Monday, November 2, 2009

what a day

It didnt go as planned... All day I have been a little off...

My test was today... and I believe I will be taking it again in May. It was 10 times harder than I expected, I didnt even get thru the whole exam, and my mind wondered thru-out the whole thing.... I was upset for about 2 minutes when I talked to Brian afterwards, but oh well... what can I do? I have a baby on its way.. who cares about my test.... and I am getting a new position whether I pass or fail!

After the test I ran alot of errands... to Babies R Us to buy more crib sheets, to Sams for TP, to Kohls to make a return, to Homegoods for some new baking sheets (mine somehow disappeared! I had like 3 and only have 1 now!), Gordmans nursing/PJ/post pregnancy attire, and the licenses office to pay the taxes on the new car.

My mind was definitely elsewhere because when I signed the papers for the car, the first paper got signed as "Kimberly Gilmore", I turn to the next paper and it got signed as "Kimberly Kozlen" not 2 seconds after signing my name correctly. I looked at it like "That looks weird... What on earth does that say?? Kozlen!??! Where did that come from!??"

I had yet another appointment today... no progress from 1 cm and 50%... she is still sitting pretty high and needs to come down alot! The doctor says this usually happens this week, but we will see... I am beginning to think she is going to be late for sure... She took forever to find out what gender she was, and now I think she is going to take forever to let us meet her! I need to just accept that it will be atleast 2 more weeks...

And now here I am... I am not feeling so great at all! I am feeling super nasueas, tired, and like I just want to go and lay in bed. Brian will have to fend for himself tonight for dinner... I dont think I can eat anything and I definitely dont want to make him anything!

Lets hope for a better week... only 9 more days of work!!! (I will go crazy if I have to go to work the 16th-20th and meet/train my replacement)

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