Monday, January 28, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 2

Day 1 - 4 Miles

Uh, yep... that didnt happen.

I spent all day shopping...

walking around...

That should count for something right!?

Bad Kim.

Day 2 - 4 Miles

If you read my post yesterday, you would know that Tuesday was pretty much a disaster.

I only ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill at work.

I was running late getting the girls and I just was trying to fit something in.

I atleast ran them really fast... I think it was 30:30 or something that I did it in...

Day 3 - 5 Miles

Finally back on track!

Done and it felt good.

Day 4 - Rest

No running but boot camp happened.

It was a "kickboxing/self defense" themed class.

Lots of punching and kicking.

I did not feel like I worked very hard, but the next day...

I was SORE!

Day 5 - 4 miles

Finally a run outside again!

Day 6 - 4 miles

January's organized race with Mel.

(She did a great write up on the race if you want to click on over to her site!)

The weather was PERFECT.

Sunny and chilly.

And it felt SO good to run fast!

 I amazed myself with that time!!

It was in Forest Park too which is HILLY!

I was 6th in my age group out of like 29 ladies I believe.

And 165 out of 492 runners.

Not too shabby.

From the looks of people, everyone at this race seemed like pretty experienced, dedicated runners.

Oh and my watch told me this....

Fastest 5k = 25:31!

Can I please re-race my brother now!?

Cant wait to run a 5k again so I can see what I can do!

Day 7 - 8 miles

And I did nothing....

We went out the night before and I had 1 beer in preparation of getting up early and running...

And then we woke up to freezing rain!

I follow some of the running stores on facebook and they were all posting about how they were canceling their group runs and wanting people to stay home and rest because of the weather.

It warmed up later in the afternoon and was still drizzling. 

I thought about getting in maybe 4 miles, but then ate some chips and dip instead and decided to keep my butt on the couch.

Spoiler alert...

I did the 8 miles this morning and am already starting off to a FABULOUS week!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 4 of 52

This week was a doozy....

Monday 1/21:

Em and I (and Cora) started off the morning sending a picture to daddy who was out of town for work. 

This was the table before I spray painted the handles... totally the highlight of my Monday!

I also hit the mall in search of jeans... and clothes that fit in general.  I bought this shirt, and was loving these pants, but needed longs... I just checked online and the Loft has zero jeans in Longs right now! What on earth!?

The kitties checking out the new furniture... 

Tuesday 1/22:

Let me just explain how this day started... 

Em woke up around 4 am.... 

I took the girls to daycare but forgot Emily's bag of bottles and baby food at home so I had to run back home, then back to daycare, then back home to get to work... 

But I was not able to log on!  I tried to have a coworker at the office restart my computer but it then would not stop restarting! (I remote into my work computer...) 

So I had to head into the office just so I could talk to IT...

I hadnt showered and I only changed out of my sweat pants.... 

I got to the office only for IT to steal my computer...  so I spent the day studying...

and looking out the window watching it unexpectantly snow... 

Finally around 2:45 I finally received a brand new computer! 

Wednesday 1/23:

Hit the work treadmill to get my stress out... 

Thursday 1/24: 

My awesome inlaws took Leah for Wednesday evening to give me a little break so Thursday morning was a kind of relaxing morning getting ready to head into the office for the 3rd day in a row!  That hasn't happened in probably a 1.5 years! 

Friday 1/25:
All is right in the world and I am back to working from home...and I ended up buying this tree off of Zulily after some text message discussions with my sister n law... Its for the wall... it goes along with my problem of decorating when the hubby's out of town... 

Saturday 1/26:

Life is good again... Hubby is back home... Monthly organized race with my girl Mel 

Starbucks even after I had already had my morning coffee, redbull, and a tea... Leah asked for a cakepop and the thought of starbucks just sounded really yummy! 

Tried out a new hair-do for the evening... dinner at Bristols with the hubby, YUM and then the bar for my sister n law's 30th birthday. 

Birthday girl in the black, and Brian's cousins Kelly and Kaitlin in the front... I love these girls! 

Sunday 1/27:

My cousin just gave birth to a baby boy on Friday and I was eager to go shopping for a gift!  It is the first baby boy in the family and reason to buy boy clothes!  I absolutely LOVE this robot sleeper!  I might have to go back and get another one for my niece or nephew that is due in July!  My sister n law said her baby will be wearing robots even if its a girl!  

And just like last week Leah passed out in her bean bag chair... 

And I hid for a bit in the spare bedroom... Leah spent most of the day in trouble for numerous things and Emily seems to be teething pretty hard... I just needed a break and a little peace and quiet.  Yes, Brian helps, but there is only so much he can do when Leah is a complete mama's girl and Emily has to try to look around and find me anytime she hears my voice. 

Next week will be better. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

I have a problem...

