Friday, October 30, 2009

Good news!!!

Budgets got approved!!!! A budget which included a new position for me!!!!

Good bye Premium Accounting department.... hello Actuarial department!!!

Now we just have to wait for HR to finish all the paperwork!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leah wants out too!

Leah was entertaining me today at work doing a little jig... my belly was all over the place! It might have been the nutty bar that I had just eaten.... but I think she is ready to get out just as much as I am ready for her to come out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another appointment, another update...

Of course I was hoping for lots of progress and for Dr. Hugge to say "It looks like any day now!".... but instead it was no progression and her saying "It looks like you have atleast 2 more weeks!".

2 weeks... its still before my due date and I should get my test in just fine, .... but that's 2 more weeks of uncomfortable sleep, backache, and Brian having to deal with a crazy/crabby/emotional wife.

I am not a patient person...

Dr. Hugge also promised that since Leah is on the larger size, she promises not to let me go too far past my due date... What she means by "too far past" I do not know, and I hope I dont have to find out,.... but luckily I have an appointment schedule for the day after my due date, so I can sit there in her office and plead for her to induce me if need be.

I am just ready for Leah to get here!!

another one of these...

How far along? 37 weeks and 1 day.

Total weight gain/loss: I think I hit 40 lbs! I sort of lost track... but this is right where Dr. Stein thought I would be, and I keep reminding myself that 7.5 lbs of that is Leah!

Maternity clothes? very few of them fit me! I have my 5 shirts to get me thru the week, one of this is Brian's, they are all tight and looking horrible on me, but you know what, I am not buying anymore!

Stretch marks? Way too many on my belly! I think they have recently grown too as she drops! Sometimes I look at them and I am upset, and sometimes I look at them and think whatever, I get Leah out of this!

Sleep: Past couple of nights have been okay - falling asleep quickly and sleeping more on my back.

Best moment this week: Getting her room completely done, knowing I only have 3 more weeks, and her making it to full term.

Movement: She hurts... and gets crazy at times.... I also am very curious to see how long her legs are because she definitely likes to stretch them out pretty far into my side! .. Tara also got to feel her at Dom's game.

Food cravings: I think it has been pizza lately... it just always sounds good.

Gender: A little Leah girl!

Labor Signs: I am getting plenty of the braxton hicks contractions, and sharp headbutts to my pelvic bone...

Belly Button in or out? Its rather strange... its in, but at the same time sticking out some....

What I miss: my clothes fitting me, sleeping well, easily getting in and out of the car and walking around stores... I went to the mall last week with my sister and I could barely walk up and down the mall once... I was exhausted and hurting!

What I am looking forward to: Meeting Leah!!!!

Weekly Wisdom: the 9th month pretty much is as miserable as everyone says...

Milestones: Leah is now considered a full term baby!!! Its time for her to come out!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

pictures, pictures and more pictures!

The nursery is officially finished!!!!

Our house is ready too with our amazing swing in the family room!

And this is not baby related... but me and my now 18 year old sister before her last homecoming!

She has too much attitude sometimes! ha!

Friday, October 23, 2009


My test is a week from Monday!!!!

I only have 3 more weeks of work!!!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leah will be arriving...

Whenever her heart desires!

I figured I would put an update up really fast about my appointment yesterday... I have actually been busy at work and at night I never make it up very late at all!

The ultrasound went great... Leah is estimated to be 7.5 lbs. She is big, but not too big. She is currently in the 90th percentile. Brian asked how they determine the weight and the tech said it is based off of the head measurements, leg length, and something with the measurement of the abdomen. After we left Brian said "Maybe Leah just has a Kozlen head and really isn't that heavy" (an average baby at this "age" is 6-6.5 lbs) Brian might be right... Kozlen's do have way larger heads than the Gilmore family! ha!

We only got a few pictures of Leah from the this point she is so squished in there that it is hard to get different angles of her... her face was pretty much pushed against the side of me and she again would not let us get any reassurance that she is in fact a girl.

We saw the doctor afterwards... who reassured that Leah's size just means she is healthy and labor should be fine for me... but if it for some reason labor does not progress for me then they will be quicker to decide to switch to a C-section.

Otherwise... I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.... anyday now....

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Before I begin on the nesting..... I slept until 6:30 today!!!!! I was so proud of myself! I think I could have slept longer, but I woke up to go to the bathroom, saw that the clock said "6" something rather than the usualy "4" or "5" something that I just got too excited that I couldnt go back to sleep! I have felt pretty refreshed and awake all day!! ... it is only 1:00 though so we will see how I feel in an hour or two.

