Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grandma K's

Their week started off a little rough... Leah wouldnt really nap so she was super tired and was really clingy.... but I think Leah and my mom are finally getting more comfortable with eachother and she is taking better naps and just allowing my mom to get stuff done.

Leah also gave my mom a nice welcome present this week by arriving to her house with a dirty diaper, peeing when my mom was trying to change her which got her clothes wet... so as my mom was trying to take Leah's wet clothes off of her Leah then peed on my mom.... it was very funny and I was there to witness it all! ha!

I am loving having Leah at my mom's for a variety of reasons....

1. I can get only semi-dressed in the morning, get to my moms, and finish up... Tuesday I arrived and my mom then dressed me in jewelry to match my outfit, this morning I only blow dryed my hair before leaving the house and then straightened it with my sister's flat iron. ... which is way better than mine... but really used to be mine... maybe I need to take it back....

2. My mom feeds me! This morning we had quiche for breakfast. yummy yummy! ... and I visit for lunch!

3. I get to see my baby girl at lunch! Today I layed with her and put her down for a nap... other days we just get to play! Getting to see her in the middle of the totally makes my day!

4. My mom seems to have an obsession with changing Leah.... She has always been crazy about changing Leah's diaper... as in a new diaper every hour if not sooner!... and now it has moved on to changing her clothes! Leah has always been a crazy drooler... and we have been told by daycare that she drools way more than most babies... add in Leah's new obsession of spitting/blowing bubbles/blowing raspberries... she is always soaking wet! So rather than putting on bibs to keep her dry... my mom likes to just put new clothes on her.... this lead to my mom believing she needed a stash of clothes to keep at her house... so she went and bought these... and these... and this.... and some other adorable stuff! Leah looked stinking CUTE when I went to see her at lunch today!!

5. My sister is going to bring Leah up to work tomorrow so I can "show her off".... but really everyone has met her already and it will be Friday and we just want an excuse for a break from work! Maybe we will make it a Friday tradition for the next month! ha!

In Leah's growing/progress news...

She is starting to make different noises.... not just "da da da" and the random grunts.... she has started to throw in a "ah" in there now... which is more like a yell, but its short and fast... hard to explain but super cute!

Like I said above, her new obsession is spitting/blowing bubbles/blowing raspberries. She did it the ENTIRE drive to my moms this morning (30 minutes), last night at Walgreens making everyone laugh, and after eating sweet potatoes where she spits out orange food... it makes me laugh!

She is getting so close to crawling... all of a sudden she loves to be on the ground... you can sit her up but she will just let herself fall backwards so she can roll all around... she can rotate in a full circle to grab something, and move herself backwards... but we cant figure out the forward motion yet... maybe in the next week or two!

We bought her a new trainer sippy cup that has a softer spout... she is getting a hang of it... but she seems to end up soaking wet... I am thinking she takes a drink of water and then just spits it all back out! Its no spill so I dont know how it is getting all over her!!

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