Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because Baby Brain is Taking its Toll...

I feel incapable of forming complete thoughts lately.

I am at 24 weeks... awesome since its the secret age that if the baby was born today it would be able to survive with modern medicine. 

I never cared about this last pregnancy but this pregnancy I feel so much more paranoid.  Maybe its because I was just clueless last time.  Or this time I know more about all the scary things that can happen and I already feel like I got lucky with a perfect pregnancy that something is bound to go wrong this time.... but today, I do feel much better. 

Yep, I am looking mighty large and in charge.

Ladies at work, who I do not know at all, seem to love to comment on this fact once they find out I am not weeks away from my due date, but rather 3.5 months away.

I honestly cannot be upset because lets be honest. I am!  I feel like I am just growing straight out.

I did received the comment that someone thought I was caring "like a boy"... you know low and out there... I have to agree that I do feel like I am caring lower and straight out... only 2 more weeks till we can try to get an answer... again.   When I was pregnant with Leah someone did randomly come up to me around 28 weeks and ask what I was having.  When I said a girl she said "I knew it by the way you are carrying!"  So hmmmmmm.

By the end of the day my back hurts, I have problems getting up off the couch already, and I am breathing heavily from doing anything at all... it will be a long 15 weeks.   Hot baths at the end of the day are my new best friend.

With so much to do still... (a list is needed of course):

  • Buy a new rocker
  • Buy a new swing
  • Buy a new stroller (really only bc we want a new one, but we hope to get it from the resale shop or craigslist or something. I dont believe we are actually willing to pay full price for a new one)
  • Buy some new summery gender specific baby clothes
  • Check out my bottles stash... are they all OK? Do I need new nipples? Or just buy some new ones in general.  Lets me honest, the thought of those 5 piece Dr. Brown bottles kind of make my cringe when I think about them right now. 
  • Buy a new car! ;) ... to drive around my KIDS
  • Buy a new camera ;) ... to take 800 pictures a day on maternity leave
  • Buy new furniture for the deck so I can happily sit outside all maternity leave with my Baby.  This is totally FOR THE BABY because we all know babies just love to be outside.  

Man... everything is buy, buy, buy.... 

Good thing I just had an awesome, above average review! ;)  Raise and bonus are more than welcomed!  It will definitely be an expensive next few months... 



  1. I am feeling your pain with the shortness of breath! It's going to be a long 14 weeks...



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