My mom called.... below is parts of our conversation:

Mom: What are you doing today?
Kim: Finishing up the baby room
Mom: Getting it all ready for your appointment tomorrow incase you have her this week?
Kim: Not really, I just want it done.
Mom: Have you washed all her clothes and bedding?
Kim: I did that last night.
Mom: You are getting prepared huh?
Kim: I guess .... Oh yeah, I forgot my phone when I went to the grocery store this morning... how do you make your Spaghetti again?
Mom... went on to tell me....
Kim: Ok I remembered it all... And the pot roast?
Mom: Kim your nesting is REALLY kicking in! I think nature is really taking over... isn't it weird how your body just does that... you just want to take care of your house and family right now. Watch out you might start wanting to mop the floors or something!
Kim: I guess it is... I just want to do anything but study.
Mom: Your maternal instincts are kicking in rather than your business woman ones huh?

Hopefully I atleast make it thru one practice exam this afternoon..... but I decided that if I dont pass my exam... I am blaming it on nesting!

Friday, October 16, 2009

a forewarning

I think sometime last week I wrote that I was experiencing a few very exhausting weeks... I take that back.... This week has been the most exhausting week of my entire life... so far!

Kelly P - I hate to tell you this.... but the first trimester exhaustion seems like a piece of cake compared to how I feel lately! I am exhausted both in the sleep aspect and in the "I dont feel like moving my body" aspect!

I read somewhere though that I am supposed to feel a surge of energy right before labor I guess it is safe to say that labor will not beginning anytime in the immediate future.... but if I go to the doctor Monday and she says that I will probably go all the way until my due date (which is now less than a month away! HOLY COW) I think I might go crazy! I cannot imagine 4 more weeks of feeling like this!! You are being forewarned.... I WILL be one cranky pregnant lady!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My baby shower was this past Saturday and it was WONDERFUL! I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did as well! Thank you to my mom and Penny for doing a great job! I couldnt ask for anything better! :) (Pictures will be posted sometime.... I am just too exhausted lately to get anything that is not a necessity done lately!)

We are almost fully prepared for Leah to make her appearance!

The items on our "still to get" list include:

Pack N Play
Diaper Bag
Crib Sheets
Cover for changing
Plastic Drawer/containers for closet, kitchen and bathroom items
Baby grooming kit (nail clippers, nose sucker outter and such...)
Boppie pillow
baby gate (we are going to try to put it up right away in the baby room to see if it will keep the cats out... if not, it will go on the basement stairs when Leah starts to crawl.)
Pants for Leah (we have so many great and adorable onsies, but her poor little legs will freeze! We need a few pants to put over them)
Batteries (everything needs batteries!!!)

Our shopping trip should take place Saturday morning before Stephanies shower.... we are very lucky that we also received many giftcards with our amazing gifts, so we should be able to get everything else that is on our list easily!

Leah's room is almost finished as well... last night we attempted to put up our new paintings, but we realized we do not have the proper wall mountings to make this work. We need to make a trip to Home Depot... and our other wall items (letters and shelving) are on Brian's to-do list Saturday while I am at the shower. This Sunday we might go up to the fire department and have them install our car seats for us.... after that I guess we will just try to get as much sleep as possible and wait for our little girl to make her entrance!!

Tonight we have our Baby Basics care class from 6:30-9. I am pretty excited for it. I hope it doesnt scare off Brian though when he realizes all of the responsibilities we are about to take on. Last night we were talking and I told him how I was getting nervous about her coming and I hope I am able to do everything I need to do... Brian said he was not nervous at all... his reasoning is that people have been having kids for thousands of years, and they have all been able to do it... as will we. I need to remind myself of this and believe that everything will be OK!

Monday, October 12, 2009

running out of time.

3 weeks... 21 days.... actually less since my exam will be at 8:30 in the morning... but that is all I have left to study.

I am beginning to get nervous!

I can now understand why people thought I was a little crazy to attempt to take this exam. I am exhausted both mentally and physically. There is so much else on my mind right now, and when I attempt to sit and study, my body quickly starts hurting from sitting in a chair so long and leaning over a table so my study attempts never last very long.

I currently have a small chance of passing...I have 85 study hours so far and should end up around 115 (I had 150 with the last exam 280 with the first) and I have been receiving passing grades on my practice exams... but always just barely. I like to be alittle more prepared and a little more confident, but I honestly dont know if I have the energy to prepare for it anymore!

Hopefully I can get a pick me up/desire to study here in the near future....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know....

My 4 hour hospital stay that occurred back in August ..... cost 1800 dollars! Who can guess how much the actual hospital bill when I have Leah will be?

After paying off the rest of our deductible and our 20% coinsurance.... I sent in my payment of 650 something dollars! Blah!

That is on top of my 450 dollars that has already been paid to my doctor.

Medical bills SUCK!

Atleast we are getting part of our max out of pocket paid early. Its easier to pay these smaller broken down totals rather than one LARGE lump sum after delivery... and paying via credit card to pay off immediately gets us POINTS! Whoohoo!

funny... or atleast I thought so

Last night Brian and I were walking out of Blockbuster when I saw a poster for New Moon...

Kim: "Oh yeah!!! That comes out next month!!!!" squealing with excitement!

