Wednesday, September 30, 2009

33 days

Only 33 more work days at the most, including today!!!!

It couldn't come at a better time!! I just need to do something new and challenging!!!

I heard more good news about my possible promotion this week... I dont want to jinx anything, but I marched into the Chief Actuary's office and asked what the status of his budget for next year was... It might have been slightly bold of me, but luckily his reply was "That's fair" and then he went on to tell me what was going on with the creation of the position.... still nothing is concrete, but I should know within the next few weeks hopefully if it gets passed or not!

I need to know something before the baby comes!!

Ok... back to work I guess....

Sunday, September 27, 2009


... and a few comments I received thru out the day were:

  • "You're about to pop!" - my brother's best friend Tom the
    minute he saw me.

  • "Your huge!" - My cousin Kelly

  • "Can you hold this for me? - My Uncle Dave trying to rest his coffee on my stomach

  • "If Kim gets tired of holding her bouquet during the wedding she can just rest it on her stomach" - Ellen, the maid of honor and Sarah's sister

  • "When are you due?" - from most strangers, then I would respond "Nov 15th" and then I would hear "I dont think you will make it until then!"

  • "I dont think you will make it to November even" - Amy, my
    cousin's wife

I can tell I have gotten even huger since my last doctors appointment. The disappearance of my belly button seems to be a good indicator of growth.... currently it is itty bitty and I expect it to pop out within the next few weeks. My next doctors appointment is Tuesday so we will see how that goes... What do you think!?


The wedding was GOREGOUS! I dont think I have ever seen a wedding so well put together. Everything just matched so well!!

The weather was about the strangest ever! Sunny one minute and raining the next... I made it to about 10:15. My body began to hurt so badly and I just wanted to lay down. I am proud I made it that long!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

exhausted already!

I am again up WAY too early, so I will write to pass the time before getting in the shower and waking Brian and my sister. (My sister spent the night... I will get to that later)

So the past few days have been wonderful.

Thursday I took a few hours off of work... originally I took them off to attend Brian's surprise baby shower at his work, but it was cancelled last minute at Brian's request... Brian has taken a new job... back to public accounting.... His last day at Centene is Oct 8th and he didnt want people to give him gifts when he probably would never be talking to or seeing most of them again.... Details about Brian's new job will be saved for another day as I have a variety of emotions surrounding it and I do not want to get into it at the moment...... but anywho, I left work early Thursday and got a little pampering done... a very much needed manicure and pedicure.

Yesterday, Friday, I was off for my brother's wedding rehearsal!!! The day was exhausting though! I again woke up before 6... Its hard for me to even make it to 6 anymore... then we left the house by 10. The rehearsal was at 11... then we went to lunch with my parents, helped decorate the room for the rehearsal dinner later that night, headed to the hotel to set up the hospitality room, then to my parents house to "rest" which really only consisted of sitting on the couch for 30 minutes before I had to run to JCPenney's for last minute items and Brian went for a run with my brother (so cute! My brother somehow has a special power of getting people to do whatever he wants) Then it was up to Summit to watch my sisters tennis game, home to get the boys, and then off to the rehearsal dinner on the hill. Brian, my sister, and I made it home around 930 and I pretty much fell into bed!!! Although it was a busy and tiring day, it was great! I love my family so much and I am so happy for my brother and Sarah!!! I can't wait for the wedding today because everything is going to be so gorgeous!!! I will of course have pictures to post soon...

Although I am completely excited for today's activies, I know today will be even more exhausting! It makes me tired thinking about it all!! Here I am, with maybe 6 hours of sleep, needing to be at the hotel between 830-9 to start primping, (this is why Jessica spent the night... I was not going to drive to pick her up tomorrow morning and then head there.... )and then a full day of wedding activities. I am sure there will be no nap times (probably a little more caffeine than usual) but hopefully just alot of excitement and happiness to get me thru it all!

In baby news... one of the groomsmen and my brother's childhood friend just had a new baby born a week ago! This is him and his wife's 3rd child, but Tina still could not part with her new baby Emerson so he also attended the rehearsal! I of course spent most of my day holding this little one and getting more and more excited for Leah to get here!! Brian was just amazed at how small Emerson was.... he said it was the youngest baby he thinks he has ever been around, or atleast remembers being around. I think it hit him more that we will have our baby soon!!!

