Monday, October 26, 2009

Another appointment, another update...

Of course I was hoping for lots of progress and for Dr. Hugge to say "It looks like any day now!".... but instead it was no progression and her saying "It looks like you have atleast 2 more weeks!".

2 weeks... its still before my due date and I should get my test in just fine, .... but that's 2 more weeks of uncomfortable sleep, backache, and Brian having to deal with a crazy/crabby/emotional wife.

I am not a patient person...

Dr. Hugge also promised that since Leah is on the larger size, she promises not to let me go too far past my due date... What she means by "too far past" I do not know, and I hope I dont have to find out,.... but luckily I have an appointment schedule for the day after my due date, so I can sit there in her office and plead for her to induce me if need be.

I am just ready for Leah to get here!!

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