Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 2 of 52

First full week...

Monday 1/7:

Finished off the most delicious bag of M&Ms ever!  Brian bought them for me for my stocking for Christmas and they may be my new favorite! Go. Find them!

I also tried spaghetti squash for the first time... It is an amazing vegetable, but I didnt LOVE the taste... I think in my head I was thinking "pasta!" and it does not taste like pasta... I just ate it plain so maybe if I find an actual recipe with it, it might be alot better.  I bought another one this week mostly because Leah was shopping with me and picked it out for me. I couldnt say no. 

Tuesday 1/8:
New Coach glasses!! Last years style, on sale for $99, with 40% off! Originally $300 something.  Would be alot better deal if I did not have such horrible eyesight and need such expensive lenses. I apologized to Brian for my $400 dollar with insurance visit to the eye doctor, which included contacts. (He has perfect sight eyesight and does not understand why it all costs so much).  He responded that he did not care. If he did, he should have married someone with perfect eyesight... I guess that was a nice/sweet response?  ... and sheesh could my forehead look any bigger!?

Wednesday 1/9:

My 1500 page study manual arrived!  I split it into 5 separate binders so that I can more easily handle it.  And yes.. it did cost $245 dollars for that stack of hole punched paper! People complain about college text books, but atleast that comes in a BOOK! 

It felt so good to get back to real studying!  Oh how I have missed it! It has been over a year since my last exam...

Jax hung out with me on the couch while I worked from home... 

Thursday 1/11:
A random January warmer day allowed for my leopard flats!... and of course my KiKi LaRue scarf again because it is winter. 

January 1/11:

Baby girl is getting better and better with her fine motor skills! 

And Momma relaxed with a glass of wine... I asked Brian to stop off on the way home and grab me a bottle of Montelle Winery Country RED wine... he definitely brought home Country WHITE.  Not nearly as yummy, but still did its job. 

Saturday 1/12:
I somehow managed to escape to Target with only Emily for laundry detergent but of course had to check out the entire store, including the clothes... I had the desire to try on a pair of size 8s.... Yep, they fit!  They were not purchased though... Hoping to get some nicer jeans from somewhere else soon...

The random 60 degree weather made us hit up the park.  Emily had her first swinging experience... not impressed.  She stayed in the exact same position the entire time and did not show any emotion... Maybe come spring she will love it like her sister. 

When did this girl get so big!? ... she also dressed herself.  She originally had a purple necklace on too... She may look ridiculous at times, but I love when she dresses herself. 3 year olds can pull off anything! 

Sunday 1/13:

We had a playdate with Grace, a neighborhood friend.  I stayed with them the entire 2 hours. Then Grace's parents came back to get her and I got caught chatting... The girls continued to play upstairs for about 20 minutes.  After they left I tried to get Leah to head to the store with me.  I kept telling her to get her shoes & socks and come down.  She never came so I had to go up after her... I found her in her closet, jumping into this mess saying "My socks are in here somewhere!"  Her and Grace put every single thing they could find into Leah's closet!  (Girl has a HUGE walk in closet) They even took every article of clothing out of her dresser.... I wasn't sure if I should laugh hysterically as she continued to yell "blast off" and jump into the giant pile, or cry...Later that afternoon instead of napping we cleaned it up, and kept the momentum going with going thru & organizing all of the toys in the playroom and Emily's toys... 


  1. That picture of Jax is tripping me out. I love spaghetti squash but when I tried it first I had no idea it was called that so I was just thinking squash in my head in love squash though. It definitely doesn't taste like spaghetti though. : )



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