Monday, June 28, 2010

knocking down the milestones

On top of Leah's new ability to crawl... there was another first that occured last night... before the crawling....

Leah LOVES to play peek-a-boo in her crib.... she thinks its the funniest thing ever... Leah and I were happily playing... really she was supposed to be napping, but we decided to play instead... bc Im a cool mom like that! ;)

Brian walked in and said "Do you think we need to lower her crib mattress yet?"

I responded with "No... not until she starts to pull herself up on things."

10 minutes later... from the sitting position, Leah leans over and pulls herself to her knees... then to her feet!!

It looks like Brian will be lowering her crib soon as well as putting up the gate to the basement stairs....

We did put away the swing... no more baby in this house... we are headed straight to little girl!

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