Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some grown up time (picture overload!)

We headed to Kansas City Thursday evening... it was a nice easy drive... always nice! After arriving at my brothers we visited a bit, had a few of my brother's home brewed beers, discussed Kung Fu, and headed to bed...
Friday - We were up by 6:30am! Habits are hard to break... even on vacation and without a baby! It was great to just lay in bed for a while though... Once Leah is up, there is no more relaxing in bed! ... Steve and Sarah both had to work, so Brian and I headed to the waterpark, Schlitterbahn alone. The park was crowded and they did not have their lines organized the best, but we enjoyed just being off work, having some fun in the sun, finally getting a tan, and the swim-up bar! We were worn out by 2, and back to my brothers by 2:30... then it was nap time! I woke up just in time for Sarah to be home from work and time to head out for the evening. Steve and Sarah took us to a resturant called B(something) and Bottles, in the Plaza... it supposably had the best burgers in Missouri.... It was upscale, and fun... HUGE burgers, AWESOME sweet potatoe fries, and homemade ketchup that was SO yummy! We sat outside... it was a great summer dinner.... food and beer!

Afterwards we headed to the Power and Light area where went to the Kozlen's favorite bar, The Flying Saucer... its one of the places with hundreds of beers and you can sign up for their club, drink 200 beers, and get your name/plate on the wall... Steve and Sarah are both right around 100!! It was like the TV show Cheers... everyone knew their name! ha.

After multiple crazy beers... one of mine was served in a champaign flute!.... and some AMAZING pretzels (Sarah I craved them all day yesterday!!!) we went into Power and Light, got yelled at by a bartended who thought we were not tipping him... jerk!... and a beer... we headed home.

Saturday - Our day started early.... we actually slept in till 745ish!! ... we left the house by 930 to get to our Boulevard Brewery tour. By 10:50, our drinking began....

After our sampling of the yummy beers we headed to mexican for lunch where we ate tons and then headed to the baseball game. K.C. is known for its tailgaiting... and we of course had to do our share..

We made it to the game... where we sat in the second to last row, ... and cheered for the Cardinals like it was a home game...

We drank more beer and sweated our butts off...

When we had enough... in the 8th inning... we decided to have a media blackout and not find out what the end of the USA vs. Ghana game was and watch it on our own... We made it home and realized that we wouldnt get to watch the game until 8... so we napped, ordered BBQ, and cheered on team USA! ... to a loss...

Sunday - we were up again by 7:30, showered, and headed home early.... we were just too eager to see our baby girl!!
Overall though it was a WONDERFUL weekend! Definitely much needed.... and hopefully we will get to do it all again soon!!!
As for Leah's weekend... I will leave that for another post!!


Looks like we aren't watching a Tudors episode...

Brian is brewing some beer so I get to do some blogging....

We both seem to be alittle energized from our walk this evening!! It was wonderful!! Go Daddy Go!!
Visiting the pond.... there were lots of ducks!

And even a mama duck and her 12 adorable ducklings!

Leah seemed to really pay attention to them too! We always wondered what a good age to takeLeah to the zoo would be... and now we know that she WILL pay attention to the animals! We might just have to go this weekend if this nice weather keeps up! (Its really sad that we think mid 80's is nice weather....)

Hopefully we will get a few more walks in this week! I loved the family time!



I have so much I want to write about.... Our KC trip, The Little Gym classes, all the other cool things Leah has been doing lately, the job situation,..... but I am lazy.

But a few random thoughts while I finish up my lunch break....

I find out the results of my test Friday! ... well if I passed or failed at least... score comes Monday. EEKS! Lets all think happy thoughts....

And with finding out how I did also means finding out which exam I will be taking next... and the beginning of studying!!! More Eeeks!

Leah has started having separation anxiety (totally normal for her age) and was crying when I was trying to leave this morning... then she tried to crawl over to me.... it was so cute and sad all at the same time! Her first day at Goddard is going to be HORRIBLE! I think worse than her first day of Little Learners.

