Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday my coworkers threw me a surprise shower!

I knew it was coming but I was uncertain of the day... They did get me though...

I really have such great coworkers.... They are all so sweet and caring... and love to shop for little girls! ha!

Brian and I were given plenty of adorable clothing, blankets, binkies, bibs, spoons, headbands, hats, socks, toys (a baby's first basketball hoop!)... just adorable goodies! ... and a humidifier from a few of the actuaries... (I think its funny that they were the ones to give the practical gift.) Putting away all of these cute and fun items definitely made me more excited for our little Leah to arrive!!

Pictures were taken... I will add them when I get the chance....

and I wanted to spread the word.... our Target registry is not working.... We received a good portion of the items we registered for at the shower, but if you look at the registry very few things have been removed... My boss actually called Target to let them know... but I am not sure if there is anything they can do about it....

Next weekend is the big family shower... I can't wait!! I know my mom and Penny will throw a great party!!!

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  1. Sooooo exciting getting to fill leahs room with all of the new things ! That was sweet of your co-workers :)
    Aunt Nancy



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