Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor Baby!

Leah is sick!!

Last night, Thursday night, Leah woke both Brian and I with her coughing. The first time I went into check on her, heat was radiating from her and I knew she had to have a fever... 101.4 to be exact. I gave her some tylenol and a binkie and put her back to sleep. I admit that I just wanted to sit and rock her all night long!.. she awoke a few more times during the night but easily fell back to sleep with her binkie.

In the morning, I gave her some more tylenol and Brian took her to daycare. I didnt keep her home initially because the tylenol was taking care of her fever and I did not know if the doctor would want me to bring her....

I was only at work for an hour before the Dr called me back and told me to bring her in right away. I felt horrible then that I sent her to daycare, and I wasnt with her. I bawled to my boss (Im so glad she is a woman with 3 kids and understands being a first time mom!)... I quickly left work, and headed to daycare.

When I got there, she was asleep.... even still in her car seat! They said that she came in and was asleep and Brian asked if they would just keep her in there for a bit.... well almost 2 hours later, she was still in there asleep.... this is not like her at all which made me feel even worse.

She stayed asleep until we saw the doctor almost an hour later! Let me mention, this whole time, she was going on almost 6 hours with only eating 3 oz! Poor thing!

Turns out she just has a bad cold.... but at her age, anytime there is a fever and cough, they worry about pnenomia (how on earth do you spell that!?!). She sounds good, but we are supposed to watch out for her starting to wheeze at all or if the Tylenol stops keeping her fever down.

Even though its just a cold... it breaks my heart to see her this way!! My mom keeps telling me that parents hurt more than their kids sometimes, and its definitely true!! ...Leah is definitely not her usual self! She has only been awake for a total of about 4 hours so far today... just enough to eat, play for 20 minutes, and then she falls back to sleep. ... Hopefully she is better tomorrow.... I know this sleep is good for her!

Its definitely been a rough week with daycare and now her being sick.... I am so glad its over and we have the weekend to try and recover before having to do it all again... hopefully week 2 will be a bit better!

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  1. poor baby :( your mom is so right , it breaks a parents heart when thier children are suffering in any way . our grand-twins picked up so much at daycare .. icky germs :( one kinda good thing is that it does help build up thier immune system , sucks it happens , but it does . hang in there !



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