Ok... Back to work.... maybe I will feel energized and download some pictures and write tonight... or Brian and I will watch an episode of Tudors instead.... we will see!

Monday, June 28, 2010

knocking down the milestones

On top of Leah's new ability to crawl... there was another first that occured last night... before the crawling....

Leah LOVES to play peek-a-boo in her crib.... she thinks its the funniest thing ever... Leah and I were happily playing... really she was supposed to be napping, but we decided to play instead... bc Im a cool mom like that! ;)

Brian walked in and said "Do you think we need to lower her crib mattress yet?"

I responded with "No... not until she starts to pull herself up on things."

10 minutes later... from the sitting position, Leah leans over and pulls herself to her knees... then to her feet!!

It looks like Brian will be lowering her crib soon as well as putting up the gate to the basement stairs....

We did put away the swing... no more baby in this house... we are headed straight to little girl!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I never said she liked crawling....

sorry for the darkness of the video as well... it was storming outside and the house was very dark!


Way to go Leah!!

She totally just took 2 "crawls" to get a toy!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are being mean and taking her toys away from her to make her do it again!!

She will be cruising before we know it!!!

I will try to get a video!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bc I'm missing my girl!!!

Having agreat time in KC.... enjoying getter to just lay in bed in the morning.... but totally missing my Leahbear!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Way too much work!

We are headed to KC!... less Leah.

Packing up a 7 month old to send her to a house(s) that does not have an infant is HARD!!

How many diapers do I pack?
How many changes of clothes?

And we cant forget the carseat, pack n play, spoon, bibs, bottles (how many!? Do I pack only a few so they have to clean them constantly, or lots so that they can be lazy like me!?), binkies, and food!

I have more anxiety about packing for Leah than I actually have about leaving my baby girl for 3 nights!

Aunt Tara and Uncle Rich... baby Jenna needs to hurry up and get here so you will already have all the necessities for when you watch Leah!!! It would make things much easier! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

2 years

We went from this.... with a honeymoon in Jamaica... (mmmm Red Stripe!)
To this....

Its crazy how quickly life changes.
2 years ago I made the best decision of my life.... to marry my best friend... I love the direction we are headed, and I know things will only get better!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

a challenge

I gave myself a challenge today.....
To write only in cursive.....
And yeah, it was HARD!
I suck at cursive....
but it was fun!



I posted that last one from my work email....

Some of you might have gotten to see my contact information that was included at the bottom.... I am still employed.

I will have to remember to delete that in the future!

I might become one of those women...

I enjoy getting dressed up, doing my hair, and putting on make up.... I feel better about myself when I am done-up. When I feel put together, I just feel more confident all around.

I am beginning to understand though why some women become that "frumpy mom".

With a little one, its hard to get up in the morning and get yourself dressed and ready for the day, get your kid(s) ready, and help your husband find his phone, wallet, keys, shoes... whatever... every morning. (side note... this morning I walked into Leah's room to wake her up and found her quietly playing with a stuffed animal... ADORABLE!!)

Ideally, I think I could get it all done and to my liking if I got up at 5 everyday.... but with a baby who is still not sleeping thru the night and a long commute... that does not happen everyday. (Another side note... Leah is doing awesome the past few nights... but I will not talk about it because I do not want to jinx it!!)

I know I said earlier that I liked taking Leah to my moms bc I can get only halfway dressed in the morning and finish up there... but I need to stop that right now... I know it will become a habit of leaving the house with my hair still wet .... and after this summer, that will not be acceptable.

I WILL NOT become one of those frumpy moms.......

But I just might become one of those moms that carries her make up bag in her purse along with a handful of accessories....

This morning at work I walked into the rest-room and found a fellow working mom brushing her teeth! ....

I might just be joining her as one of those kind of women.....

Babys first ponytail

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where did my newborn go!?

