Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My baby shower was this past Saturday and it was WONDERFUL! I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did as well! Thank you to my mom and Penny for doing a great job! I couldnt ask for anything better! :) (Pictures will be posted sometime.... I am just too exhausted lately to get anything that is not a necessity done lately!)

We are almost fully prepared for Leah to make her appearance!

The items on our "still to get" list include:

Pack N Play
Diaper Bag
Crib Sheets
Cover for changing
Plastic Drawer/containers for closet, kitchen and bathroom items
Baby grooming kit (nail clippers, nose sucker outter and such...)
Boppie pillow
baby gate (we are going to try to put it up right away in the baby room to see if it will keep the cats out... if not, it will go on the basement stairs when Leah starts to crawl.)
Pants for Leah (we have so many great and adorable onsies, but her poor little legs will freeze! We need a few pants to put over them)
Batteries (everything needs batteries!!!)

Our shopping trip should take place Saturday morning before Stephanies shower.... we are very lucky that we also received many giftcards with our amazing gifts, so we should be able to get everything else that is on our list easily!

Leah's room is almost finished as well... last night we attempted to put up our new paintings, but we realized we do not have the proper wall mountings to make this work. We need to make a trip to Home Depot... and our other wall items (letters and shelving) are on Brian's to-do list Saturday while I am at the shower. This Sunday we might go up to the fire department and have them install our car seats for us.... after that I guess we will just try to get as much sleep as possible and wait for our little girl to make her entrance!!

Tonight we have our Baby Basics care class from 6:30-9. I am pretty excited for it. I hope it doesnt scare off Brian though when he realizes all of the responsibilities we are about to take on. Last night we were talking and I told him how I was getting nervous about her coming and I hope I am able to do everything I need to do... Brian said he was not nervous at all... his reasoning is that people have been having kids for thousands of years, and they have all been able to do it... as will we. I need to remind myself of this and believe that everything will be OK!

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