Monday, November 30, 2009


I got my jeans on today!!!!

Now I admit... I had to button them while laying down, and they are not very attractive on, but they are on and its a start!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Newborn pictures

Last week, when Leah turned 1 week old, I had a photographer friend from high school come over and take some pictures of Leah.

She did an AMAZING job! I cant stop looking at them!! Now I just have to decide which to buy!

Below is the link to see them... the slide show is "Leah"


Friday, November 27, 2009

Bath time

Leah loves bath time.... especially getting her hair washed!

Tonights bath was an adventure though!  She was so relaxed that she decided to pee, poop, and then puke on me!!!  Luckily I love her more than anything and find it all cute! Ha!

Happy thanksgiving!

... a day late....

The holiday was great...Brians family joined my parents, sister, and grandma at my parents house.  The food and company were great and it was so nice not having to go to multiple places!

Brian and I got a small break from her as the new grandmas loved taking care of her.  We even left her alone for 5 minutes when we had to run to walgreens to buy more diapers! I survived 5 minutes away but I'm not sure I could do much longer.... yet. 

Now we are on to xmas.... eeks.... I am so scatter brained right now I hope we don't forget anything or anyone!! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1 week

I cant even put into words what this past week has meant to me and I am not sure if I ever will be able to.... I have felt every possible emotion and our lives have forever been changed.

The thing I am sure about is that Brian is and will be an amazing dad. Although he is still uncertain and gets nervous anytime she cries, he will gain confidence with time and become the perfect dad for Leah.

We love this little girl so incredibly much. I love seeing how our family has grown and imaging all of the wonderful things are still to come.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

mini update

I finally got Leah to calm down and fall fast asleep so I want to take the opportunity to update a little.

Things are going great! She is getting more and more adorable each day!! Yesterday was a little rough, Brian left me in the afternoon to go to work, and I was pretty much unable to get out of bed so it was hard to take care of Leah. I was also EXHAUSTED from my 3 hrs of sleep that I got Wed night... we kept Leah in the nursery, but I was just too excited to calm down, not to mention the nurses coming in every hr to check me out. Then to add to my emotional frustration, Leah was not nursing at all...but finally, last night... around 10, we got her going! Since then she has been an even happier baby and is getting a hold of the whole feeding process. Really, its all she wants to do now! ha.

Right now I am just waiting for my IV to come out so I can jump in the shower! I cant wait to shower, and hopefully put my PJs on instead of this hospital gown!

As for the c-section, it wasnt nearly as bad as I though... pain medicine works great, but I really have not been in alot of pain the entire time.

2 more days and we will be heading home!!! Yeah!!!

In love!

I am just so in love with this little girl!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leah's here!

Our little one was born at 5:48 pm!

She weighs 9 lb 6 oz and is 21 and 1/4 inches long!!!

We are in love!!!!!


I found jax taking a nap the other day... he is such a goofy cat! ... and yes, those are all the pillows I need to actually sleep at night lately...

I am trying to keep my mind off the fact that today is leahs birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I have 4 and a half hrs until its hospital time and I am just trying to keep myself in bed and away from the cleaning that I want to do and the food that I can't eat!

Ohh and everyone, the new john mayer cd is great!! I have loved him since I was 17, and I think this is my favorite cd yet! Its very relaxing to listen to!  I plan to blair it from the sterio later while I shower and repack my hospital bag for the 3rd time! Ha!

Well this took 5 minutes..... 4 hrs and 25 more minutes to go!

Monday, November 16, 2009


This date will forever be Leah's birthday!

After a disappointing dr appointment and identifying that no progress has been made, we decided to skip over even trying to induce labor and are heading straight to a scheduled c-section at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on the 18th.

So less than 48 hrs and our little girl will be here!!!!

Now I just need to keep myself busy until then!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Its official.... Leah is DUE!

Yesterday was my most uncomfortable day and I thought we might be heading to the hospital.  I had a horrible lower back pain from 10 am and on, mild contractions all day and then much stronger ones from about 630 to 830.... and then it just stopped!

Who knows what today will hold....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I couldnt possibly grow anymore! Leah REALLY needs to come out! 4 more days at the most!