Brian: "So does Leah"

also... we have a new addition to our family!! We officially have our new family friendly car!! I get to drive it today to the shower!! Whoohoo!! I will put up pictures soon.... Brian won by the way and its Silver... I told him the next car I decide the color... even if its yellow, pink of purple! He will get no say!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The last 2 weeks seem to be the beginning of weeks of complete exhaustion.

"Good" sleep is a thing of the past... its impossible to get comfortable, my legs hurt all night long, I hate getting up to go to the bathroom, and I am always too hot for blankets.

My crappy nights of sleep then makes me feel exhausted and tired all day. Work currently is super boring so the days are dragging on(I am currently working on a rubberband ball!). I finally get home... make dinner, clean up dinner... try to relax on the couch, but by the end of the day, my body is so sore, that I can't even get comfortable on the couch so I move to the bed. Of course being in bed and watching TV makes me fall asleep... I rarely make it to 9 o'clock anymore! You would think fall asleep before 9 and not getting up until 6 would give me enough rest... but it most definitely does not!

I am desperately looking forward to some good sleep while laying on my stomach! I think it might be MONTHS before this happens! Darn it!

Oh yeah... barely any of my clothes fit!! Pants are cutting into my belly and only about 2 shirts are long enough to cover it! Can I survive 1 more month in the clothes that I have? ... sorry I just need to complain a bit today... I think its the rain!

In other news....

Today is Brian's last day at Centene. Tomorrow, during his one day of unemployement he is going to go and buy our new car! We decided on the Mazda CX-7. We haven't decided on the color... I think it might be a surprise as to what he comes home with... lets hope for Blue though! Monday Brian starts his job at Loplata Flegal... I dont have such hard feels about his job change anymore... but lets see how I feel once Tax season begins. I made him promise me that he cannot use working long days and Saturdays as an excuse not to do things around the house and help out with Leah when he is home.

Saturday is my shower! I can't wait to see everyone and eat all the yummy food that I know we are going to have! I know my mom and Brian's mom will throw a great party!!! I can't wait! Craig and Beth are coming up this weekend as well and we will be enjoying a night out together. Its probably the last time we will go out with another couple where we dont need a babysitter!

Next Saturday the 17th, Brian and I have a date night planned... Bristols for dinner and then to a movie.... a final date night before we become parents! I can't wait! We haven't been to the movies since.... Star Trek?

My next doctors appointment is in a week and a half! This will be the big appointment with the ultrasound as well as the beginning of weekly appointments and checks to see if labor/dialation is beginning!!! I am VERY eager to see what this appointment will tell us!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Not only are Brian and I preparing for Leah to make her appearance, my body and Leah seem to be preparing for her birthday as well!

I have been getting alot of pressure and pain down very low lately... to a point where I have to stop for a minute and I just want to bend over. The girls here at work think it might be the braxton hicks contractions, I think Leah is just beginning to drop.

Either way... its not much longer!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday my coworkers threw me a surprise shower!

I knew it was coming but I was uncertain of the day... They did get me though...

I really have such great coworkers.... They are all so sweet and caring... and love to shop for little girls! ha!

Brian and I were given plenty of adorable clothing, blankets, binkies, bibs, spoons, headbands, hats, socks, toys (a baby's first basketball hoop!)... just adorable goodies! ... and a humidifier from a few of the actuaries... (I think its funny that they were the ones to give the practical gift.) Putting away all of these cute and fun items definitely made me more excited for our little Leah to arrive!!

Pictures were taken... I will add them when I get the chance....

and I wanted to spread the word.... our Target registry is not working.... We received a good portion of the items we registered for at the shower, but if you look at the registry very few things have been removed... My boss actually called Target to let them know... but I am not sure if there is anything they can do about it....

Next weekend is the big family shower... I can't wait!! I know my mom and Penny will throw a great party!!!

Dr apt

I forgot to write about my doctors appointment because it was probably one of the most uneventful ones ever!

I met with the last doctor that I had to meet, Dr. Super...
The appointment took maybe 3 minutes...

I was weighted... I gained 4 lbs...awesome! About a lb and a half of that is all baby for sure!

Blood pressure was normal.

I received a perfect score on my diabetes test.

Leah's heart sounded great.

I am still measuring big.

I now officially get to wear tennis shoes to work anytime I want!

And that is it... 2 and a half weeks until my next appointment where I have my ultrasound and then its an appointment every week following!!!!!

This baby will be here before we know it!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.... another small story about one of Brian and I's conversations.... (sometimes we have very strange ones).

I forgot what we were talking about, but Brian asked something along the lines of "What will happen to your belly once she is born? Will it just deflate? and then you have to lose like 7-8 lbs?" I dont know the true answer of how quickly the belly will just disappear, but I like how he thinks I will only have to lose 7-8 lbs! Lets hope he's right! ha!!

Oh and something else.... we might be buying out car sooner than later! Brian took his car in to get something fixed to make it last few the next few months, but we found out it would cost 1800 dollars!! Totally not worth it! So it looks like we will be heading to the car lots again in the next few weeks.....


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