Wednesday, March 21, 2012

29 weeks

29 weeks with Leah

29 weeks with Emily

Definitely more of a ball out front with Emily.  This might be why I have horrible pain in my belly button!  

I know, it sounds weird... but my right around my belly button is super tender and sore.  If Leah bumps into me, or I graze something with my belly I pretty much will burst into tears. I can barely even touch it.   I called my doctor today to just make sure it wasnt something to really be concerned about and they asked for me to come in tomorrow to take a look... at my belly button.  I do have what feels like a little bump to the top left of it.  The nurse on the phone thought it might be just growing larger, althought she thought 29 weeks was too early to be too large...(I guess she really needs to see me first!), the separation of my ab muscles because we all know I have awesome ab muscles ;)  or it could be a hernia. eeks.  I honestly am not too worried... baby is still kicking up a storm so all is well.  

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