We are so close to mobility!!!! And look at that long crazy hair!!! ... and look at those big girl PJs. No more sleepers for this one! This is definitely NOT the face of a newborn!
She now tries to climb out of the tub... I cant get her to keep her little bottom down! She LOVES her bathtime.

Nawing on some catalope!! She also enjoys carrots, apples, and melon ... but not pinapple

Trying so hard to get where she wants to go... I know as soon as she figures it out she will be a handful.

This is all happening in a blink of an eye!!! Slow down little one!


When did she get this grown???

Dun, Dun, Duuuuun...

July 2 - I find out if I passed my test....
July 5 - I find out my grade....

Lets start thinking positvely!

playing catch-up!

You know what I hate..... when you dont get one thing done that you were supposed to on the weekend and now you will be playing catch-up all week....

My girls adventure made me "forget" about going grocery shopping and getting my mom a birthday present....

I guess I will be going grocery shopping tonight... which = a long day... oh and I dont know if I can go straight after work/getting Leah or if I have to come home first and then go back out... bc who knows what Leah's eating schedule will be tonight... she might just be ready to eat right and 5... ugg

I wanted to get my mom some yummy food and maybe flowers to bring her this morning when I drop off Leah.... I guess bringing her her grandbaby will just have to do! ... Maybe I can run at lunch, or I can pretend tomorrow is her birthday and we can try this idea all over again....

And lets add in that its Father's day this weekend....and Brian and I's anniversary!! I seriously need to do some shopping! ... but when!?

Its going to be a crazy week!

Oh yeah... I find out Wednesday if I still have a job too! .... I will just leave you in that suspense!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The new blog look makes me feel so fresh and new!!! I love it!

I am feeling pretty refreshed myself. I just got back from some much needed girl time with Ashley and Anna. We of course talked about old times in Cape, our careers, love life, pending marriages for them two, and of course motherhood.

We also went to see Sex in the City 2. The three of us have a history of loving the show. We all lived together in college and spent HOURS watching the dvd seasons over and over... so whenever I think of Sex in the City I think of Cape Place apartments, college days, and my roommates. .... But I connected to this movie for a totally different reason... as Carrie talked about her almost 2 year marriage, how Big just wanted to lay on the couch and stay in, Charlotte broke down with her crying baby, Charlotte and Miranda's talk on how hard motherhood is, and the overwhelming theme of how important your friendships are.... it all hit home!

I think that is why so many of women love SNTC... its just so easy to relate to! ... and having that close relationship with your girlfriends is so important... and sometimes I forget that. I need to remember to make more time for them, and try to stop time from slipping away so quickly.

2005 - the ladies of Cape Place 412

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grandma K's

Their week started off a little rough... Leah wouldnt really nap so she was super tired and was really clingy.... but I think Leah and my mom are finally getting more comfortable with eachother and she is taking better naps and just allowing my mom to get stuff done.

Leah also gave my mom a nice welcome present this week by arriving to her house with a dirty diaper, peeing when my mom was trying to change her which got her clothes wet... so as my mom was trying to take Leah's wet clothes off of her Leah then peed on my mom.... it was very funny and I was there to witness it all! ha!

I am loving having Leah at my mom's for a variety of reasons....

1. I can get only semi-dressed in the morning, get to my moms, and finish up... Tuesday I arrived and my mom then dressed me in jewelry to match my outfit, this morning I only blow dryed my hair before leaving the house and then straightened it with my sister's flat iron. ... which is way better than mine... but really used to be mine... maybe I need to take it back....

2. My mom feeds me! This morning we had quiche for breakfast. yummy yummy! ... and I visit for lunch!

3. I get to see my baby girl at lunch! Today I layed with her and put her down for a nap... other days we just get to play! Getting to see her in the middle of the totally makes my day!

