Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Brother or a Sister

Peoples first comment once I say I am pregnant is "Do you want a boy!?"

Sure, a boy would be very nice!

A boy would give some balance in life.  

A boy would give Brian someone more likely to play video games and someone Brian can pass his HUGE stash of baseball cards too and maybe care about them.

But a girl would be really nice as well.

Not that I already have all the clothes, because they will be in completely different seasons and I doubt I would get the chance to reuse much at all...

But nice because I would love to give Leah a sister.  

I love having a sister.   I love the girl time that my mom and sister are able to have.

I want Leah to experience the same.  

I think the one negative in my sister and I's relationship is that we are 7 years apart.   Alot of the time I mother her more than be there as her friend.  

Leah and this baby will only be 2.5 years apart, 2 years in school... I hope that they will be the best of friends for life!  

I think a girl, and a friendship for life, would be an amazing gift to give Leah.


At my first appointment the heart rate as 180.  I thought for sure a girl.  But yesterday the heart rate has dropped to the 160s...

My morning sickness has not been anywhere near what is was with Leah....

What do you think I am having?


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last Friday my baby girl became a BIG (seriously big, I will get to that later) two year old.

Her days of babyhood are long gone.

She has entered this toddler stage head on and is everything you think of a two year old.

She talks up a storm. 4-5 word sentences.   Brian actually got her to say "Daddy you are my favorite person" the other day.   It made his year.

You can call her Miss Independent.  She must try to dress herself, wash her own hands, diaper herself, feed herself, buckle herself into the car, close the doors.  She often says "I can do it." and "No help."  And once she has accomplished whatever it is she wanted to do she declares "I did it!".

We have said good bye to the crib and binkie as well.   She currently rests on a single twin mattress on the floor.   In a few weeks I think we will move it up to an actual bed when we are sure she will not be falling off.   At first she would wake up so proud of herself for sleeping in her bed, proclaiming "I sleepy in my bed!"

Saying good bye to the binkie is our newest accomplishment.   I cut the tips and gave them to her.  She declared they were broken and willingly threw them in the trashcan saying good bye to them.   She has been doing great since.   One rough night of sleep, but last night she almost slept thru the night.. I say almost because she actually woke up, I went in to check on her and she kicked me out!  She quickly went back to sleep on her own.   Seriously, can we say BIG GIRL!?

Her 2 year old check up assured us that Leah is in fact a big, healthy growing girl.

37.5 inches tall (99.66th percentile)
33 lbs 11 oz (97.80th percentile)

My little giant!  Out of 1000 two year olds, only 34 of them would be taller than Leah!  

We have been anxious to see how tall Leah would be at 2 years old.  We had heard of the myth that your 2 year old height, times 2, is your adult height.  I asked the doctor if she saw it to hold true and she said no, it rarely holds true.   She agreed that Leah will be tall, that is obvious, but we are both unsure if she will be 6'3!   I am sort of glad because I am not sure I would want her to be 6'3!   We dont want her teased... 5'11 or 6 foot we welcome though.

We also discussed with her doctor how coordinated Leah is.   The doctor even declared that she will be our athlete.  Can we say Brian and I's dream come true?  ha!  

Whether that comes true or not, we are sure that whatever she becomes she will be AMAZING.
And now a few pictures of the birthday girl...

Out to get ice cream.  Being spoiled by her Grandma and Grandma G.  (Leah calls her Grandpas "Grandma", and then she giggles.  She knows they are "Grandpa" but refuses to call them that.   Her little joke I guess.)

Opening all her presents all by herself. 

Her birthday cupcake.  A little unsure of the candles and the singing. 

Mommy had to help blow out the candle.

She is now cupcake obsessed and asks for one ALL THE TIME


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Look What I Did!

For like a year I have been wanting to re-cover our kitchen chairs.

I finally did it today and I am bummed I waited so long!

It was super easy and only cost me 35 dollars... that included the cost of staple gun which I now love and want to staple everything in site!

I picked this dark fabric because I hoped it wouldn't look so horribly stained and dirty so fast (We took Leah out of the high chair but she now drops everything onto her chair)... but now that I know that it was so easy and cheap I am excited to choose more fun and pretty patterns in the future!! 


Monday, November 14, 2011


Starting to look pregnant...

A bit more round than I was with Miss Leah... I guess this is what 2nd pregnancy does to ya...

Starting to feel a bit better... 

More energy! 

Much less morning sickness...

I can see 2nd trimester on the horizon! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thoughts that need out of my head...

