Sunday, February 7, 2010


Its Sunday night, I am exhausted and I am NOT ready to go back to work!

Leah is feeling better... but Mommy is more tired than ever.

I had forgotten what is was like to get up multiple times thru the night... Leah has never slept as horribly as she has the past few nights with being sick... Last night I saw 3:00 am, 4:00am, 5:00am, 6:00am, 7:00 am... and then was up for the day at 8:30. Brian even got up a few times with her too!! I really hope she sleeps better tonight!

It was another successful week on weight watchers... lost another 1.9 lbs.... total = 6.3!!!... in 2 weeks! WHOOOHOOO!....

I made some yummy super bowl, party, weight watcher food, but im too tired to write them out.... email me if u want the recipes!

well im tired of typing one handed... its time to put leah to bed... and then myself!! good night!

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