Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its funny...

I wrote how I wanted to do more with my blog and here I am slacking!

Its been a bit of a rough week.... I have a cold...and its June! (That just makes me mad!! You are not supposed to get sick in the summer!!)

And I am exhausted! Taking Leah to my mom's everyday is starting to get to me and its only day 4!! We leave by 6:30 am, and we are not getting home until 5:30ish... add on my cold and Im tired!

... and I doubt there will be rest this weekend... its PARTY weekend! .... my sisters graduation party with LOTS of family coming into town! I am SUPER excited as I only get to see this part of my family about once or twice a year! It will be a great time, but tiring I know!

But good news .... hope I dont jinx it.... but Leah seems to be well! She just traded it off to me!

I want to write about her first class at The Little Gym.... or how she seems to love to ruin outfits when she is at grandma's and gets about 3 outfit changes a day... but I am just too tired and cant think straight at the moment.... maybe after I finish this cup of coffee that is sitting in front of me....

But good news.... I have outsourced my redoing of the blog to this lady... who does this... .and she is currently working on making it fabulous!! Hold tight!!

P.S..... I learned how to link!! Whoohooo! I feel pretty dumb that I couldnt figure it out before! ha!

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