Friday, November 20, 2009

mini update

I finally got Leah to calm down and fall fast asleep so I want to take the opportunity to update a little.

Things are going great! She is getting more and more adorable each day!! Yesterday was a little rough, Brian left me in the afternoon to go to work, and I was pretty much unable to get out of bed so it was hard to take care of Leah. I was also EXHAUSTED from my 3 hrs of sleep that I got Wed night... we kept Leah in the nursery, but I was just too excited to calm down, not to mention the nurses coming in every hr to check me out. Then to add to my emotional frustration, Leah was not nursing at all...but finally, last night... around 10, we got her going! Since then she has been an even happier baby and is getting a hold of the whole feeding process. Really, its all she wants to do now! ha.

Right now I am just waiting for my IV to come out so I can jump in the shower! I cant wait to shower, and hopefully put my PJs on instead of this hospital gown!

As for the c-section, it wasnt nearly as bad as I though... pain medicine works great, but I really have not been in alot of pain the entire time.

2 more days and we will be heading home!!! Yeah!!!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going great!

  2. She is beautiful ! I love the most recent pic of her . Glad to hear Leah caught on to nursing :) Hope you can get some rest before you head home !



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