Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Need to Complain

I am done with being pregnant.


I loved it last time…


But last time I could come home from work to lay on the couch and go to bed at 7 oclock. 


I did not have a 2 year old to take care of.


To make things worse Leah has not been going to bed until after 9 oclock lately.


Brian has been getting home at near 8 lately and I keep her up so that she can play with her daddy for a bit.  


They go on runs or bike rides to the mailbox.


By the time they get back and I get her in the bath and settled in bed I am pretty much passing out with her.


The 3rd trimester exhaustion has hit was a vengeance.


I think I could seriously pass out on my desk right this very second…


That is if I could get in a comfortable enough position.


Coming into the office is seriously miserable!


I am so uncomfortable at my desk.


Thank god I have the ability to work from home.


I honestly am not sure how I could survive this pregnancy otherwise.


I just want to go and take a nice LONG hot bath.


Relax in the vibrating/massaging recliner.


And watch my Phillip Phillips on American Idol tonight.


Oh how that sounds like heaven!


I could cry right now just thinking about how awesome it sounds.


At this rate a third pregnancy almost sounds like torture…


It will definitely not be happening until Brian is done with his career in public accounting and these kiddos are a bit more independent!


  1. Oh, I so know how you are feeling! I can't even begin to imagine going through all of THIS again for a third pregnancy! I'll need a little more than two years to forget how hard this has been if we're going to try for a third!

  2. I know exactly how you are feeling!! You are almost done. Almost there!!

    I'm pretty sure your post there sums up why I don't want to do a #3, that and the balancing act two requires. I can't imagine 3.



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