4. My mom seems to have an obsession with changing Leah.... She has always been crazy about changing Leah's diaper... as in a new diaper every hour if not sooner!... and now it has moved on to changing her clothes! Leah has always been a crazy drooler... and we have been told by daycare that she drools way more than most babies... add in Leah's new obsession of spitting/blowing bubbles/blowing raspberries... she is always soaking wet! So rather than putting on bibs to keep her dry... my mom likes to just put new clothes on her.... this lead to my mom believing she needed a stash of clothes to keep at her house... so she went and bought these... and these... and this.... and some other adorable stuff! Leah looked stinking CUTE when I went to see her at lunch today!!

5. My sister is going to bring Leah up to work tomorrow so I can "show her off".... but really everyone has met her already and it will be Friday and we just want an excuse for a break from work! Maybe we will make it a Friday tradition for the next month! ha!

In Leah's growing/progress news...

She is starting to make different noises.... not just "da da da" and the random grunts.... she has started to throw in a "ah" in there now... which is more like a yell, but its short and fast... hard to explain but super cute!

Like I said above, her new obsession is spitting/blowing bubbles/blowing raspberries. She did it the ENTIRE drive to my moms this morning (30 minutes), last night at Walgreens making everyone laugh, and after eating sweet potatoes where she spits out orange food... it makes me laugh!

She is getting so close to crawling... all of a sudden she loves to be on the ground... you can sit her up but she will just let herself fall backwards so she can roll all around... she can rotate in a full circle to grab something, and move herself backwards... but we cant figure out the forward motion yet... maybe in the next week or two!

We bought her a new trainer sippy cup that has a softer spout... she is getting a hang of it... but she seems to end up soaking wet... I am thinking she takes a drink of water and then just spits it all back out! Its no spill so I dont know how it is getting all over her!!

Its funny...

I wrote how I wanted to do more with my blog and here I am slacking!

Its been a bit of a rough week.... I have a cold...and its June! (That just makes me mad!! You are not supposed to get sick in the summer!!)

And I am exhausted! Taking Leah to my mom's everyday is starting to get to me and its only day 4!! We leave by 6:30 am, and we are not getting home until 5:30ish... add on my cold and Im tired!

... and I doubt there will be rest this weekend... its PARTY weekend! .... my sisters graduation party with LOTS of family coming into town! I am SUPER excited as I only get to see this part of my family about once or twice a year! It will be a great time, but tiring I know!

But good news .... hope I dont jinx it.... but Leah seems to be well! She just traded it off to me!

I want to write about her first class at The Little Gym.... or how she seems to love to ruin outfits when she is at grandma's and gets about 3 outfit changes a day... but I am just too tired and cant think straight at the moment.... maybe after I finish this cup of coffee that is sitting in front of me....

But good news.... I have outsourced my redoing of the blog to this lady... who does this... .and she is currently working on making it fabulous!! Hold tight!!

P.S..... I learned how to link!! Whoohooo! I feel pretty dumb that I couldnt figure it out before! ha!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I either caught a cold from Leah or am having horrible allergies today.... so no exciting updates/charges to the blog as I planned for this weekend....

Leah and I did have a great day yesterday... hopefully I can fill ya all in on it tomorrow...

otherwise...good night... at 7:22 pm.

Friday, June 4, 2010

No need for words.... just awwwwwwww

drugging up my kid...

When I finally got Leah out of bed this morning I had to give her medicine before getting her dressed....

I realized that she is getting WAY too much and I absolutely hate it but I am not sure what else to do!

4 ml - antibiotic for her ear infection
1 ml - something for thrush
2.5 ml - children's benadryl because the doctor things all of her congestion might just be allergies... we will see if it helps.
1.2 ml - Tylenol for above mentioned ear infection and teething.

My baby girl is falling apart at 6 months old!!!!! I promise I am not one of those parents that always thinks something is wrong with their baby and always goes to see the doctor... atleast I dont think I am but she is a mess right now!!

