Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking care of Leah, means also taking care of mommy!

I need to remind myself of that....

I went to work yesterday... and regretted it all day. Around 1 oclock, I started getting horrible dizzy spells. The only way I can think to put how I felt was to remind you of when you are super drunk and the room spins when you close your eyes... except I didnt need to close my eyes, and I wasnt drunk! People may of thought I was... I could barely stand straight when I was up!

The only thing I can think it can be is complete exhaustion on top of having a cold. Thinking back, I have pretty much had about 3 hrs of sleep a night, and then up every hour, since last Thursdsay night. I have a tendency of feeling pretty sick to my stomach when I was super sleepy ... so sleep deprivation must make me feel dizzy.

I made it all day at work, only for the fact that I didnt think I could even drive my car home with the way I was feeling all afternoon. I had a soda though and felt slightly better when 4 oclock rolled around... I could also have felt a little better because it was time to go home!

My mom, who seriously tried to talk me into staying home yesterday (she was funny... she tried to keep me on the phone so that I couldnt get in the shower!), kept reminding me "Taking care of Leah also means taking care of yourself." So I called my father n law, who happened to be at my house while we got a new water heater installed, and asked him to stay and maybe watch Leah until Brian got home while I passed out!

I had all intentions of "Taking care of myself" until I picked up Leah, got home, and heard her horrible, raspy cry! Rather than getting better, she suddenly is more sick than ever! I couldnt let her go, and told Larry he could go home. I quickly forgot how horrible I was feeling, and just wanted to care for her.

Even when Brian came home, I barely put her down. She just sounded so horrible, wheezing at times, making strange sounds, sleeping on and off, and just plain fussy. I finally got her to "sleep" around 8 oclock. I say "sleep" because she hasnt slept thru the night in almost a week now, and barely slept more than 3 hours straight before she wakes up coughing, and wants her binkie to calm her back down.

Brian was a sweet heart though... I fell asleep by 8:30, and Brian said he would take care of Leah while I tried to get some good sleep to feel better... but here I am, up again at midnight, unable to sleep because my throat is hurting so much...

I AM staying home today though... I cant let myself get completely run down... but I will be taking Leah to the doctor again... first thing in the morning. Hopefully the rest of the day we can just cuddle and lay in bed all day!

I will let you know how it goes...

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