This picture was from Tuesday.... 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant.... Can you picture her curled up in there?

Oh yeah, so yesterday as I am sure you know was my last day of work. The day went pretty slow, the deptartment girls went out to lunch, and it was just a nice day with my coworkers. I really enjoy them all and I will miss them while I am out. We all make each other laugh... alot! .... Then 5 oclock came around... and it all began to set in as I set my away message on my email and my phone... I started to get REALLY nervous! The fact that I was about to become a mom, and caring for a little baby is my only focus for the next 74 days, really sank in! It wasn't like I was leaving for 2 weeks to get married and go on an amazing trip, like the last time I anxiously awaited something... this is 500 times more life changing. I am going to return to work as a mom... with new responsibilities at home. Its officially time to have this baby! I am about to begin my new career and title as MOM!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Its another early morning for me... up at 4, and slept horribly....


Its Friday!
Its Payday!
Its my last day of work until Jan 25th!
And I will become a mom sometime in the next 5 days!!!!!!!!!

(I am choosing the 18th by the way to be induced if need be)

Well... its 5:10.... should I lay back down or make some breakfast!?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 am

I am up.... 3 am.... and its not because I am in labor! I just cant sleep! Its one of those nights when my mind just wont shut off!

Brian hasnt noticed me out of bed yet... I am waiting for him to yell "Kim!? Are you ok!?" and sadly I will say "yes..."

My hope of her being born on 11/10/09 came and went... darn it!

I guess I can update about my last doctors appointment Monday...

I still have not progressed any, and my doctor brought up my induction options which I was supposed to go home and think about to decide on Monday, the day after my due date :(

If come the 16th and I am STILL pregnant, I can be induced on the 18th or the 25th.

I should choose the 18th of course because who on earth when they are over 40 weeks pregnant wants to wait ANOTHER week!? And that is what I am thinking... but the doctor said that come Monday, if I still have not progressed anymore from my 1 cm (my body just isn't ready for labor) and they try to induce me 2 days later with their medicine, than there is a high chance that even the medicine will not dilate me fully, and I may have to end up with a C-section. I have talked to several girls at work, and this actually happened with most of them... 24 hrs of trying to have their children traditionally and then switching over to a c-section... finally delivering their babies 30 hrs after entering the hospital. Do I want to take this chance?

But... who is to say that wont happen no matter when I go to the hospital, or whether I am induced or not? I was already told that because Leah is a larger baby and if any problems seem to start popping up, then they are more likely to switch over to a c-section.

Dr. Hugge says its my decision... and understands if I want to have her before Thanksgiving... I am sure Dr. Hugge would like to have Thanksgiving off as well! Sadly, if I make it to my appointment Monday, Brian will be there and we will make the decision...

I am still hoping to go into labor before Sunday though!!!! I think I have FINALLY dropped!! (One of the reasons why I am not progressing is because she was not dropping enough, which signals my body to begin changing to deliver her) Myself and everyone at work noticed yesterday that from the time I walked into work, and the time I walked out of work, I looked completely different... I left work with my belly looking like a tight ball that needed to be carried (like I need to have my hands under my belly to hold it up!). To me... it looked like I just have a really big belly that is hanging over my pants. Usually while I sleep she moves up ALOT, as in I feel like she is in my throat... or just in my chest, but tonight... she is staying down!

My mom thinks its the cold front.... Lets just think positive thoughts!!! ...

Alright, its been 40 minutes, and Brian hasnt noticed me out of bed yet! I am envious of his sleep! Uggg

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a final trip to the mall

This morning I woke up with a burning desire to go to the mall, and just be out of the house. I suddenly realized that I will be spending about the next 3 months in the house 95% of the time... and I need to get out now while I can! ...So I called my mom and met her at Chesterfield mall for some girl time.

I came home with a few new items of clothing... they were on sale, and motivation to quickly get back to my pre pregnancy size once Leah is here.... I got a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis that I can wear to work, and a shirt. I cant wait until I am able to wear them!!!!!!

And lets hope my 2 ours of walking about will result in some progression at the doctor tomorrow! I am atleast tired and sore from it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Next Sunday

My due date is NEXT SUNDAY!

