Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lately in Pictures

Kitties in the crib!
Bought a new swing... Leah's baby doll is the test dumbie.  Hopefully the facisnation of the swing will wear off by the time baby arrives because right now Leah thinks its only for HER baby.  We also decided that we will HAVE to strap the baby in just to keep Leah from taking the baby out!  Luckily she cannot un-do the buckles yet... and obviously I will not be teaching her anytime soon.
Leah's nap time the other day... I put her in her room for a nap and she was pissed... this is usually where she likes to throw her tantrums.  5 minutes later it was silent and she was napping on the floor... whatever. It actually was a 2+ hr long nap too! She did think about it enough to put her blankie on top of her pillow...
Baby's closet!
And the room no longer gives me anxiety!!  Things still need to be hung, and curtains have been ordered but its all do able!
We have been spending a bit of money this past week... but HELLO! New patio furniture!! Many evenings will be spent out here.
I was dressed differently yesterday but when Leah first saw me as soon as she woke up she exclaimed "Mommy! You have a soccer ball in your shirt!"  She seemed slightly worried... I was amazed by her long sentence!

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