Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unplanned shopping

Today we spent WAY more money than we planned....

We thought we would stop by a local appliance store to check out possible fridges, washers, and dryers... checking them out was the plan... we walked out with a fridge, washer and dryer being purchased...

We had an idea of the type of fridge we wanted... and werent expecting to get anything fancy on the washer and dryer... But when the sales guy asked if we wanted him to price out the fridge we wanted WITH front loader washer and dryers we were not expecting him to come back 1,000 dollars less than what we were thinking....

We were sold!

Then I went to Target and had about the most successful shopping trip EVER!

We are putting in our own mirros in the bathrooms in the new house... i kind of hate the sheet of mirrors.... so I have been on a mission to find the perfect size, shape, design.... and finally got Brian to agree to the mirrors for the master bathroom and the kids bathroom, which were on sale for 37 dollars a peice at Target.   We were in need of 4 and were never expecting to get all 4 at the same store, but the Target by our house actually had 4!! I was so happy to not have to run around to multiple Targets to get matching mirrors.  

Then as I was walking down the end of the isles towards the check out I spotted 2 large boxes on the clearence rack... and I realized they were swivel bar stools....excatly what we were wanting.... But they were black.... but then I remembered that our counter tops are back and brown.... they could be PERFECT!   I frantically seearched for a price tag!  I noticed there was an address on them... someone ordered them online and returned them... was something wrong with them?  Broke?  I spotted the price tag... 50 dollars... originally 99.99!   100 dollars off for 2!? I asked if I could take them home, put them together and  bring them back if something was wrong... Target said OK!  But they are probably fine... if they were returned for something bad, they wouldnt put them back to be sold, but they were only marked down alot because they are online only items and they just want to sell them fast.   Well they were definitely sold fast to this lady!!

To top off my awesome shopping day I picked up a comforter set for our new spare bedroom/bed. (Brother we can still have your spare bed right!?) Yeah, it was orginally 80 dollars, on clearance for 20!  I am awesome!

We definitely spent alot more than we planned today... but I think we saved ALOT on items we were going to be buying down the road anyways!

And OMG... I am currently finding myself at 8 pm on a Saturday with BOTH Brian and Leah asleep!!!  You would have thought I drugged them because this would never ever happen!   I guess power shopping wears them out!... so off I go to put together a bar stool!! I love putting together furniture and I am too anxious to see how these things turn out!!

I will definitely let you know how it goes!


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