Monday, February 1, 2010

I hate daycare!!

I really hate it!

I went with Brian to drop her off this morning and I of course bawled my eyes out!

All I could think as we left was "I dont know these people!!" "I just handed my precious baby girl's life over to these strangers!"

4:00 did not come soon enough.... I hurried to get her, and just got more upset....

I am given a piece of paper to tell me how her day was... just a paper telling me when she ate, slept, and had her diaper changed.

Then there is the sleeping.... Leah is a baby that loves to be swaddled.... that is how I get her to sleep thru the night.... well guess what, the State of Missouri frowns upon swaddling a baby, so they dont at all! Leah does not yet sleep laying down with a blanket thrown over her.... which is why she had a total of 4, 15-20 minute naps!!!

Leah slept a total of a little over an hour all day! Of course this results in her getting home and instantly falling asleep .... which is why I am writing this instead of playing with my little girl! I will be surprised if Brian gets to see her up at all night! I am hoping I can get an hour or so nap out of her so she will be up for a little bit night before she is down for the count tonight....

I am so sad...... I hate that she has to go there....


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