Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hodge Podge

  • I really would like to write/post more but I honestly cannot make it past a few sentences.   Maybe its that my mind seems a little ADD lately, or that I am working on modules where I have to write and just do not want to put together anymore additional words... Hopefully it will come back to me soon. 
  • Tomorrow morning will be attempt number 2 to find out what we will be welcoming into our family.  I am not holding my breathe.  We always had the problem with Leah that she was sitting butt down, with her butt pretty much to my back so the tech could never see.  I have a feeling this baby might be same way because I am constantly kicked extremely low.
  • But whatever baby is.... OMG 2 towels for 2 kids!!
  • I did go thru all of the baby stuff and pulled out any clothing that could possible work for this child.  If its a girl we might actually be OK with the except of needing a few more outs.  But if its a boy, shopping is in order.   I think we have a handful of pieces appropriate for a boy.... and we all know that with a newborn that could last about 1.5 days. ... and I HATE laundry.  The more clothes the better.
  • As a result of that last bullet point, I may have told my brand new boss of about 10 days that I might be taking PTO tomorrow.  My email may have gone something like this "I have an ultrasound Thursday morning and might be taking some PTO time.  If we find out its a boy I will have an uncontrollable urge to go shopping for clothes.  If its a girl, I will probably just head back home, save some money and log on..." Luckily he is AWESOME and has no problem with it at all!
  • I am so lucky to be blessed with AWESOME bosses!! I think growing up playing alot of sports and always having a mentor/coach relationship with a teacher or coach I really cherish a strong manager/employee relationship in the workforce. I think a good manager is definitely someone that is not only above you in rankings but thinks its important to want to see you learn and grow your own career as well.
  • Lets talk about Leah... She is in this awesomely - frustrating phase.  One minute you are thinking "OMG you are AMAZING!" and the next you are thinking "OMG what is wrong with you!?"  Atleast she is a cute pouter!
  • And her in pig tails? The cutest little kid ever!  
  • The other night before bed I told her that when she woke up we would go play with cousin Jenna and go jump.  (at Monkey Joes bounce house).  2 am she was up, refused to go back to sleep, and just kept telling me "I want to go jump with Jenna!" ... we ended up having a talk about how the sun is sleeping and we cannot go play with Jenna until the sun woke up... over 2 hrs later I finally go ther back to sleep.
  • She frequently tells us how when the baby gets big and comes out of mommy's belly that she is "gonna hold it!" She has been practicing craddling her babies and singing "rock a bye baby" to them.  We are excited about her excitement, but slightly terrified of her desire to hold and take care her sibling.  I can just picture her continuing to use her favorite phrase "No I do it!"  
  • She also keeps telling us that its a "seeester".  I absolute love how she says it!
  • I got the greatest news yesterday... John Mayer, my love, is coming out with a new cd May 22nd!  His last cd came out right before I had Leah and I loved just hanging out in the house listening to the cd while on maternity leave.  Looks like I will be doing it again!  Oh happy day!!
  • Also, I may have a new love for Phillip Phillips from American Idol.  From the first time I saw him on the very first show he was my favorite, and its only grown.  I would totally go buy his cd today.  His style is right up my alley! I love the guitar.  He might even make me vote on AI... something I have never ever done! Cant wait to watch more of him!

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  1. We are the same person!! We have the same monkey bathroom set. :)



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