Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leah was right...

She is getting a sister!

Although I think Brian might be slightly bummed.... I am thinking another baby girl is pretty awesome right about now!!

I am SO GLAD Leah will get a life long best friend!  The relationship between sisters is so much more than any other friendship.  I cant wait for our girl only outings!!

I already cannot wait to dress them alike!!  I promise it will not be an everyday thing... but definitely a special occasion, family events sort of thing while they are young.  I have already been informed by a co-worker that Gap and Gymboree carry lot of cordinating gear is multiple sizes.

I LOVE baby girl summer rompers.  I had to go buy a few after find out.... I am sure I will be adding many many more to her closer for this summer.  (The monkey onesie is for Leah... she has a slight obsession with monkey clothes lately.  She will love to see her sister in this!)

One of my college roommates is also having a baby girl and is due a month after me.  We grew up playing select soccer together and were hoping that if we both had the same sex we would have to get them on a team together so we can enjoy watching from the sidelines together and all the out of town tournaments!  Now heres hoping they both like, and are equally talented, at the same sport!

And I admit... I was already dreading the talk we would have to have with Leah with a baby boy regarding the talk about boy parts and girl parts.... now we can just  push that off a bit! ;)

In other news...

We had pretty much always been set on the name Emily Brie Gilmore for a girl... but not Brian is not ready to commit. I doubt we will change our mind since we rarely come up with anything we both agree on.   I will let you know when the name is finalized....

Yesterday I mentioned how I thought the baby was still butt down since I get kicked super low constantly... turns out baby is head down... but REALLY low.  As in the ultrasound tech said "wow her head is really low" as soon as she turned the machine one... I am feeling all her punches and just general head twists and turns as a result.    Lets see if this means I will actually go into labor this time around... Leah never really locked her head down to make my body progress at all...

Now I am off to organize the little ones room and daydream of our future!!  



  1. Congrats!! Two girls will be wonderful. I have three sisters, and nothing compares to sisters.

  2. Congratulations!!! So exciting for your little family!
    ps. Emily Gilmore is awesome ;-)



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