Saturday, August 27, 2011


The house is coming along quickly.  

Only 2.5 more months until move in time.

Every weekend I am becoming more and more anxious to go see the house.   Its a 45 minute drive from where we currently live so once a week is about all we can do...If it was closer I would probably be there every other day!

I think the next steps are dry walling, but then comes all the fun stuff!  Flooring, cabinets, lighting, Oh my!

We have decided on a plan of action to get us to this house.... now we just need to get the ball rolling. I will save the details of our plan for another post.... just know we have AMAZING people in our lives.

I cant wait to get moved in and settled.   I feel like the past year our lives have been put on hold hoping we could make this happen and now we are so close to the end.    I am ready to start relaxing and making this house our forever home.   The home we will hopefully bring more children home too and watch them grow as Eureka Wildcats!  

I. Can. Not. Wait!


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