Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Brother or a Sister

Peoples first comment once I say I am pregnant is "Do you want a boy!?"

Sure, a boy would be very nice!

A boy would give some balance in life.  

A boy would give Brian someone more likely to play video games and someone Brian can pass his HUGE stash of baseball cards too and maybe care about them.

But a girl would be really nice as well.

Not that I already have all the clothes, because they will be in completely different seasons and I doubt I would get the chance to reuse much at all...

But nice because I would love to give Leah a sister.  

I love having a sister.   I love the girl time that my mom and sister are able to have.

I want Leah to experience the same.  

I think the one negative in my sister and I's relationship is that we are 7 years apart.   Alot of the time I mother her more than be there as her friend.  

Leah and this baby will only be 2.5 years apart, 2 years in school... I hope that they will be the best of friends for life!  

I think a girl, and a friendship for life, would be an amazing gift to give Leah.


At my first appointment the heart rate as 180.  I thought for sure a girl.  But yesterday the heart rate has dropped to the 160s...

My morning sickness has not been anywhere near what is was with Leah....

What do you think I am having?


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