Thursday, September 15, 2011

I know my posts are currently few and far between…

I have written up a few drafts but just cannot find the words to finish them.

I currently feel like my head is spinning… so you will have to accept a few sentences on a variety of topics…

My exam is 8 weeks 7 weeks, 5 days away. At times I feel like “I could pass this sitting” and other times its more like “There is no freaking way!” but I must continue to try… 21 study hours per week is needed to get an acceptable 250 study hrs for this exam.   That is still far less than the recommended study time but pretty good for me.    … But  let me tell you… its hard to fit in 21 hrs per week when I am already working 40 hrs per week (Ok its less, bc I do get to study at work… but still!) and a mom 168 hrs a week.   Right now I am eat, sleep, life contingencies!

The house will be finished by the last week of October at the latest!!! OMG this is like the most exciting news in the whole wide world… to Brian and I!  but then it hits me that OMG… I have to move BEFORE I take my next exam?  So not only am I studying 21 hrs a week, working 40 hrs a week, a mom 168 hrs a week, but I need to pack up my house and move 45 minutes away as well?!

I can do it…  Breathe…

I am already dreaming about Tornados….. I dream about tornadoes frequently when I feel like my life is spinning out of control…. And I am definitely starting to feel that way…. but in a kind of good way.  I feel like my stress is all good stress... a job I love, a new house, lots of family activities...

But lets review:

7 weekends until Exam.

Within those 7 weeks I need to:
·         Throw a bridal shower
·         Host a bachelorette party
·         Attend a weekend wedding in WI
·         Attend a first birthday party for my niece
·         Take Leah to the pumpkin patch for some fall family fun time… seriously it is a MUST
·         Be the maid of honor in a wedding …. Oh yeah I still need to get my dress altered
·         Attend a baby shower
·         Pack up my house
·         MOVE
·         And study for 160 more hrs.
·         Oh and work
·         Halloween… hello!? What should Leah be!?
·         And maybe start thinking about Leah’s 2nd birthday party…. Because OMG she turns 2 years old in about 9 weeks!!

It is all good stress…. But AH! And once its over… it’s the holidays… and then exam time again.

I cannot wait till I am a fellow and I do not need to study and I can actually enjoy life… and hobbies… and relax.

5 more years....



  1. Wow, that's a lot on your plate! I gues you'll find a way to make it, but I agree...lots of stress!

    I read through the posts I somehow missed (I think my google reader has too many blogs...). So here I am, all caught up!

    I loved Grant's Farm as a kid, until the goats tried to eat me!
    So exciting about your house :-)
    I'm glad your birthday was pretty decent, I suspect I will feel no different about turning 25 vs 24.
    That's nut's about the infected bug bite...random!
    The whole post about crappy things happening...made me annoyed for you!

    Hope you get all your studying done and knock the socks off that test!


  2. Tornadoes in dreams are known to represent emotional distress. They are not good signs.



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