Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They know us!

Leah and I stopped by Target tonight to pick up a few things.

Leah was recognized in the store by an employee.

I know Leah is probably the most adorable little girl anyone has ever seen, but to be honest it was all because of these new shoes....

The light up and are pretty awesome.

And yes, it was our 2nd visit to Target in 72 hrs...

Our Target is getting groceries in October. I seriously will have no reason what so ever to go anywhere else ever again!!   ... but I think my average time in the store might double.... oh well, its my happy place. ... and Leah's too!



  1. Oh how I love Target. I wish ours would get groceries. I love your blog! Following from Totally Tuesday Hop. Hope you would stop by and follow back. tootsabellarose.blogspot.com

  2. We have 2 Super Target (groceries) within 4 miles of our place...it's NUTS! It's my 6 month old's favorite store. She's even picked up a boyfriend there...HAHA

    I'm following you from a blog hop...hope to see you around my blog



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