Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can we slow this down?

Leah is currently taking a morning nap in her crib, while wearing a 6-9 month sleeper....

And she rolled over this morning from her back to her belly! (she got a little upset on her belly though bc her arms were underneath her, but she did it!)

I cant believe how fast she is growing!

I dont know if my heart can handle this.... slow down little one!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

oh yeah!

Leah must not be too sick ... she gained almost a whole pound in the past 2 weeks!

She is now weighting in at 14lbs 6.5 oz!

Just Saturday Brian bought a huge, 288 count box of diapers from Sams in size 1-2, which goes up to 15lbs.... looks like Baby Selene might be getting some extra diapers from the Gilmores soon...

I just googled baby percentiles and came across this website....

According to it, Brian is in about the 75th percentile, while my height is "off the chart"... where do you think Leah will fall!?

and then there was pink eye!

I found Leah this morning with a lovely, crust filled right eye.... I think I didnt want to admit to myself that it was pink eye... I played it off as she sneezed really hard and got snot all over her eye (is that really much better!?) but in reality how would she have done that when she was laying down, swaddled, with her arms tied down....

So of course she was taken to daycare and I received a phone call an hour later saying that Leah needed to be picked up.... Lucky Grandpa Gilmore got the honor of coming to her rescue and watching her all day until her doctor appointment at 3:45.

This doctor appointment was supposed to be a "you finished your medicine, lets make sure you are all better!" appointment... but it turned into a "look at how gross my eye is, and oh yeah, I dont sound any better." Her lungs still sound wheezy and her ears look worse.... she just finished her medicine Sunday morning... we think the medicine stopped and everything just came right back.... with pink eye. She received a new 10 day prescription... a stronger one, that tends to cause diareaha. ( I usually would not add that last part, but Grandpa heard this and STILL is willing to babysit her tomorrow, by himself, and at his house!! Way to go Grandpa Gilmore!)

Lets hope this medicine helps! I yearn to see my baby healthy again!

And oh yeah... if you are keeping track... Leah has yet to make it a whole week at daycare! This is week 4.... shes almost missed as many days as she has been there!

And who wants to bet I get pink eye next?... Did I mention Brian has it too? Ugg...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

wonderful weekend

Leah has been an amazing baby the past few days!

Its like she turned 3 months old and something in her changed! All of a sudden she is drinking almost twice as much, taking 6 oz at a time and acting like she could drink 6 more, talking NONSTOP!, so smiley, reallying watching and paying attention to things, even things across the room, holding onto more toys and putting everything in her mouth, and really getting into more of a schedule. I knew 3 months was a milestone Bday... but this all seemed to happen over night! All of a sudden she is no longer a newborn, and suddenly an infant!

I am loving her jumperoo.... its so nice to put her in that thing in the mornings and make breakfast and just things done! ... except I kind of noticed that she will start making crying noises so I go over to check on her and she just smiles away! She knows that Cry = Mommy appearing! ... I dont know if this is a good thing...

In other news... I have lost 10.5 lbs in 4 weeks and I havent sweated one drop!! Whoohoo!

Too cute

So curious

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 3 Months!

***  I can no longer get clear pictures of Leah. She is too much of a wiggle worm now!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



I left work today and it wouldnt start!

My amazing mom came to rescue me... she gave me her car so I could leave to get Leah, and she is sitting at my work waiting on the tow truck!

I am just so upset and stressed out right now! Its been 3 rough weeks and it looks like this is going to be another one! It stresses me out even more to know that there is no break in sight... life is going to be crazy, and stressful, and hectic.... forever now! Remember that New Years goal of learning to live stress free... yeah it definitely is going to take a while to get there!

I need to keep reminding myself that no matter how cranky and upset I get, I need to be thankful for my amazing family and healthy baby girl! What else matters right?

In other news... Leah's Jumperoo came in...I will post pictures soon... she loves it but hasnt grasped the idea of jumping in it yet... or even really touching the toys... but she loves to stare at them and to just be in the upright position!

And I was reading a fellow baby blog... and her daughter just had her 4 month check up... and she was 25.25 inches long... and that was 90th percentile! Leah was 24.5 inches at 2 months!! I think we have a giant on our hands!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


As I saw a glimmer of my old body coming back to me in the mirror today... I decided to give myself a new goal.

My sister will be graduating from high school at the end of May... I want to wear this dress to it (I cant find any full length pictures of me in except this one! ha!... but this one brings back good memories!).... It is the dress I wore to my bachelorette party and my rehearsal dinner for my wedding.
I havent tried this dress on... but it should NOT fit me at the moment.... so giving myself 3 more months to get into it should definitely be something I can do! ... and save me money so I dont want to buy anything new!


Leah is feeling better!!!!!!!!

