Friday, September 2, 2011


This week has pretty much been miserable!


Sunday Brian left for a business trip to Pittsburg.


Monday I got Leah up and to daycare, got to work, and my computer CRASHED!   The IT guy came by to see it and all he said was "Oh this is not good." And took my computer away…


Tuesday I usually work from home, but because I currently did not have a computer to remote into I had to head to the office.    I was given a new computer but pretty much lost everything!   They didn't even load back all the programs or access I previously had… so annoying!


On Tuesdays Brian's parents were kind of enough to take Leah to the zoo rather than her having to spend the day at daycare.   Supposedly they had a fabulous time… until she fell on her butt, screamed bloody murder, wouldn't sleep, and broke out in a fever!   


Isn't it a law of physics that when a parent goes out of town a child gets sick? 


Wednesday morning started off with a trip to the Doctor.   Infected bug bite on her butt.   Yep, that's right…. Antibiotics were given and back to daycare for Leah since her fever was not the result of anything contagious… and she was acting a lot better.  


I was hoping to just head home and work from the recliner, but when I tried to log on it said some silly stuff about my access being denied!   So 30 miles into work I went…. Annoyed.


Thursday was an improvement… but it brought me to the realization that Leah is a Barney addict.   We watched the same episode 3 times in a row… and then she cried bloody murder when I turned it off and made her go to bed.   Yes, I let Leah watch Barney 3 times in a row… I was/am exhausted from the week… she may have also drawn on the couch… but Brian finally came home right in time for bed time.


Friday is here!! But it has not started off the best…. I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck…. And puked…. No, I am not pregnant… I don't think….  I definitely am not feeling great.  I desperately want to head home and crawl into bed!   I am still experiencing computer issues and cannot even progress on my work because I am still waiting for IT to get my computer to speed… Hopefully I will find the will power to study soon!


Thank. Goodness. for a 3. Day. Weekend.


Oh and my birthday Monday…. Is it wrong that all I want for my birthday is some alone time where I can just sleep and shop all by myself?!  … Because it sounds really amazing right now.

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