Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My New Favorite Shoes

I am linking up with Mel & Laura to talk about running shoes.


I just bought my first official running shoes so of course I want to talk about them.

I also have really strange shaped feet so maybe my "review" will help someone else in the market for new shoes.

So I apologize for the gross foot picture but...

See how my toes do not touch? (And how I also have the worlds smallest toe nails?) 

Yeah, that would be because my feet are really broad at the balls of my feet, but narrow elsewhere. 

Sometimes I have issues getting a good fit on shoes because of it. 

Most shoes just feel tight across the middle of my foot. 

I usually have to stretch shoes out before they feel comfortable. 

Wide width shoes do not really work either because then my foot is sliding around in the back. 

I was fitted for my running shoes just recently by Fleet Feet. 

I do not have any injuries or pain when I run. 

I do not have flat feet or super high arches. 

They said I have very good & normal wear to my older pair of shoes which means I walk/run how I am supposed too. 

No crazy side of foot or tip toe walking here. 

Besides my broad feet, I am pretty normal. 

Except only 1 pair of shoes in the store actually fit me! 

They would be the fabulous Mizuno Wave Riders 16

They have a wider "toe box" so they work for me! 

And I think they are pretty. 

No crazy colors here... which I like. 

They kind of remind me of volleyball shoes... 

At $115, I think its a pretty fair price as well. 

Since I have been fitted once now, I doubt I will again in the future. 

Unless I start having some problems or want shoes specifically for strengthening my feet or something. 

I am hoping that in 6 months when these gals are ready to be retired I can catch a deal on another pair at Sports Authority or something. 

And I saved the best part for last... 

Before these shoes I was averaging 9:45 - 10 minute miles... 

Today I averaged 8:55!! 

I have been speedy fast since I bought these shoes. 

I guess the lighter weight. 

Maybe the tread?

I don't know exactly what it is... 

But they definitely make running feel great! 


  1. Hi, here from the linkup. I hope my new shoes make me that much faster! Of course, it would only put me at like a 11:30 average, you are at super star speed, I'm amazed. =)

  2. YAY... I am so excited for you and your new fastey fasterson pace. I hope some new kicks throw my booty into gear too. Thanks for linking up Kim.

  3. Thanks for linking up, Kim! I have similar issue with the shape of my foot...and I may have to try those Mizuno's out now! Great job on your average time, too....Awesome!!

  4. love those shoes...and I'm dying to buy a Garmin watch too. Come on tax refund! :)

  5. Here from the link up and Oh my word! LOVE those Mizuno's. The color and everything. Just Fabulous!

  6. New follower! Thanks die visiting my blog!



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