She woke up fever free, slept for almost 9 hours straight, and has been in a great talkative mood all morning!

I am so glad to have my baby back!!!

Here are some new pictures... 12 weeks old... and 13 lbs 9 oz!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 doctors visits, blood work, and a chest x-ray later...

Its been a VERY tiring past few days.

Wednesday morning I took Leah to the doctor because I believed she was getting worse... The doctor checked her out and she still seemed to just have a cold. ... her lungs sounded good, her ears and throat looked good... We were pretty much told we would have to just wait it out... that babies her age sometimes held on to colds for 2-3 weeks! I was again told that if her fever returned or she sounded worse to bring her back...

I cant even tell you what we did for the rest of the day on Wednesday... its all a blur... probably bc of my extreme lack of sleep the past week!

Wednesday night, Leah woke up around midnight with a 102.5 fever and pretty much just wanted to be held.... Leah and I spent the night on the couch... I knew something WAS worse with Leah...

At 530, when Leah's screaming awoke both brian and I... I was so upset that her fever was still there.... after first calling my mother and just crying to her... I called the exchange... I am so glad Dr. Mayer (Leah's doctor) was on call and I didnt have to explain everything that was going on... although I just brought Leah in... I would have to bring her back... something was getting worse with her...

We had an appoint at 845... this time around Leah's lungs sounded wheezy and not good... and her right ear seemed to be getting infected. Since Leah is still under 3 months, we were sent to get blood work done and a chest x-ray to make sure nothing was being missed...

It took 3 nurses to get Leah's blood.... and I had to help hold her down while she got x-rayed... it was all traumatizing to say the least!

Everything came back much better than expected... she is taking in enough oxygen when she breathes, her blood work looked great, she came back negative for RSV, a respiratory virus,... but she did have some fluid in her lungs....

The fluid in her lungs is different than the type that is associated with pneumonia but I cant remember the reason why... She is now on amoxicillan to hopefully clear up the fluid and her ear infection! She should be back to her normal self in 48 hrs.... I cant wait!!! I HATE HATE HATE having a sick baby!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking care of Leah, means also taking care of mommy!

I need to remind myself of that....

I went to work yesterday... and regretted it all day. Around 1 oclock, I started getting horrible dizzy spells. The only way I can think to put how I felt was to remind you of when you are super drunk and the room spins when you close your eyes... except I didnt need to close my eyes, and I wasnt drunk! People may of thought I was... I could barely stand straight when I was up!

The only thing I can think it can be is complete exhaustion on top of having a cold. Thinking back, I have pretty much had about 3 hrs of sleep a night, and then up every hour, since last Thursdsay night. I have a tendency of feeling pretty sick to my stomach when I was super sleepy ... so sleep deprivation must make me feel dizzy.

I made it all day at work, only for the fact that I didnt think I could even drive my car home with the way I was feeling all afternoon. I had a soda though and felt slightly better when 4 oclock rolled around... I could also have felt a little better because it was time to go home!

My mom, who seriously tried to talk me into staying home yesterday (she was funny... she tried to keep me on the phone so that I couldnt get in the shower!), kept reminding me "Taking care of Leah also means taking care of yourself." So I called my father n law, who happened to be at my house while we got a new water heater installed, and asked him to stay and maybe watch Leah until Brian got home while I passed out!

I had all intentions of "Taking care of myself" until I picked up Leah, got home, and heard her horrible, raspy cry! Rather than getting better, she suddenly is more sick than ever! I couldnt let her go, and told Larry he could go home. I quickly forgot how horrible I was feeling, and just wanted to care for her.

Even when Brian came home, I barely put her down. She just sounded so horrible, wheezing at times, making strange sounds, sleeping on and off, and just plain fussy. I finally got her to "sleep" around 8 oclock. I say "sleep" because she hasnt slept thru the night in almost a week now, and barely slept more than 3 hours straight before she wakes up coughing, and wants her binkie to calm her back down.

Brian was a sweet heart though... I fell asleep by 8:30, and Brian said he would take care of Leah while I tried to get some good sleep to feel better... but here I am, up again at midnight, unable to sleep because my throat is hurting so much...

I AM staying home today though... I cant let myself get completely run down... but I will be taking Leah to the doctor again... first thing in the morning. Hopefully the rest of the day we can just cuddle and lay in bed all day!

I will let you know how it goes...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Its 12:22 AM and I am up.....

not bc Leah is having a hard time breathing and I need to suck her nose out....

its me that is sick now!

I caught whatever Leah had!

My throat is killing me... it hurts to swallow.

it breaks my heart knowing Leah felt this way!

I just took some expired Dayquil (Yes it expired Aug 08!... oh well... I couldnt find Nyquil....). I really hope it kicks in SOON!

... or I will be the one staying home tomorrow!

