Thursday, October 8, 2009


The last 2 weeks seem to be the beginning of weeks of complete exhaustion.

"Good" sleep is a thing of the past... its impossible to get comfortable, my legs hurt all night long, I hate getting up to go to the bathroom, and I am always too hot for blankets.

My crappy nights of sleep then makes me feel exhausted and tired all day. Work currently is super boring so the days are dragging on(I am currently working on a rubberband ball!). I finally get home... make dinner, clean up dinner... try to relax on the couch, but by the end of the day, my body is so sore, that I can't even get comfortable on the couch so I move to the bed. Of course being in bed and watching TV makes me fall asleep... I rarely make it to 9 o'clock anymore! You would think fall asleep before 9 and not getting up until 6 would give me enough rest... but it most definitely does not!

I am desperately looking forward to some good sleep while laying on my stomach! I think it might be MONTHS before this happens! Darn it!

Oh yeah... barely any of my clothes fit!! Pants are cutting into my belly and only about 2 shirts are long enough to cover it! Can I survive 1 more month in the clothes that I have? ... sorry I just need to complain a bit today... I think its the rain!

In other news....

Today is Brian's last day at Centene. Tomorrow, during his one day of unemployement he is going to go and buy our new car! We decided on the Mazda CX-7. We haven't decided on the color... I think it might be a surprise as to what he comes home with... lets hope for Blue though! Monday Brian starts his job at Loplata Flegal... I dont have such hard feels about his job change anymore... but lets see how I feel once Tax season begins. I made him promise me that he cannot use working long days and Saturdays as an excuse not to do things around the house and help out with Leah when he is home.

Saturday is my shower! I can't wait to see everyone and eat all the yummy food that I know we are going to have! I know my mom and Brian's mom will throw a great party!!! I can't wait! Craig and Beth are coming up this weekend as well and we will be enjoying a night out together. Its probably the last time we will go out with another couple where we dont need a babysitter!

Next Saturday the 17th, Brian and I have a date night planned... Bristols for dinner and then to a movie.... a final date night before we become parents! I can't wait! We haven't been to the movies since.... Star Trek?

My next doctors appointment is in a week and a half! This will be the big appointment with the ultrasound as well as the beginning of weekly appointments and checks to see if labor/dialation is beginning!!! I am VERY eager to see what this appointment will tell us!

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