Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My childhood is full of memories of running around with the neighborhood kids. My best friend's backyard backed up to ours and was where our 24 year old friendship grew. I remember riding my bike around, stopping by all of my friend's houses, getting home from school and immediately meeting in the common ground or at someones house after dropping off my backpack and grabbing a snack... Neighborhood life I think is awesome!  I hope Leah and Emily (yep, Emily IS her name!) will make the same sort of friendships in this new neighborhood and have the same kind of experiences and bonds.  Childhood should be spent running around outside with friends all day long in the summer, coming home when the sun goes down, filthy dirty and sweaty,  rather than watching TV and playing video games.  I definitely think there is the opportunity for that here.

Everyday, all day long, we see families, mom's pushing strollers, pregnant women waddling up and down the street.

As the weather has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G lately (ok wait, amazing for non super pregnant people, its a little hot and humid for my liking right now, but I will try to not complain too much) we have been outside whenever we are home. We knew our neighborhood was packed full of kids but we finally are getting to meet some of them!

Up the street we met little Spencer, 2 weeks older than Leah. Spencer's mom Carrie could not stop commenting on how pretty Leah is. Leah had zero interest in him, while he followed Leah around for a bit.  Its crazy and exciting to think that Leah and this little boy will ride the bus together on their first day of kindergarten and grow together thru the years.  Will they have a friendship?   Will they be in the same "group"? My mind cant' help but to wonder what is in store.

And the most exciting news, this weekend we finally actually met our new next door neighbors!  We have been spying on them whenever they come to visit their house, but finally got to chat.   They have a 5 year old little boy and the mom is also pregnant!! She is due in September.  We already chatted about how we are excited to have babies together and talked about the daycare we go to.  It looks like Miss Emily already has a friend to play with and grow up with!

Everyday I am more and more happy with our decision to move to Eureka and this subdivision over my hometown of Fenton.  I cannot wait to continue living our happy little life that we are building for our family.


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