Monday, February 8, 2010


I just ordered Leah this for her 3 month birthday!!!!

Three months is the magical age where she can start playing with all the fun things!! Is it horrible that I am SOO excited for her to turn 3 months?!

Stay tuned to see how much she loves it!
... so I am so excited for her to turn 3 months, but 4 month is scary.... 4 months she can start trying to sit up... maybe (but she is already so strong, I dont see how it could take her much longer), and we will be discussing her eating solids at her next check up!! That is only 6 weeks away! I am not sure if I am ready for my baby girl to be that grown up yet!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Its Sunday night, I am exhausted and I am NOT ready to go back to work!

Leah is feeling better... but Mommy is more tired than ever.

I had forgotten what is was like to get up multiple times thru the night... Leah has never slept as horribly as she has the past few nights with being sick... Last night I saw 3:00 am, 4:00am, 5:00am, 6:00am, 7:00 am... and then was up for the day at 8:30. Brian even got up a few times with her too!! I really hope she sleeps better tonight!

It was another successful week on weight watchers... lost another 1.9 lbs.... total = 6.3!!!... in 2 weeks! WHOOOHOOO!....

I made some yummy super bowl, party, weight watcher food, but im too tired to write them out.... email me if u want the recipes!

well im tired of typing one handed... its time to put leah to bed... and then myself!! good night!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor Baby!

Leah is sick!!

Last night, Thursday night, Leah woke both Brian and I with her coughing. The first time I went into check on her, heat was radiating from her and I knew she had to have a fever... 101.4 to be exact. I gave her some tylenol and a binkie and put her back to sleep. I admit that I just wanted to sit and rock her all night long!.. she awoke a few more times during the night but easily fell back to sleep with her binkie.

In the morning, I gave her some more tylenol and Brian took her to daycare. I didnt keep her home initially because the tylenol was taking care of her fever and I did not know if the doctor would want me to bring her....

I was only at work for an hour before the Dr called me back and told me to bring her in right away. I felt horrible then that I sent her to daycare, and I wasnt with her. I bawled to my boss (Im so glad she is a woman with 3 kids and understands being a first time mom!)... I quickly left work, and headed to daycare.

When I got there, she was asleep.... even still in her car seat! They said that she came in and was asleep and Brian asked if they would just keep her in there for a bit.... well almost 2 hours later, she was still in there asleep.... this is not like her at all which made me feel even worse.

She stayed asleep until we saw the doctor almost an hour later! Let me mention, this whole time, she was going on almost 6 hours with only eating 3 oz! Poor thing!

Turns out she just has a bad cold.... but at her age, anytime there is a fever and cough, they worry about pnenomia (how on earth do you spell that!?!). She sounds good, but we are supposed to watch out for her starting to wheeze at all or if the Tylenol stops keeping her fever down.

Even though its just a cold... it breaks my heart to see her this way!! My mom keeps telling me that parents hurt more than their kids sometimes, and its definitely true!! ...Leah is definitely not her usual self! She has only been awake for a total of about 4 hours so far today... just enough to eat, play for 20 minutes, and then she falls back to sleep. ... Hopefully she is better tomorrow.... I know this sleep is good for her!

Its definitely been a rough week with daycare and now her being sick.... I am so glad its over and we have the weekend to try and recover before having to do it all again... hopefully week 2 will be a bit better!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

I still hate daycare...

Today leah took 5 naps... all ranging from 10 to 30 minutes long....

She stayed up when we got home... but was down for the night at 745.  I can't imagine how tired she is!

Daycare is throwing off her eating as well!  She only had 2 bottles while she was there!  I am sure she is just so distracted by everything that she doesn't realize she's hungry and wants a bottle...

I think both leah and I need to get used to daycare... I just hope its sooner rather than later!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I hate daycare!!

I really hate it!

I went with Brian to drop her off this morning and I of course bawled my eyes out!

All I could think as we left was "I dont know these people!!" "I just handed my precious baby girl's life over to these strangers!"

4:00 did not come soon enough.... I hurried to get her, and just got more upset....

I am given a piece of paper to tell me how her day was... just a paper telling me when she ate, slept, and had her diaper changed.

Then there is the sleeping.... Leah is a baby that loves to be swaddled.... that is how I get her to sleep thru the night.... well guess what, the State of Missouri frowns upon swaddling a baby, so they dont at all! Leah does not yet sleep laying down with a blanket thrown over her.... which is why she had a total of 4, 15-20 minute naps!!!

Leah slept a total of a little over an hour all day! Of course this results in her getting home and instantly falling asleep .... which is why I am writing this instead of playing with my little girl! I will be surprised if Brian gets to see her up at all night! I am hoping I can get an hour or so nap out of her so she will be up for a little bit night before she is down for the count tonight....

I am so sad...... I hate that she has to go there....



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