Monday, January 7, 2013

Body After Baby

After my 100 miles in December I took it a little easier this week.

I ran 17. 72 miles.


Yesterday afternoon I unexpectantly had a pretty good run.

It was the middle of the day.

Leah was refusing to nap.

Brian had been brewing more beer leaving me with the crazy girl, and a baby that also did not feel the need to nap.

I told Brian I wanted to run!

Usually mid day runs, unless I plan for them, are pretty crappy.

I had pizza, a soda, and M&Ms for lunch...

But I got dress and headed out mainly because I wanted some alone time.

I wasn't sure how far I wanted to run, but I took the longer route that takes me thru old Eureka.

The first 2 miles I headed out FAST!

Paces in the 8:30 per minute range!

I would try to slow down since I kept seeing that number 8 on my watch and knew I was never going to make it back home at that rate but it was hard!

Right at about 3.1 miles, I entered "The Legends" subdivison/golf course area...

This is where my flat run turns HILLY!

That first hill kicked my butt!

I could not even run up it!

I had to walk to the top...

With a 14:15 minute pace...

Ok, first I have to admit that during my runs, I sit and calculate my pace in my head...

I calculate how long it should take me to run 0.1 miles, 0.5 miles and so on...

And then I like to watch my watch/clock and see if I am doing the math right.

My walking pace really threw me off so my mind was going crazy trying to figure it all out after that.

There are a few other BIG hills after that first one but I was able to keep running them.

My pace would reach 10:15, and slowly decrease as I headed back down the other sides...

I figured my overall pace once I made it back home would be around 9:30 per mile with my walking spell...

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that 9:15 pace!

And seriously a 10K in well under a minute!?

Im pumped! 

But terrified... 

That is 6.2 miles... 

The half is 13.1! 

Even if I can keep this pace for another 7 miles, I would end up just over my 2 hour goal... 

And I hear the Go St. Louis half is hilly... 

I have work to do. 

Luckily I have 13 weeks to get there! 


  1. Great run girl AND you can totally do the half - it is all about the training... So proud of you and your run.

  2. I started doubting myself after my 6 mile run on Saturday! I didn't even want to continue on the run before I even hit 2 miles!
    We CAN do a half.....and more than that, we CAN rock the half!
    I gotta keep reminding myself how freaken amazeballs I'm going to feel after I complete it!!
    Great pace and you're doing awesome!!

  3. I am going to restart C25K again now that I have done the 30DS with Jillians biotchy self and cant actually move without feeling like i will die right then! And I cant wait to be able to say things like healthy, PR< 3.1 like you! You are an inspiration for all! Keep it up! KIMS UNITE!



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