Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Need to Complain

I am done with being pregnant.


I loved it last time…


But last time I could come home from work to lay on the couch and go to bed at 7 oclock. 


I did not have a 2 year old to take care of.


To make things worse Leah has not been going to bed until after 9 oclock lately.


Brian has been getting home at near 8 lately and I keep her up so that she can play with her daddy for a bit.  


They go on runs or bike rides to the mailbox.


By the time they get back and I get her in the bath and settled in bed I am pretty much passing out with her.


The 3rd trimester exhaustion has hit was a vengeance.


I think I could seriously pass out on my desk right this very second…


That is if I could get in a comfortable enough position.


Coming into the office is seriously miserable!


I am so uncomfortable at my desk.


Thank god I have the ability to work from home.


I honestly am not sure how I could survive this pregnancy otherwise.


I just want to go and take a nice LONG hot bath.


Relax in the vibrating/massaging recliner.


And watch my Phillip Phillips on American Idol tonight.


Oh how that sounds like heaven!


I could cry right now just thinking about how awesome it sounds.


At this rate a third pregnancy almost sounds like torture…


It will definitely not be happening until Brian is done with his career in public accounting and these kiddos are a bit more independent!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well Darn the Luck

Just back from my appointment...

Belly measuring 1.5 weeks ahead of schedule and baby is a happy and healthy little girl.

Mommy on the other hand is now suffering from an umbilical hernia.

Hopefully it will just go away on its own once I have Miss Emily... otherwise it will be surgery for me.

To try and make sure it does not get worse I am now on restricted activity orders.

No more strenguous activity.

No more housework.

No more picking Leah up.

I am great with the rules... I get to be lazy but not complete bed rest.... except that last one breaks my heart.

Its going to be HARD.

There will probably be lots of tears on both our ends when she just wants me to pick her up...

But like the nurse said... its time for Leah to grow up a little bit as well and not have the desire to be picked up so much.  It will help in the long run with the baby coming.

Its just going to break my heart when she is tired and ready for bed, or has a boo-boo, to not pick up my first baby girl...


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

29 weeks

29 weeks with Leah

29 weeks with Emily

Definitely more of a ball out front with Emily.  This might be why I have horrible pain in my belly button!  

I know, it sounds weird... but my right around my belly button is super tender and sore.  If Leah bumps into me, or I graze something with my belly I pretty much will burst into tears. I can barely even touch it.   I called my doctor today to just make sure it wasnt something to really be concerned about and they asked for me to come in tomorrow to take a look... at my belly button.  I do have what feels like a little bump to the top left of it.  The nurse on the phone thought it might be just growing larger, althought she thought 29 weeks was too early to be too large...(I guess she really needs to see me first!), the separation of my ab muscles because we all know I have awesome ab muscles ;)  or it could be a hernia. eeks.  I honestly am not too worried... baby is still kicking up a storm so all is well.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My childhood is full of memories of running around with the neighborhood kids. My best friend's backyard backed up to ours and was where our 24 year old friendship grew. I remember riding my bike around, stopping by all of my friend's houses, getting home from school and immediately meeting in the common ground or at someones house after dropping off my backpack and grabbing a snack... Neighborhood life I think is awesome!  I hope Leah and Emily (yep, Emily IS her name!) will make the same sort of friendships in this new neighborhood and have the same kind of experiences and bonds.  Childhood should be spent running around outside with friends all day long in the summer, coming home when the sun goes down, filthy dirty and sweaty,  rather than watching TV and playing video games.  I definitely think there is the opportunity for that here.

Everyday, all day long, we see families, mom's pushing strollers, pregnant women waddling up and down the street.

As the weather has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G lately (ok wait, amazing for non super pregnant people, its a little hot and humid for my liking right now, but I will try to not complain too much) we have been outside whenever we are home. We knew our neighborhood was packed full of kids but we finally are getting to meet some of them!

Up the street we met little Spencer, 2 weeks older than Leah. Spencer's mom Carrie could not stop commenting on how pretty Leah is. Leah had zero interest in him, while he followed Leah around for a bit.  Its crazy and exciting to think that Leah and this little boy will ride the bus together on their first day of kindergarten and grow together thru the years.  Will they have a friendship?   Will they be in the same "group"? My mind cant' help but to wonder what is in store.

