Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals

I am going to be a little more specific this year.

This may turn around and bite me in the butt...

Or will work great!

Personal Goals:

  • KEEP RUNNING! Keep doing a race per month. Maybe do a few more 100 miles per month challenges... just keep going! 
  • Run my half marathon in under 2 hrs 10 minutes.  I think I can pretty easily accomplish this... I really want to get under 2 hours but that will require some work.  I have 14 weeks to work on it! Either way, I want to finish strong and proud! ... and encouraged to do it all again! 
  • Visit Seattle! ... Even if I have to go alone... I will get there! 
  • Improve my photography in some shape or form... even if its learning 1 new little trick... Just learn something new. 
Work Goals: 
  • Give a presentation.  This was one of my goals for 2012 for my review, but as its 12/31... it did not happen. Not necessarily my fault, it just got away from me and my boss... My boss believes presentation experience is the one quality that will quickly get you promoted at our company... It will happen in 2013. 
  • Finish Modules completely.  I want to see a big fat PASS next to my Interim Assessment and Final Assessment. 
  • Take C in October and score atleast a 4.  Yes.. that is not passing... I need a 6 to pass... but C is a beast that I am a bit intimidated by! I plan to start studying SOON, and will need those extra 6 months to get an acceptable grade... Yes, I want to pass in Oct, but I honestly will be happy with a 4. 
House Goals:
  • Backsplash in the kitchen! 
  • Backsplash tiling in the master bath. 
  • Some sort of shelving in the Laundry room. 
  • New landscaping in the front yard. 
  • Paint atleast 2 more rooms.
Leah Goals: 
  • Get that girl 100% accident free!  We have had more success with going poop on the potty... she will do it when she is not at home... but when she is at home, its like she believes its all OK to go in your pants.  Frustrating!  We will fix this.  Because seriously, next year at this time she will be 4, and I will DIE if this is still going on! 
  • Get the girl to go to bed alone at night... an easier night time routine in general would be nice! 
  • Involved in activities outside of daycare. 
  • Still a happy, healthy, outgoing, crazy little girl. 
Emily Goals: 
  • Also grow to become a happy & healthy little girl. 
Brian Goals:
  • Celebrate our 5 year anniversary in a fun way!  (seattle!?) 
  • More date nights and nights without the kiddos.  Stop feeling so bad to leave the kids over night and know we all need it... grandparents included! 
  • Build an even stronger relationship. 
  • Keep me on his budget, even with all my house to-dos, trip to seattle, need for clothes that fit (I will be needing an entirely new wardrobe this summer!) so I can keep a happy husband! 
I can do this all right!?

Bring it 2013! 

Goal Met!!!

First off...

Look at my pretty new Fila shirt/sweatshirt from Marshalls for 16.99!

Nice and fleecie and bright!

It kept me mighty warm today in these conditions... 

I got out there and finished off my 100 miles in December!!!! 

100.23 to be exact. 

The face of a girl that just met her goal!!! 

And at a 9:08 pace! 


(since I dropped so much time on my pace... Can I please re-race my brother!?!)

& yes, my hat does have lights in it.

My brother won it at the Turkey Trot, from the running store that was hosting and gave it to me because his head is seriously too big for hats!

And then I was dying and had to rip off my top layer of clothing... 

I love ending on this high. 

I feel like I can accomplish anything right now! 

Stay tuned for my 2013 goals coming on the next post to see what I am wanting to accomplish in 2013! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Body After Baby

I have been running.


At the beginning of the month I made it a goal to run 100 miles in December.

Last Wednesday, the 26th, I added them up...

(I write them down in my planner).

There were 6 days left in the month...

 (31 - 26 +1 = 6... counting days, always add 1!... discrete math lesson for ya)

That meant I needed to do 5 miles a day.

That day I was feeling great & got busy on the treadmill at work .

I decided to do an extra mile for a cushion. 

Thursday I finally got the chance to run with my new watch! 

I am loving the pacer!

I set my minimum time as 10:15.

It buzzes and tells me when I am "On pace" and "Ahead of Pace".

And probably "Behind Pace" but I am too competitive to let it ever actually say that!

I definitely worked a little harder to keep it saying "Ahead of Pace".

Friday I did 4.75 miles on the Al Foster Trail.

I had an average time of 9:52 per minute, but the run just sucked.

I did not eat breakfast before I went and was starving.

The entire run I was trying to tell myself it was OK to walk some...

I never did...

Had to stay ahead of pace!

Friday night & Saturday morning brought some snow...

Most of the ladies in my running group decided to stay in bed rather than meet up for our 7 am weekend run.

I was way too excited to get out there in the snow!

I had been looking forward to it for a while.

And it did not disappoint!

It was a GORGEOUS 4 mile run with my neighbor friend Jennifer around Route 66 State Park!

Of course we had to stop mid run and take pictures to post back on our group facebook page to make everyone realize that they missed out on the awesomeness!

Seriously! I loved it! 

