Monday, February 22, 2010

and then there was pink eye!

I found Leah this morning with a lovely, crust filled right eye.... I think I didnt want to admit to myself that it was pink eye... I played it off as she sneezed really hard and got snot all over her eye (is that really much better!?) but in reality how would she have done that when she was laying down, swaddled, with her arms tied down....

So of course she was taken to daycare and I received a phone call an hour later saying that Leah needed to be picked up.... Lucky Grandpa Gilmore got the honor of coming to her rescue and watching her all day until her doctor appointment at 3:45.

This doctor appointment was supposed to be a "you finished your medicine, lets make sure you are all better!" appointment... but it turned into a "look at how gross my eye is, and oh yeah, I dont sound any better." Her lungs still sound wheezy and her ears look worse.... she just finished her medicine Sunday morning... we think the medicine stopped and everything just came right back.... with pink eye. She received a new 10 day prescription... a stronger one, that tends to cause diareaha. ( I usually would not add that last part, but Grandpa heard this and STILL is willing to babysit her tomorrow, by himself, and at his house!! Way to go Grandpa Gilmore!)

Lets hope this medicine helps! I yearn to see my baby healthy again!

And oh yeah... if you are keeping track... Leah has yet to make it a whole week at daycare! This is week 4.... shes almost missed as many days as she has been there!

And who wants to bet I get pink eye next?... Did I mention Brian has it too? Ugg...

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