Friday, August 5, 2011

Whatever Will Be Will Be

First order of business.... a house update.

The couple who came by Sunday told us Wednesday that they are really interested, thought it is priced great, but it is a little more than they hoped to spend.  We decided to have our Realtor tell them what our bottom line is... (about 5% less than the current price) They came back with the comment that its still outside of their possible loan range, but "she will try to put her boyfriend on the loan to see if they can get more money".

We stopped holding our breath right there.     No one should buy a house together unless they are married, especially a house that is outside their means.  I know we just want our house sold, but I don't want to see our house in foreclosure down the road...  

Where are all the normal, happy little families, with stable finances, that want to buy our house!? I am beginning to realize that our family is not that norm...


We had another showing today, and tomorrow we are meeting with our builder to talk about things...

My new life motto is "whatever will be will be".  I need to just sit back and let things happen...

Of course that is easier said than done... Neither Brian or I are sleeping well at night.   I know our stress level is at an all time high.... and neither Brian or I handle stress well.

I just cant wait till this is all over!

Now I promise to no longer write about house stuff until we have something more concrete occur.... and I will get back to writing about my baby girl and mothering an almost 2 year old!


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