Well... I have wasted some time... now its time to get some breakfast and shower... and get this day started!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

St. Johns

Yesterday Brian and I attended our hospital tour. I am not sure if this tour helped ease my nerves about coming to the hospital to have a baby, or if it just created new worries. The entire tour I was fighting back tears.... Being at the hospital just opens up a variety of emotions... I am currently fighting back tears thinking about it all!! I am so excited but so terrified all at the same time!

First we visited the Labor and Delivery area....Seeing the rooms, the beds, the equipment.... scared me! I just kept thinking to myself "I am going to be sitting in here in pain!" After the Labor and Delivery they took us to the O.R. area so see where C-sections are done... seeing and hearing about all of this, I DO NOT WANT ONE! (But then again... I dont really want to have a baby the traditional way either.... I am hoping for magic and she just mysteriously comes out!)
Then it was on to the NICU... the reason why St. John's is so popular when it comes to delivering babies.... this really made the tears want to come out! I whispered to Brian "We dont want to come here!" but I know it will be out of our control! There were plenty of itty bitty babies laying in their fancy glowing cribs... Leah wont be itty bitty, but what if Leah is not healthy?! Its hard to think about! Then we headed to the Recovering/Nursery area... I am not sure what it was really called... I had no idea that I would be delivering the baby on one floor and then moved to a totally different area of the hospital once she is born. These rooms looked about the same as L & D... there was a small love seat though for Brian to sleep (he was sure to touch it to see how comfy it was) and they pointed out all of the kitchen areas and how to order food. I look forward to getting to that point! We stopped by the nursery, but there was not a single baby in there... they were all out with their parents.

While back to our car Brian said "Its not long now... do you remember where to go?" It was about 6 weeks ago that I first went to St. John's for my pain, now its about 6 more weeks and we will be back there again!.... only this time we will be bringing home our baby girl!!!!!!!!!

For those who plan to visit us in the hospital... remember:

If Leah is not yet born: use the BLUE elevators to the 2nd floor
If Leah has been born: use the GREEN elevators to the 6th or 7th floor

It wont be long now.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a comparison

same dress... 3 weeks apart....
Yep... Leah is growing big!


This evening I went to my parents house and had dinner... My little sister is a senior in high school so there are of course college brochures all over the place. I happened to pick up Missouri State's.

An interesting fact....

Brian and I will be paying more money to send Leah to Goddard in one year then a Missouri resident will pay for a year of schooling and room and board at MSU.


There aren't even special savings accounts for daycare! Parents dont save for 18 years to send their kids to daycare! ... If Brian and I can afford this while we are young and "poor" then we should be fine when it comes to sending Leah to college when she is 18! (keeping my fingers crossed).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

almost forgot!

I just realized....

I thought I would put it in a little math equation for you.....

X = day's until Leah is due
X<2 months


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh no!

My first stretch mark has also made an appearance!!!

I caught a glimpse of it in the mirror... I can't get close enough to it to get a good look at it, but Brian has comfirmed that it is there!!!

I'm sad..... but I know Leah will be worth it!


Swollen feet and ankles have made their appearance! Its not attractive.

This is not helping when I need to fit into wedding shoes next weekend that are already tight!

Monday, September 14, 2009

pregnancy side effect

I have never been a mint fan....

but I am now loving Cool Mint Oreos..... They are amazing!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a family car

Brian and I did a little car shopping this weekend....

Brian is preparing to buy a new car... aka a family car... or atleast a car that fits a car seat better, and something that I can drive.
We dont actually plan on buying a car until atleast January, but we wanted to get an idea of what we want before the baby comes. We figure winter weather and an infant could make car shopping difficult.
We went to the car lots with an altima, accord, camry, type car in mind, but we now seem way more interested in a cross over. Mileage wise, there is only a mile or two difference per gallon, and they are actually priced the same. Our top contenders are currently the Mazda CX-7 and the Nissan Rogue....
Have any of you heard anything good or bad about these cars, or crossovers in general?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 and a half lb baby?

Today was another check up with the doctor.

As usual I am measuring well ahead of schedule.... all the result of a large baby! I am not just being critical on myself when I say I am getting huge!!

To find out just how big Leah will be, and to prevent any labor issues that can result with delivering such a large baby, I will be having an ultrasound Oct 19th to determine just how big this girl is. At this time, I will be considered full term. Leah will be developed enough to survive, just putting on more weight until the due date. If she is already rather large come Oct 19th, she might not be staying in to "cook" all the way until her expected due date. ...