Ear infection - When we went for her 6 month check up we were told she had an ear infection... she started antibiotic #2 (we already decided #1 ... the traditional pink stuff... doesnt work on Leah. This was determined way back when she was 2 months old!) she has had this one before... but she broke out in spots! According to the doctor it was a drug reaction so we switched to antibiotic #3.... she finished it.... but she still seemed sicky... so I called the doctor and she prescribed antibiotic #4. We are currently on day 4 of it.... hoping it works. She went to the doctor yesterday to check her ears and get her 6 month shots. The ear infection that she originally had at her check up cleared up, but she now has an ear infection in the other ear!! RIDICULOUS I say! We are hoping Leah being out of daycare for the next 2 months will clear things up... but if not, her next ear infection will send us off to the specialist to look into tubes. Part of me welcomes the tubes... from talking to other moms it seems very common now a days, and all result in less sick, much happier babies! I am all for that!

Thrush - a type of yeast infection that appears with a white milky coating in the mouth... caused from antibiotics which kills the good bacteria and causes "bad" bacteria... nothing too bad at all... but daycare seemed to be concerned about it and made us take her to the doctor and get medicine! The medicine is SUPER annoying because its in the BIG bottle... but she only gets 1 ml (less than a 1/4 of a tsp) which is super hard to get out with a syringe that you have to use to give her medicine, and she gets it 4 times a day for 2 weeks! ... pain in the butt!

Allergies - this one seems to really bother me and I am feeling alot of guilt.... is this because she is/was not breast fed? Breast milk is supposed to really build up babies immune systems.... Does Leah have a horrible immune system bc I only breast fed for a week?! I just could not do it anymore!! It makes me feel completely selfish and horrible that I could possibly be the one that caused this.

Teething - Leah's top 2 middle teeth are coming in!! You can feel them and see them in her gums but they havent actually broke thru yet.... poor thing... they need to just get thru and she will start feeling a bit of relief!! Hopefully in the next few days! These teeth could be the reason for her ear infections... the pressure in her gums are effect her ears...

My only saving grace right now is that Leah IS a happy baby! Even through her cranky times, she will smile and giggle and play... she is just a little more needy than usual and doesnt eat or sleep as well....

Today is her last day at daycare.... Grandma Kozlen's on Monday! Hopefully she will have a fully recovery within the first week!

By the way... I almost cried when I dropped Leah off at day-care this morning for her last day.... but I will save that for another post!


Leah alllllmost slept thru the night.

I know we are this [ ] close!

She was asleep from 7-4:15!

And I HATE that 4 o'clock hour wake up!

Whenever she does sleep pretty good, and gets up, it seems to be much harder to get her back to sleep compared to when she has nights of getting up 3,4,5 times...

So this 4:15 wake up means Leah is now back to sleep, but I have been up... by the time I got her back to sleep... somewhere around 5!.... what was the point of me going back to bed for 20 minutes? I would probably wake up groggier and crankier than I am at the moment.

So here I am... its 5:45 and I have been up for an hour and a half already...

Thank goodness its Friday.... I allow myself to get a fancy coffee (only on Fridays and if I leave early enough) and I can "sleep in" the next 2 days.

Oh how nice sleep sounds right now.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The people in my life make this so true...

ah blogging...

Its starting to be quite the hobby for me....

I started off just wanting to keep track, remember, be able to look back on milestones, and inform everyone that I dont see on a daily basis about the pregnancy and life.... a way of scrapbooking without the time consumingness... or the mess to clean up!

I still do that ...

But its become alot more therapeutic.... I am not always the best at verbalizing what is going on... ask Brian... sometimes he cant even comprehend the jumbled mess I spit out when I am really stressed....

And I know I dont always have a perfect post.... I am a horrible speller... and alot of times my mind is thinking WAY faster than my fingers are typing. I will try to get better at my proof reading... but remember Math is my strength people!!

I think I am going to splurge and give my blog a makeover... make this thing a little more fun and fancy.... and exciting,

New goals:

1. give the blog a new look
3. learn to link things
4. add more pictures

Stay tuned to see how this all turns out!


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