Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 month & 1 day

Until moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I am so excited!

Look we have flooring!!!
master bath

And next comes more flooring and my kitchen cabinets!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait to see it next!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Home Free

I just wrote out my first rent check.

As of 4:45 this afternoon we are officially debt free, our house is finally sold, and we have my parents as landlords!

That's right, my parents bought our house.

When our previous buyer fell thru and we were considering renting it out ourselves, my parents made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

My dad has always been interested in rental property.   Him and my Uncle are currently renting out my grandmother's old house.  The idea of a rental check coming in monthly once he retires seems pretty tempting.

But I know my parents did not do this strictly as a "I want rental property" kind of thing, I know my parents were worried about us.   We could have rented it out on our own, and possibly had everything work out perfectly down the road.   But we are not in the greatest point in our lives to take on that sort of risk.   What if we had to pay 2 house payments, with 2 kids in daycare down the road?  There is so much stress that comes with rental property when its property you don't owe out right.

My amazing father made the comment after he made us our offer that "I know finances are the biggest problems for marriages and I do not want the stress of 2 mortgages to do anything to your relationship."   Hearing him say that means so much.   Its like he was telling me "I am proud of your life choices, and your family."  Even at 27 I still strive to make my parents proud.

So in return of my parents buying our house, I have promised to put them in a good home and take extra good care of them when they are older.  Luckily, I was already planning on doing that...

This situation has also made me realize that I want to make sure we can do the same for our children some day.   We need to continue to be responsible with our money and actions and plan for the future.

And right now the future is looking pretty amazing!


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Best 50 dollar chair ever!!

Unplanned shopping

Today we spent WAY more money than we planned....

We thought we would stop by a local appliance store to check out possible fridges, washers, and dryers... checking them out was the plan... we walked out with a fridge, washer and dryer being purchased...

We had an idea of the type of fridge we wanted... and werent expecting to get anything fancy on the washer and dryer... But when the sales guy asked if we wanted him to price out the fridge we wanted WITH front loader washer and dryers we were not expecting him to come back 1,000 dollars less than what we were thinking....

We were sold!

Then I went to Target and had about the most successful shopping trip EVER!

We are putting in our own mirros in the bathrooms in the new house... i kind of hate the sheet of mirrors.... so I have been on a mission to find the perfect size, shape, design.... and finally got Brian to agree to the mirrors for the master bathroom and the kids bathroom, which were on sale for 37 dollars a peice at Target.   We were in need of 4 and were never expecting to get all 4 at the same store, but the Target by our house actually had 4!! I was so happy to not have to run around to multiple Targets to get matching mirrors.  

Then as I was walking down the end of the isles towards the check out I spotted 2 large boxes on the clearence rack... and I realized they were swivel bar stools....excatly what we were wanting.... But they were black.... but then I remembered that our counter tops are back and brown.... they could be PERFECT!   I frantically seearched for a price tag!  I noticed there was an address on them... someone ordered them online and returned them... was something wrong with them?  Broke?  I spotted the price tag... 50 dollars... originally 99.99!   100 dollars off for 2!? I asked if I could take them home, put them together and  bring them back if something was wrong... Target said OK!  But they are probably fine... if they were returned for something bad, they wouldnt put them back to be sold, but they were only marked down alot because they are online only items and they just want to sell them fast.   Well they were definitely sold fast to this lady!!

To top off my awesome shopping day I picked up a comforter set for our new spare bedroom/bed. (Brother we can still have your spare bed right!?) Yeah, it was orginally 80 dollars, on clearance for 20!  I am awesome!

We definitely spent alot more than we planned today... but I think we saved ALOT on items we were going to be buying down the road anyways!

And OMG... I am currently finding myself at 8 pm on a Saturday with BOTH Brian and Leah asleep!!!  You would have thought I drugged them because this would never ever happen!   I guess power shopping wears them out!... so off I go to put together a bar stool!! I love putting together furniture and I am too anxious to see how these things turn out!!

I will definitely let you know how it goes!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I know my posts are currently few and far between…

I have written up a few drafts but just cannot find the words to finish them.

I currently feel like my head is spinning… so you will have to accept a few sentences on a variety of topics…

My exam is 8 weeks 7 weeks, 5 days away. At times I feel like “I could pass this sitting” and other times its more like “There is no freaking way!” but I must continue to try… 21 study hours per week is needed to get an acceptable 250 study hrs for this exam.   That is still far less than the recommended study time but pretty good for me.    … But  let me tell you… its hard to fit in 21 hrs per week when I am already working 40 hrs per week (Ok its less, bc I do get to study at work… but still!) and a mom 168 hrs a week.   Right now I am eat, sleep, life contingencies!

The house will be finished by the last week of October at the latest!!! OMG this is like the most exciting news in the whole wide world… to Brian and I!  but then it hits me that OMG… I have to move BEFORE I take my next exam?  So not only am I studying 21 hrs a week, working 40 hrs a week, a mom 168 hrs a week, but I need to pack up my house and move 45 minutes away as well?!

