visit with me while sitting in them!?

My decorating problem while Brian is out of town will probably continue thru out the week... I already have a few ideas in mind. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Miss Emily - 9 Months

How on earth did we get here so fast? 

You will be a fully year before we know it. 

Weight: 19lbs 11 oz.   (70th percenitle)

You have actually lost weight in the last month since your last sick visit.   Your decrease in bottles and mobility are to blame. 

Height: 29 inches (92th percentile)

I am not sure I believe that measurement.  The nurse was weird  and new.  She first measured you at 27 inches.  I told her that was probably impossible because you were 28 inches at 6 months.  She remeasured at 29 inches.  I think I could have done a better job to properly measure you... I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for the fact that your carseat has a max height of 30 inches and I need to know if we need to go carseat shopping sooner rather than later... 

You are measuring much smaller than your sister was at this age... Almost 2 full lbs less and 1.5 inches.

Will you always be mommy's little girl? 


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