Whenever my husband goes out of town I decorate the house.

Its like a horrible, bad, addictive, habit.

I am not sure what comes over me.

He leaves me and I am all..

"I must hang something on the walls!"


He is not surprised when he comes home to something new up.

He usually complains when I hang anything so maybe I do it while hes gone as a way of not having to hear him complain for a few days?

Im not really sure...

Either way...

He has been gone all week and I have been busy!

New chalkboard for the mudroom!  I freaking LOVE it! 

Oh and it was FREE!   I used chalkboard paint that I have had for probably 2 years sitting around on top of an old picture and frame that was just sitting in the basement... I was worried about the paint on top of the slick "glass" but a few coats and its good to go! 

Ok, I had Monday off and finally went SHOPPING all alone. It was fabulous!  I hit up ROSS, which might be my new go to place for little house items!  Seriously.... I got this for $4.99!   Our laundry room has absolutely nothing in it right now besides laundry and the washing machines, but this little diddy makes it a happier place. .... and explains why there is laundry sitting around! 

Monday I also won big with finding this table/cabinet thingy at Goodwill for $25!!!!  The handles were originally gold but I quickly spray painted them silver and bam!  LOVING it! 

 I originally contemplated painting it a light blue... but changed my mind for a dark blue... just not sure when I will get around to doing it.  Untill then, loving the current state too! 

The Love sign is new too... also a ROSS find for $4.99! Needed a little V-day decor.

And I had to get this one too... its sitting in the window sill in the family room now.  $5.99... not sure why it was an extra dollar... but whatever. 

These are pateeks (I have NO idea how to spell that word) that my mom did.  She does them with her class (she's an art teacher) as examples and gave them to me.  I have had them for months but just have never hung them up... 

They are in Leah's room... hung up with the scotch tap thingys so no holes in the walls. Brian will be happy there... Leah loves them but wants them over her bed... mostly she so can touch them.  I know better than that! 

Last by not least... more picture frames!  These frames were $4.99 a piece at ROSS.  

They fit 5x7s with the mats.  I love the look of mats.   Now I just need to print off some more pictures.... 

So total house projects... $61.00

Brian wont complain when he comes home tonight right!?! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Work Out Gear Link Up

Melanie & Laura are doing a work out attire link up today and I am pretty excited!

I was just doing some shopping for some new gear yesterday and didnt find anything I liked so I am excited to get some new ideas....

I have some great pieces already...

Like an older version of this Nike Running Jacket.

This thing keeps you WARM!

It has great pockets too.

I found it on clearance for $20 dollars!

It was a major deal!

But sadly... its pretty big on my now.

Its a size XL!

And I am fitting into alot of Mediums now...

So since its not as tight fitting, its gets airy and does not keep me as warm....

My brother and Sister n law bought me these awesome Livestrong gloves for Christmas.

They are pretty light weight but really do keep me warm.

And they do not make me all hot and want to rip them off after 15 minutes...

As for shirts I typically wear one of my 2 nike thermals...

As for pants...

This is where I desperately am needing new ideas....

I have a couple pair of under armor running compression pants and then a few other pants I sometimes run in that are not compression.

As I am shrinking, I am needing smaller pants bc what I have keeps falling down for the first 20  minutes until I start sweating enough that they just stick to my body...

Or that they are too lose and not so compression-ie anymore.

I have this weird problem...

Since I was 12 or 13... my inside of my right leg goes NUMB!

It does it pretty much when I go from being warm, to being cold all of a sudden, and moving... aka working out.

And it goes numb to a point where I seriously cannot feel my knee bending.

I just have to keep trusting that my legs are doing what they usually do and are moving correctly!

It used to happen ALL THE TIME in soccer. I would be nice and warm in the car and then have to get outside in the cold and play...

My mom took me to the doctor for it...

He said without doing lots of tests.... his guess was it was either nerve damage or blood flow issues.

Then I started hearing all about "compression" and how it is supposed to help with blood flow...

And then I started noticing that I do not really have the problem when I am wearing my full length compression pants!

Compression capris... do not help.

They do not cover my calf area which also goes numb...

So... I will be spending the rest of my cold weather running days in running compression tights!

So... which do you suggest!?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Body After Baby: Half Marathon Training Week 1

Before we get to the running...

The other day I was in my purple tank top and blank pants...

And down another 12-13 lbs from the last time I compared so I thought it would be fun to compare some more...

1 to 2 = 27 lb difference. 2 to 3 = 12ish lb difference


Thats 40 lbs! 

I think I am starting to look buffer! 

Well that was fun.... 


This week marked Official Week 1 of half marathon training. 

Day 1 - 4 miles

It was on the treadmill at work...

It was boring... 

But kept a 9 minute pace. 

Day 2 - 4 miles

Again, treadmill at work...

(OMG I went to the office 2 days in a row!)