*** I am hoping that if I write this then I can get back to studying because my test is in like 15 hrs....

  • I love it when people who have known me since I was little call me "Kimmy".   Friends, friends parents, my dad... I just checked my voicemail and the first thing I heard was "Hey Kimmy" from my dad... it made me almost want to cry (pregnant remember) because Yes, I still am his little girl named Kimmy Kozlen. 
  • I love getting Tostadas from Taco Bell because its what my dad and I used to always get.   I do not know of a single person other than us that ever orders them... So good! Try it! I also love to get Chilli Cheese Burritos because they remind my of my brother. 
  • I think I am just in a very sentimental mood... 
  • I have been sleeping very heavily lately... There are railroad tracks close to this house.   The sound of the trains have never woken us up, its more like a gentle rumble when they pass.   I had a sound machine once (my brother bought it for me for Christmas one year... I wish I still had it!) and it had a train on it.   There is also the static/white noise of the baby monitor all night that seems to knock me out.   We never really had to use a baby monitor before but because the master bedroom is downstairs and Leah is upstairs its needed... except I end up in such a deep sleep I dont always hear her stirring until she is standing at her door screaming for me to let her out... 
  • Yes, my almost 2 year old still will not always sleep thru the night.   When we moved we moved her to a regular bed... or really just her twin mattress on the floor, as 8 inches to fall off is not so bad until she learns to stop rolling all over the place like a crazy person... and we are in the adjustment period still.   Usually when she wakes up she gives me some sort of commentary as to why "I fell. I fell."  or "I dont see any binks".  
  • I wish I could just go to sleep right now... but I must take another practice exam... 

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Just a week late...

Just wanted to throw some Halloween pictures up before my thoughts become clouded with baby brain...

Our new neighborhood is A-W-E-S-O-M-E for trick-or-treating!   Everyone was sitting out in the drive ways with their fire pits and a group of friends enjoying the night.  There were kids Leah's age all over the place! I do not remember ever seeing so many kids out on Halloween, all around the same age.     My sister-n-law brought over her family and we got to enjoy the night together!    The night made me even happier with our move to Eureka!   (I promise to put pictures up once we get more settled... hopefully by next weekend.   We still have boxes everywhere, curtains to be hung, and decor to be put out...)

Leah LOVED trick or treating.   She went up to everyone, said "Trick Treat" and would grab for a handful of candy.   I often had to pull her away and remind her that we only get 1 piece.  She asks for her candy daily... and we luckily are almost done with it... besides the 3 musketeers and M & Ms I put in the freezer... yum!  

My sister also came over and brought Leah a Halloween goodie bag which included bubbles.   Leah tried for almost an hour to blow the bubbles but never blew a single one! She was so darn cute trying though! I dont think she even noticed that nothing was happening.  She just knew you were supposed to dip the stick and blow!

Leah insisted on putting her coat on when it was time to head out.   She actually made me take her costume off and put her coat on... I had to bring the costume with us and as we came up to the first house she let me put it back on her. I was nervous for a second...


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Facts

I have been part of 4 weddings.

Wedding 1:
Our wedding

Wedding 2:
Maid of Honor in my sister-n-laws wedding
 Fun fact about wedding 2:

2 weeks before the wedding I hosted the bachelorette party.   We had ALOT of fun.  So much fun that I happen to think that Monday morning when I threw up, I was suffering from a 2 day hang over.  Little did I know that Friday I would take a pregnancy test and it would be POSITIVE!   At the wedding I was about 6 weeks pregnant. 

Wedding 3:

33 weeks pregnant in my brother's wedding.  I did not par-take in the bachelorette party because they went Floating.   Getting in a dirty river and drinking tons are 2 things that do not go along with being in your third trimester. 

Wedding 4:

Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding a few weeks ago. 

Fun Fact:
I did not drink too much at the bachelorette party because I feared being completely hung over the next day.   Priorities definitely change when you have a kid to take care of the next day.  However, I did have a few beers and a few shots and did enjoy myself... The following Wednesday I was feeling a bit off.   I headed to the dollar store and bought a pregnancy test and what do you know!? 

Fun Fact: I texted this picture to Brian when I found out with the words "Call me as soon as you get this!"  Well 10 minutes later he never called... I called him... he thought I had sent him a picture of a wii controller and obviously saw no need to call me about it immediately. 

How strange is it that both times I have been a Maid of Honor I find out I am pregnant the week following the bachelorette party? Ha!  

I am currently 9 weeks.   Due June 8th, but will have a c-section sometime during the week before.

So far this pregnancy seems a bit rougher than before.   I think it might just be the fact that I have a toddler to take care of and cannot go to be at 7 o'clock at night or take naps freely thru-out the day.    I definitely am looking forward to getting thru this first trimester. 

I have been having a whole range of emotions when it comes to having a second baby.  I definitely look forward to blogging them all out... 

Stay tuned. 




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