And the most exciting news, this weekend we finally actually met our new next door neighbors!  We have been spying on them whenever they come to visit their house, but finally got to chat.   They have a 5 year old little boy and the mom is also pregnant!! She is due in September.  We already chatted about how we are excited to have babies together and talked about the daycare we go to.  It looks like Miss Emily already has a friend to play with and grow up with!

Everyday I am more and more happy with our decision to move to Eureka and this subdivision over my hometown of Fenton.  I cannot wait to continue living our happy little life that we are building for our family.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Drive by posting

Saturday night we were the unknowing victims of a new type of TPing... 
We were post-it noted!

We think they just covered the small garage door, but by the time we found it around 1030 Sunday morning most had blown off and was all over the yard... 

My first guess was my sister... but she denies it.  

We have no idea who did it.... 

I really want to know strictly for the fact that I thought it was AWESOME!! ... Brian was annoyed. 

I was a TP-er back in the day... always out of fun, targeting the homes of my fellow teammates and coaches.  We were much meaner though.. TP, plastic forks stuck in the yard, rubber bands sprinkled in the yard (yeah they are a PAIN to pick up), lawn ornaments from the dollar store, stolen signs and even shopping carts... 

But colorful post-it notes are fun, easy, and gentle... 

And I totally want to go do it to someone else!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lately in Pictures

Kitties in the crib!
Bought a new swing... Leah's baby doll is the test dumbie.  Hopefully the facisnation of the swing will wear off by the time baby arrives because right now Leah thinks its only for HER baby.  We also decided that we will HAVE to strap the baby in just to keep Leah from taking the baby out!  Luckily she cannot un-do the buckles yet... and obviously I will not be teaching her anytime soon.
Leah's nap time the other day... I put her in her room for a nap and she was pissed... this is usually where she likes to throw her tantrums.  5 minutes later it was silent and she was napping on the floor... whatever. It actually was a 2+ hr long nap too! She did think about it enough to put her blankie on top of her pillow...
Baby's closet!
And the room no longer gives me anxiety!!  Things still need to be hung, and curtains have been ordered but its all do able!
We have been spending a bit of money this past week... but HELLO! New patio furniture!! Many evenings will be spent out here.
I was dressed differently yesterday but when Leah first saw me as soon as she woke up she exclaimed "Mommy! You have a soccer ball in your shirt!"  She seemed slightly worried... I was amazed by her long sentence!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leah was right...

She is getting a sister!

Although I think Brian might be slightly bummed.... I am thinking another baby girl is pretty awesome right about now!!

I am SO GLAD Leah will get a life long best friend!  The relationship between sisters is so much more than any other friendship.  I cant wait for our girl only outings!!

I already cannot wait to dress them alike!!  I promise it will not be an everyday thing... but definitely a special occasion, family events sort of thing while they are young.  I have already been informed by a co-worker that Gap and Gymboree carry lot of cordinating gear is multiple sizes.

I LOVE baby girl summer rompers.  I had to go buy a few after find out.... I am sure I will be adding many many more to her closer for this summer.  (The monkey onesie is for Leah... she has a slight obsession with monkey clothes lately.  She will love to see her sister in this!)

One of my college roommates is also having a baby girl and is due a month after me.  We grew up playing select soccer together and were hoping that if we both had the same sex we would have to get them on a team together so we can enjoy watching from the sidelines together and all the out of town tournaments!  Now heres hoping they both like, and are equally talented, at the same sport!

And I admit... I was already dreading the talk we would have to have with Leah with a baby boy regarding the talk about boy parts and girl parts.... now we can just  push that off a bit! ;)

In other news...

We had pretty much always been set on the name Emily Brie Gilmore for a girl... but not Brian is not ready to commit. I doubt we will change our mind since we rarely come up with anything we both agree on.   I will let you know when the name is finalized....

Yesterday I mentioned how I thought the baby was still butt down since I get kicked super low constantly... turns out baby is head down... but REALLY low.  As in the ultrasound tech said "wow her head is really low" as soon as she turned the machine one... I am feeling all her punches and just general head twists and turns as a result.    Lets see if this means I will actually go into labor this time around... Leah never really locked her head down to make my body progress at all...

Now I am off to organize the little ones room and daydream of our future!!  



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