Friday, June 24, 2011

I Believe...

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...moving stinks.... but will be 100% worth it down the road.

...Leah might just be ready to be a big sister. She frequently pretends I am the baby and feeds me, gives me her sippy cup, and her binkie. She will be an awesome big sis!

...Leah might be even more ready for potty training! She frequently says "I poo-poo." but when you check her diaper she is clean.... 5 minutes later she goes. She knows she needs to go... we just need to get her a potty so we can start putting her on it when she is telling us this! Last night she told me while she was in the bathtub.   That definitely meant it was time to get out!

...vacation is so needed! I cant wait to spend a week where I dont have to think about work, or the house, or anything really.... Is it time to leave yet?

...I will cry when it comes time to say our final good bye to this house. The tears are already forming just thinking about it. There are such good memories here... and great neighbors. It will be hard to leave.
...I have a water baby.... or should I say water toddler! This is definitely not the picture of a baby! She love to jump in from the side of the pool.  Rebel.
My sister with Leah.  I think this is about the cutest picture E-V-E-R! sad as I am to leave this house, I am super excited to live with my parents again!  I cant wait for the girl time with my mom and sister, breakfast with my dad, and just being in my old town! is going to be a good week!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I know I have again become a bad blogger....

Life is just hectic lately!

Moving consumes your life!

The house is a wreck, we currently are living with only our beds, dressers, TVs, and washing & dryer.

We are busy planning our new houses.... We picked out flooring!

For the entry way, mud room, powder room, kitchen, and breakfast room

Bathroom tile

And then I have become addicted to this new site called Pinterest.  Yeah, it couldn't have entered my life at a more perfect time.   I have become obsessed with looking at house pictures, finding inspiration for the kitchen, family room, powder room, loft, bedrooms..... its awesome! ... and horrible at the same time because I am seriously obsessed! Click HERE to check out what I have been aspiring too!

We leave for V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in just a few days so hopefully I will update later with some fabulous pictures of my little water baby enjoying the beach!! 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lists, Lists, Lists

A have a bijillion lists running thru my head right now.  

What to pack for Florida...

What to pack and what needs to be done for the first big move that is scheduled for this weekend...

Projects I would like to accomplish...painting the rest of Leahs furnitre, random DIY projects I have been eyeing...

Things we need to buy for the new house....

Oh things we need to pick out still for the new house...

My head just hurts and sleep has been lacking as a result of all these thoughts flying thru my head 24/7....

We just need to get thru the next few weeks!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project Move Part 3.... or 4....

Papers are signed...

Lot is choosen....

Everything is falling into place to begin building out Montego by the end of the month!! (OMG!!!!)

The view from the front... sadly other houses will be built in there... but I am sure the hill of trees will be GOREGOUS in the fall!

And some pictures from the model.... We have many of the same upgrades as the model so it should look pretty similar!   We just LOVE it!!
There is a super long entry way.... the dinning room/office is to the right when you walk in the door, then a powder room, and to the left is the laundry room, mud room area and garage, and then stairs to the basement.

from the stairs

I love how open it is... yet still closed off.   The master bedrom is right around the corner, sharing a wall with the great room.

The upstairs loft.   We are getting a half wall here to close it off a little bit. We plan to use it as playroom and I am sure we will be needing that halfwall to hide some of the junk toys!  Upstairs there is also 3 bedrooms, each with a walk in closet, and 1 large bathroom, with double sinks, and a door seperating the sinks and toilet/shower.   I think it is a perfect bathroom for future kids to share.

My kitchen! ... but no island..... but I think I might go with the same cabinets... Brian and I both really like these.

Masterbath!! Toilet room to the left, and walk in closet to the back. I kind of love how the closet is at the back of the bathroom.

The great room from above.

View from the kitchen. Love the windows!


No sunroom for us, but a traditional deck instead.

We absolutely love it!   It is the perfect mix of what Brian and I both viewed as our dream home!   I cannot wait to have it built and to fill it with our favorite things!!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

We put in a contract to build this weekend.... We are waiting to hear back.
We have the inspection of our current house this week.  Its probably the one thing that could keep our house from being sold. (Our house is not old by any means, and Brian bought the house only 4.5 years ago.   It should not have anything majorly wrong with it... its just nerve racking).... We are waiting to hear how that goes before we start the serious packing.
I have no patience.  
This is driving me crazy!!!
I just want to get a move on every thing!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mini Freak Out!

Offer to build a house has been made....

Awaiting acceptance....

We totally low-balled them and are expecting to counter, and maybe have to cut out some of our options......

Yeah... did you know you could negotiate new construction??  I had no idea....

We find out Monday....

Until then.... We NEED to start packing!

Inspection is Thursday... we wanted to get thru that first.... but then I just realized....

Weekend of June 11th (next weekend) - Float trip (For you non MO folks... its a camp trip where you float down a river in a canoe or raft during the day...Totally not my thing...  I am doing it mainly to please my husband who has been bugging me to go on one for years)

Weekend of June 18th - PACKING! ... along with celebrating Father's day and playing in a coed Softball game.

Weekend of June 26th - BEACH!

Weekend of July 2 - Leaving the beach..... :(

Weekend of July 9 - MOVING!


Do you see how only ONE weekend in there says "Packing"?!?!?!?!

And somewhere in there we also need to pick out all options/details for the house so that it can begin being built early July!

Yeah.... freaking out!

Off to bed so we can hopefully do some power packing tomorrow!

... that is if I can sleep....

The anxiety filled person in me is telling me I need to start packing RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

But I will try to control it...

A pretty picture

Kim G

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Move Has Progressed!

We accepted an offer on our house today!!

Or should I say we received an offer, countered, and then the Buyer accepted within 1.5 hrs of us sending the counter!

I'm ecstatic!   I have spent all day dreaming of our new home.

But then I drove home from work and slowly started feeling a little sad...

I will only have a few more weeks of making this drive...

Leah only has a few more weeks of daycare... I LOVE her daycare....

As much as I say I want to move out of St. Charles, it really is a nice place to live.  I doubt we will ever spend much time here again in the future...

When I got home and took Leah outside to play I thought about all the time spent sitting on our front porch, watching the cars drive by, watching Leah play...

I'll miss my little kitchen.... the place where Brian proposed...

I will miss this little house that we have made our home.... where we have made so many memories, where we became a family.

Im honestly sad.

And then I look around and become overwhelmed....By all the STUFF we have... that needs to be moved!  Moved not just once, but twice!  To my parents, then to our future home...

There is so much to do in the next 6 weeks!   .... and 1 of those weeks is spent in FL....

5 weeks to pack up our life... and move on....

Im kind of freaking out!

Change is hard.

We are living so comfortably right now... shaking it all up, living out of suitcases at my parents for a few months, spending SOOOOO much money on a larger mortgage.... Its scary!

But its awesome!

Life is about to get 10 times more hectic.... and exciting!

And will be 100% worth it when we move into our dream home!



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