Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Smoozday

I am a bum and working at home today.

I went to the office yesterday and I am completely spoiled and unable to handle 2 days in the office in a row!

Sweatshirt: Nike from Kohls
Tshirt: 12 year old tshirt from high school soccer...it's fabulously soft and full of holes.
Pants: Tek Gear from Kohls. Awesome bc they come in longs!

Another cute conversation between Leah and I last night while getting ready for bed...

Leah: I am going to drink all of Santa's Milk! 

Me: You are going to drink his milk!? 

Leah: Yes, he just likes cookies! We need to make him cookies. 

Me: Oh you are right.  But no milk? What about the reindeer? Should we make them some reindeer food?

Leah: Yup,  they want fruit snacks! 

Leah had I have never talked about leaving milk and cookies out for Santa or anything like it... 

Maybe they have been talking about Santa alot at school? 

Where does she learn these things!? 


  1. Best part about leaving out the cookies is you get to eat them. OH YEAH!!!

  2. I LOVVEEEEE Kohl's workout clothes!

    And Leah is right about the fruit snacks. :)



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