So Oct 19th will be a determining day in how and when Leah will be making her arrival!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oh yeah

i am also getting HUGE!

29 weeks
31 weeks ... I also have to add an adorable picture of Cora! Is she not the cutest kitten ever?!


Leah has moved into my ribs! .... it is not pleasant!

I also jinxed myself by saying my sleep was good a few weeks ago... Now I wake up each morning almost happy to get out of bed because my body hurts so bad from laying down all night....

9 more weeks..... That is really all I have to say!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I officially took my wedding rings off yesterday... I was beginning to lose circulation. Brian also has a huge fear that I would leave them on and then would have to get them cut off if I had a c-section or something and my rings would be ruined...

I have placed the rings on a necklace that I plan to wear daily, but I can't help to feel naked without them on my hand.

I am going to try to look for a cheap band to wear... until then... I may appear as a unwed mother at first glance.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 am

Its 3 am and I am wide awake!

I fell asleep around 9:30... but now I am up... I think my body is really preparing me for this baby!

So since I am up... I guess I will update!

Yesterday was my birthday... I am officially 25! To all of my friends turning 25, they seem to take it as a "holy cow I am getting old" birthday... I am taking it as a "25 seems like the perfect mommy age!" For some strange reason I just feel more comfortable knowing I am going to be a 25 year old first time mom rather than 24. I guess in my head 25 seems old enough and responsible enough to take care of a child of my own. I told my own mother this reasoning and she thinks I am crazy... her response was "Its not like your a teenage mother!" ... Other birthday news, it was a very nice and relaxing birthday. Friday night we went out to dinner with my parents and sister, Saturday was spent going to Brian's parents for lunch, then home to watch the Mizzou game and to start on Leah's baby scrapbook (its looking darn cute, I will try to put pictures up) and then Brian and I headed to mexican for dinner.

The rest of our labor day weekend should be just as relaxing and calm as saturday was. Its very nice having weekends like this. My mom asked Brian if he was ready for Leah to come and his response was "not yet, I am going to have a kid for the rest of my life, I need to enjoy these next 10 weeks". He is right... I need to enjoy my lazy days and nights because they will become a thing of the past. Its crazy to think that most of our weekends have aleast one thing planned already from now until the baby is here!

  • Sept 12-13: Delivering Sarah's cake topper to the baker for the wedding. That's it!
  • Sept 19-20: Teri's wedding here in St. Charles and our hospital tour
  • Sept 25-27: My brother's wedding weekend!!!!!!!
  • Oct 3-4: Get our rings inspected, new phones, and any other errands taken care of before baby... and my mother n law's birthday!
  • Oct 10-11: Baby shower!
  • Oct 17-18: Stephanie's baby shower
  • Oct 24 - 25: Nothing yet! :) Probably celebrating my baby sister's 18th birthday! eeks! and shopping for everything else we need for the baby.
  • Oct 31-1: Halloween and holy cow its NOVEMBER!!!!! This is also the weekend before my exam!! I should be STUDYING!
  • Nov 6-7: Its the weekend before my due date!!!!!!
  • Nov 14-15: It IS my due date!!!!!

That is it... That is all the weekend before Leah arrives!! I should not have done this! I am stressing out now!! What else do we need to get done before she is here!?!?

Oh... I dont think I ever mentioned my ultrasound results... Gallbladder and all organs looked great... so we are still unsure what is causing my pain! My next appointment is this Thursday and we are supposed to discuss this more so we will see...

Tuesday morning I am meeting with a pediatrician! It seems crazy, but exciting! We will have to keep this little one healthy! Hopefully she is like Brian and I and rarely gets sick. We both seem to have pretty good immune systems to fight off colds and all.. hopefully we have passed on this trait!

Well its almost 4... and I am running out of things to talk about... plus I am getting hungry... so Good Night... hopefully!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a sweet moment

Last night Brian and I had a very sweet moment...

Brian was sitting on the couch with the labtop watching movie trailers (its something we enjoy), while I was sitting next to him... Leah was kicking up a storm.

Brian says "Should we play Leah a song?" and he heads to youtube to look for something to play (another thing we enjoy doing).

After failing to find a good version of Walking in Memphis, he seaches for and finds Billy Joel's "Lullabye" to play. We sat in silence, enjoying the song, and feeling Leah enjoy the music as well...

This is sweet because this is the song that my dad and I danced to at our wedding! Someday Brian and Leah will enjoy a father-daughter dance... I of course teared up... and I am again now.


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