I just wanted to get it over with so I actually ended the run at a 7:30 pace!

It kind of felt awesome!

And then I went to boot camp class immediately following it...

And I was spent.

Day 3 -  5 miles

Finally got back outside and had a great, relaxing run. 

Day 4 -  Rest

And I did.. 

But I still went to boot camp. 

Day 5 - 3 miles

I really tried to keep it at a nice and easy pace but with it only being 3 miles I booked it back home. 

Day 6 - 6 miles

I dropped the girls off at my in laws house and ran around their area. 

It was beautiful out! 

I ran thru the shopping center and then thru some super nice neighborhoods... 

A bit hilly, but I need that. 

I had a pain in my side most of the run but kept a pretty good pace. 

Day 7 - 4 miles

Yeah... that doesn't say 4 miles. 

The night before my running group had a night out. 

Momma was out on the town for the first time in FOREVER. 

I woke up a little hung over and wasnt even sure if I would run at all. 

But Brian was about to head out of town. 

I was in a pretty crappy mood because I was tired and Brian was leaving so I needed to go run to clear my head before he left. 

I immediately had a horrible side cramp. 

Maybe it was because all I had eaten before was coffee, oatmeal, cadburry creme egg, and marshmallows. 

I had to end it early... 

Yes, I was bummed... 

But the plan says to adjust as needed... 

And Sunday it was needed! 

Im nervous about the training plan I choose and beginning to feel like it might be too much.

I really like the schedule of the long runs, but the weekly runs are ALOT.

I currently cannot decide if I want to find a new plan all together  or just scale back some of the weekly runs.

I just ran 24.6 miles in week 1...

I do not want to get burnt out.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly roundup: 3 of 52

Monday 1/14

I usually have leftovers for lunch but today was a hodge podge of food... 

Afterwork I dropped of my car at the shop and picked up my new rental... After driving a van & cross over being in a car seems WEIRD! 

Oh you're wondering what was wrong with my car?! ... A few days after Christmas Brian's cousin stayed the night on their way home from his parents. 5 minutes after they arrived I realized I did not have enough pasta sauce and needed to run to get more... and backed out of the garage into Lukes car!  Hate those idiot moments!  .... and let me add... Brian never told me Luke and his wife were coming over or even staying the night! Luke called me 2 hours before they arrived only because Brian did not answer the phone and he wanted to get a hold of someone... Boys and their lack of communication!

Brian does consulting work for a local gourmet popcorn company called Poptions.   Whenever he visits he brings home free bags of the yummy goodness!  This stuff is the devil... You cannot stop eating it!  Luckily Brian does not visit them too frequently or I would be 800 lbs! They often have groupons... BUY IT! Seriously, so good! 
Tuesday: 1/15

Brian had a work happy hour (he was the man of honor for being promoted to Manager!) and wouldnt be home for dinner.... I of course called my parents and told them I was bringing the girls over for dinner.  I then had to check out my sisters closet... sadly she took most things with her back to college but I snagged these items. ... can you tell I am a bit taller than my baby sis?

Wednesday 1/16:

Emily finally "discovered" her feet. She loves to hold her feet right now.  I admit its my favorite baby position.       She does not put them in her mouth though. Leah never did it either... 

Thursday: 1/17

Morning playtime before school... 

Friday: 1/18
Picked up our first Produce Basket from the local Co-Op program. 

The only mail received Friday... My brother and sister n law bought me a subscription for Christmas.  Its a great gift since I never would have bought it for myself. Reading definitely gets you motivated. 

Saturday: 1/19
Most weekends Leah refuses a nap... her bean bag chair must be too comfy though because we found her passed out around 4:15pm. ... she did it again the next day! ... oh and the blue around her mouth in this picture is from drinking koolaid. We made it for the first time with Leah with the old fashion quarter powder packet, cup of sugar and water... Leah was AMAZED!  She thinks its total magic! 

The Co-Op gave us 2 egg plants. I made Eggplant Parmesan for the first time using THIS martha stewart recipe.  It was SUPER easy! 

And delicious  Like seriously, I was impressed!  I honestly have never eaten eggplant so I had no idea what to expect! I was really hoping it was semi-edible and we wouldn't be putting in a urgent call to Dominos...  Brian was a little hesitant to take a bite. He kept asking what it was and asking where the meat was... but he ate it all and did not complain at all! I definitely think I will make it again... I am even anxious to go out and order it at a restaurant so I know how it really is supposed to taste! 

Sunday: 1/21
The Co-Op yumminess can be seen again with my lunch.  Mixed leafy greens(Co-Op), blue cheese, sliced almonds, cranberries & raspberry pecan salad dressing... with the most amazing grape tomatoes(Co-Op) I have ever eaten! Im pretty sure this will be my lunch for the rest of the week... 


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