Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dr apt

I forgot to write about my doctors appointment because it was probably one of the most uneventful ones ever!

I met with the last doctor that I had to meet, Dr. Super...
The appointment took maybe 3 minutes...

I was weighted... I gained 4 lbs...awesome! About a lb and a half of that is all baby for sure!

Blood pressure was normal.

I received a perfect score on my diabetes test.

Leah's heart sounded great.

I am still measuring big.

I now officially get to wear tennis shoes to work anytime I want!

And that is it... 2 and a half weeks until my next appointment where I have my ultrasound and then its an appointment every week following!!!!!

This baby will be here before we know it!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.... another small story about one of Brian and I's conversations.... (sometimes we have very strange ones).

I forgot what we were talking about, but Brian asked something along the lines of "What will happen to your belly once she is born? Will it just deflate? and then you have to lose like 7-8 lbs?" I dont know the true answer of how quickly the belly will just disappear, but I like how he thinks I will only have to lose 7-8 lbs! Lets hope he's right! ha!!

Oh and something else.... we might be buying out car sooner than later! Brian took his car in to get something fixed to make it last few the next few months, but we found out it would cost 1800 dollars!! Totally not worth it! So it looks like we will be heading to the car lots again in the next few weeks.....

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  1. Your appt. sounds like it went perfectly . Uneventful is a good thing :) Hee Hee on Brians thoughts about what will happen to your belly .. I'm with you , Ihope it is only 7 or 8 lbs you have to loose , that would be wonderful !
    Aunt Nancy



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