Its so crazy to think! Pregnancy is over 200 days long, and I am now down to 8 days!

This morning, the first thing Brian asked me was "Is Leah coming today?" My response was "I hope!"

Brian and I dont have alot planned this weekend at all... the weather is supposed to be super nice (mid to upper 70s) so we want to do something outside. We are about to head down to Main St. St. Charles to have lunch and casually walk around. Otherwise I think our weekend will be spent cleaning and finally finishing thank you cards. (Everyone who is expecting one from me, I apologize, I just wanted to get thru my test first).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Operation labor

I am getting impatient... and determined!

I am already an impatient person, and all the comments I receive at work ("You're still here?" "You look ready!", "Is this your last week?") do not help.

Since I no longer have to study on my breaks at work... I am now walking! A 1/2 mile in the morning, and a 1/2 mile in the afternoon... a 1/2 mile is all I can do in 15 minutes! Sad huh!? ... so far I have alot of lower back pain.... but lets hope it helps! Its also a nice week weather wise and nice to get outside for a bit....

I am also determined to eat hot sauce on everything tomorrow!

I just want to meet her already!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

92.3 WIL/Post: When You're the Mom of a Mother

I heard this on the radio this morning and just loved it... Leah is not even here yet, but my new "relationship" with my mom has already began!

Girls, try not to cry when you read it!!

92.3 WIL/Post: When You're the Mom of a Mother

Monday, November 2, 2009

I have to share, another conversation

Background information: We just moved Leah's swing to the other corner of our family room... its currently in front of a tall bookshelf, at the end of the couch. On top of this bookshelf is our pieces of Waterford crystal, a vase and three candle sticks... all are VERY heavy!

Brian and I are on the phone... he is on his way home from work, I am sitting on the couch...

Kim: Ahh! Jax just tried to jump to the top of the bookshelf from the couch.
Brian: He obviously didnt make it...
Kim: No but he got close.
Brian: There are some heavy stuff up there, maybe we should move them, we dont want them to fall on Leah.
Kim: Uhh...
Brian: What if there is an earthquake?

I love that he even thinks about these kind of things.... I think he has a fear of things falling on his little girl... he also will not let me hang anything near the crib... incase it falls on her.... during one of those very common earthquakes me have! ha! :) I love him!

what a day

It didnt go as planned... All day I have been a little off...

My test was today... and I believe I will be taking it again in May. It was 10 times harder than I expected, I didnt even get thru the whole exam, and my mind wondered thru-out the whole thing.... I was upset for about 2 minutes when I talked to Brian afterwards, but oh well... what can I do? I have a baby on its way.. who cares about my test.... and I am getting a new position whether I pass or fail!

After the test I ran alot of errands... to Babies R Us to buy more crib sheets, to Sams for TP, to Kohls to make a return, to Homegoods for some new baking sheets (mine somehow disappeared! I had like 3 and only have 1 now!), Gordmans nursing/PJ/post pregnancy attire, and the licenses office to pay the taxes on the new car.

My mind was definitely elsewhere because when I signed the papers for the car, the first paper got signed as "Kimberly Gilmore", I turn to the next paper and it got signed as "Kimberly Kozlen" not 2 seconds after signing my name correctly. I looked at it like "That looks weird... What on earth does that say?? Kozlen!??! Where did that come from!??"

I had yet another appointment today... no progress from 1 cm and 50%... she is still sitting pretty high and needs to come down alot! The doctor says this usually happens this week, but we will see... I am beginning to think she is going to be late for sure... She took forever to find out what gender she was, and now I think she is going to take forever to let us meet her! I need to just accept that it will be atleast 2 more weeks...

And now here I am... I am not feeling so great at all! I am feeling super nasueas, tired, and like I just want to go and lay in bed. Brian will have to fend for himself tonight for dinner... I dont think I can eat anything and I definitely dont want to make him anything!

Lets hope for a better week... only 9 more days of work!!! (I will go crazy if I have to go to work the 16th-20th and meet/train my replacement)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


ITS NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah will be here THIS month!

By the end of the month our family of 2 (or 4 if you count the cats) will become 3 (or 5) and our lives will never be the same!!!

I can't wait!!!


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