I would run in the snow every day! 


I have been contemplating getting new shoes for a bit now...

The other day I finally flipped my shoes over to check out the wear on them and it was decided...

There pretty much was zero tread!

As in the parts where my foot touches, (balls of my feet, toes, heel) were completely smooth.

I was even missing part of my left heel!

So I decided I wanted to head to Big River Running to get a pair since its a local company, was ranked one of the top 4 running stores in the country, and is owned by a fellow Summit grad who's dad was my basketball and soccer coach growing up.

I had Emily with me because Brian said I could only head out shopping if I took a child with me...

I walked in...

An employee looked at me a few times but never said a single thing to me.

I waited for him to ask "Can I help you with something?"

Another girl walked in.

He walked right up to her and asked the question I had been waiting for...

And then proceeded to help her!

I just stood there holding Em.

Looking at the other employee and couple that was in the store to see if they saw what just happened...

And then I left.

Was it because I was holding a child!?

I was bummed!

So I took my business to Fleet Feet.

I walked in and took my number.

I was 21.

The sign said they were on 15.

I was a little bummed, but with the 8 employees in the store I figured it would probably go fast.

I started to check out the belts and water bottles and a girl walked right up to me and asked if I needed help!

I thought she might not be a shoe person so I told her my thoughts on the belts, and that I wanted shoes.

She helped me with it all... 10 seconds after I walked in the store!

I was happy!

And even happier when I walked out of the store with my purchases!

Mizuno Wave Riders 16s.

And a Spibelt to hold my keys & phone when I wear something that does not have pockets.

I love my purchases even more after my run this morning in my new shoes!

 I ran a 8:55 mile.

And ended my 4.5 mile run with a 9:05 pace!

These shoes make me so much faster!

I felt great too!

The goal to run the half in 2 hours is totally do able if I can keep that up!

So here I am...

1 day left in December.

Just under 6 miles to go to make my 100 mile goal!

I cannot wait to head out on a long lunch time run!

Oh and the forecast is calling for SNOW!!

What a great way to end 2012!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas: The Gilmore's

Just checking out the gifts.. 

Leah did NOT want Jenna to hold her baby sister & was giving her tons of attitude to make sure she knew it. 

Pirate ship!  

Daddy's turn to play with it. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas: Santa's gifts!

Miss Emie was up at 5:45... 

Photo shoot while we waited for Big Sis to wake up... 

She's up! 

All the new toys and she still loves the remotes... 

She is just too stinking cute... 

Heading out to see the big gift in the garage... "ITS A RACECAR!!!!!"

Remind Leah that its a gift for both her and Em once she gets a little older... 

Test drive at 8am in 20 degree weather. & PJs.. 

spoiled girl playing with her LeapPad2. 

2012 Goal Review

I like to make goals.

And then review them.

Catch the past few years ....2010 Review...2011 Review ...2012 Goals

I must not have been thinking too big for 2012 because I am a little shocked with how short my list is!

But let's review.

  • Welcome a happy and healthy baby into your family and live to learn as a family of four. Success! Emily is a perfect baby and I feel more confident in our life as a family of 4 as I probably ever did as a family of 3.  I am just in a really good place right now. ... and of course Happy Mommy = Happy Family. 
  • Pass atleast 1 more exam...Hmm I sort of bypassed this one. I skipped taking exams this year to keep a lightl work load and went the module route.  I have modules 1-7 turned in.  I did fail IA... but it has been redone and I am currently awaiting results. I also took my Stats VEE and awaiting that grade... so if I passed both of those, there would be progress towards my designation and that is the ultimate goal right? ... so semi success. 
  • Become more settled in the house.... whether its finishing the basement, new projects, more decorating, or even finishing the baby's room! (That is kind of a must). Ugh, the basement is 90% finished and Emily does have a nursery... but otherwise I do not feel like we did much around the house at all! I have such a long list of projects to do... maybe we can knock out some of the smaller ones soon since the basement sucked up so much of the budget... 
  • A new car for me would be nice.Yep, I am now the proud owner for a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan that was purchased at the end of April with 6 miles... it now has 10,000... O_O <--- did="did" face="face" font="font" happen="happen" is="is" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" ow="ow" that="that">
  • I really want to get Leah involved in a activity... swim lessons or dance probably. I feel like we took the easy route in getting this goal accomplished, but she has been involved in Soccer & Dance, both thru school during the day.  It is just convenient with it being during the day! She does great with both we are told. Listens & participates!  No hiding in the corners here! ... This coming year will bring real soccer and tball! Cant wait! 

So without any lofty goals, 2012 was definitely a success. 

I have some big things in mind of 2013 so hold tight for those goals! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas: The Kozlen's

sorry, she's just too cute... I cant help but to take tons of pictures of her! 

Leah & Aunt Sarah

Might be my favorite pictures of Brian and Emie

The Kozlen clan. 

Where's the baby?

Leah's favorite gift of the night were her new rollerskates. 

The aftermath.. 


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