I can do it…  Breathe…

I am already dreaming about Tornados….. I dream about tornadoes frequently when I feel like my life is spinning out of control…. And I am definitely starting to feel that way…. but in a kind of good way.  I feel like my stress is all good stress... a job I love, a new house, lots of family activities...

But lets review:

7 weekends until Exam.

Within those 7 weeks I need to:
·         Throw a bridal shower
·         Host a bachelorette party
·         Attend a weekend wedding in WI
·         Attend a first birthday party for my niece
·         Take Leah to the pumpkin patch for some fall family fun time… seriously it is a MUST
·         Be the maid of honor in a wedding …. Oh yeah I still need to get my dress altered
·         Attend a baby shower
·         Pack up my house
·         MOVE
·         And study for 160 more hrs.
·         Oh and work
·         Halloween… hello!? What should Leah be!?
·         And maybe start thinking about Leah’s 2nd birthday party…. Because OMG she turns 2 years old in about 9 weeks!!

It is all good stress…. But AH! And once its over… it’s the holidays… and then exam time again.

I cannot wait till I am a fellow and I do not need to study and I can actually enjoy life… and hobbies… and relax.

5 more years....


Monday, September 5, 2011

Twenty Seven

I still feel the same as I felt last year as I turn 26.....

But it has been a pretty great birthday.

The weather was AMAZING.

We hit up Grants Farm with my sister-n-laws family.

Then had a BBQ at my parents with both my family and Brian's family... together!  I am so lucky that our familys get along and we can spend time all together! It really makes life easier!  :)

I received multiple giftcards to HomeGoods, Peir One, and Target to buy some fun stuff for the new house.... I cannot wait to get shopping!!!

Heres the back of the house, taken this weekend.   They started on the siding!! This week they are supposed to start working on the installation and dry wall! Can. Not. Wait. To. Go. Back. Next. Week!

26 was a bit of a rough year... Losing my Grandma, then Aunt, and all this house drama... Something tells me 27 will be AMAZING!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Do Parents Survive?!

These Terrible (Almost) Twos are HARD!

Tonight Leah threw tantrim because she was trying to dress herself and could not figure out why she could not move when she had2 legs in one pant leg of her PJ pants... or when putting her shirt on with hergs going thru the neck whole first does not work very well.  She seriously ended up on the floor, kicking and screaming because she could not dress herself.

Then she asked for a banana, I peeled one and gave it to her... and  immediately threw it on the floor!   She went for a time out.... calmed down and asked for another one 2 minutes later.   I first gave it to her, and when she could not peel it herself I asked if she wanted help.   She nodded yes and gave the banana back to me. I peeled it and handed her the fruit.... and then she threw it back at me!!!!!

Back to time out she went.... which is in her crib.... we still have not figured out how to keep her in one spot besides the crib.... and she passed out... im sure from pure exhaustion of these crazy tantrims she has been throwing.

She wears me out!!!

When do we get past this "I want to be independent" stage... because it cannot come soon enough!


Friday, September 2, 2011


This week has pretty much been miserable!


Sunday Brian left for a business trip to Pittsburg.


Monday I got Leah up and to daycare, got to work, and my computer CRASHED!   The IT guy came by to see it and all he said was "Oh this is not good." And took my computer away…


Tuesday I usually work from home, but because I currently did not have a computer to remote into I had to head to the office.    I was given a new computer but pretty much lost everything!   They didn't even load back all the programs or access I previously had… so annoying!


On Tuesdays Brian's parents were kind of enough to take Leah to the zoo rather than her having to spend the day at daycare.   Supposedly they had a fabulous time… until she fell on her butt, screamed bloody murder, wouldn't sleep, and broke out in a fever!   


Isn't it a law of physics that when a parent goes out of town a child gets sick? 


Wednesday morning started off with a trip to the Doctor.   Infected bug bite on her butt.   Yep, that's right…. Antibiotics were given and back to daycare for Leah since her fever was not the result of anything contagious… and she was acting a lot better.  


I was hoping to just head home and work from the recliner, but when I tried to log on it said some silly stuff about my access being denied!   So 30 miles into work I went…. Annoyed.


Thursday was an improvement… but it brought me to the realization that Leah is a Barney addict.   We watched the same episode 3 times in a row… and then she cried bloody murder when I turned it off and made her go to bed.   Yes, I let Leah watch Barney 3 times in a row… I was/am exhausted from the week… she may have also drawn on the couch… but Brian finally came home right in time for bed time.


Friday is here!! But it has not started off the best…. I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck…. And puked…. No, I am not pregnant… I don't think….  I definitely am not feeling great.  I desperately want to head home and crawl into bed!   I am still experiencing computer issues and cannot even progress on my work because I am still waiting for IT to get my computer to speed… Hopefully I will find the will power to study soon!


Thank. Goodness. for a 3. Day. Weekend.


Oh and my birthday Monday…. Is it wrong that all I want for my birthday is some alone time where I can just sleep and shop all by myself?!  … Because it sounds really amazing right now.


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