Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly roundup: 3 of 52

Monday 1/14

I usually have leftovers for lunch but today was a hodge podge of food... 

Afterwork I dropped of my car at the shop and picked up my new rental... After driving a van & cross over being in a car seems WEIRD! 

Oh you're wondering what was wrong with my car?! ... A few days after Christmas Brian's cousin stayed the night on their way home from his parents. 5 minutes after they arrived I realized I did not have enough pasta sauce and needed to run to get more... and backed out of the garage into Lukes car!  Hate those idiot moments!  .... and let me add... Brian never told me Luke and his wife were coming over or even staying the night! Luke called me 2 hours before they arrived only because Brian did not answer the phone and he wanted to get a hold of someone... Boys and their lack of communication!

Brian does consulting work for a local gourmet popcorn company called Poptions.   Whenever he visits he brings home free bags of the yummy goodness!  This stuff is the devil... You cannot stop eating it!  Luckily Brian does not visit them too frequently or I would be 800 lbs! They often have groupons... BUY IT! Seriously, so good! 
Tuesday: 1/15

Brian had a work happy hour (he was the man of honor for being promoted to Manager!) and wouldnt be home for dinner.... I of course called my parents and told them I was bringing the girls over for dinner.  I then had to check out my sisters closet... sadly she took most things with her back to college but I snagged these items. ... can you tell I am a bit taller than my baby sis?

Wednesday 1/16:

Emily finally "discovered" her feet. She loves to hold her feet right now.  I admit its my favorite baby position.       She does not put them in her mouth though. Leah never did it either... 

Thursday: 1/17

Morning playtime before school... 

Friday: 1/18
Picked up our first Produce Basket from the local Co-Op program. 

The only mail received Friday... My brother and sister n law bought me a subscription for Christmas.  Its a great gift since I never would have bought it for myself. Reading definitely gets you motivated. 

Saturday: 1/19
Most weekends Leah refuses a nap... her bean bag chair must be too comfy though because we found her passed out around 4:15pm. ... she did it again the next day! ... oh and the blue around her mouth in this picture is from drinking koolaid. We made it for the first time with Leah with the old fashion quarter powder packet, cup of sugar and water... Leah was AMAZED!  She thinks its total magic! 

The Co-Op gave us 2 egg plants. I made Eggplant Parmesan for the first time using THIS martha stewart recipe.  It was SUPER easy! 

And delicious  Like seriously, I was impressed!  I honestly have never eaten eggplant so I had no idea what to expect! I was really hoping it was semi-edible and we wouldn't be putting in a urgent call to Dominos...  Brian was a little hesitant to take a bite. He kept asking what it was and asking where the meat was... but he ate it all and did not complain at all! I definitely think I will make it again... I am even anxious to go out and order it at a restaurant so I know how it really is supposed to taste! 

Sunday: 1/21
The Co-Op yumminess can be seen again with my lunch.  Mixed leafy greens(Co-Op), blue cheese, sliced almonds, cranberries & raspberry pecan salad dressing... with the most amazing grape tomatoes(Co-Op) I have ever eaten! Im pretty sure this will be my lunch for the rest of the week... 

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  1. I tried eggplant for the first time recently too and it is really good Even my kids liked it and they like nothing!!!

    Magic Kooliaid, I love it!



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