Tuesday, February 16, 2010



I left work today and it wouldnt start!

My amazing mom came to rescue me... she gave me her car so I could leave to get Leah, and she is sitting at my work waiting on the tow truck!

I am just so upset and stressed out right now! Its been 3 rough weeks and it looks like this is going to be another one! It stresses me out even more to know that there is no break in sight... life is going to be crazy, and stressful, and hectic.... forever now! Remember that New Years goal of learning to live stress free... yeah it definitely is going to take a while to get there!

I need to keep reminding myself that no matter how cranky and upset I get, I need to be thankful for my amazing family and healthy baby girl! What else matters right?

In other news... Leah's Jumperoo came in...I will post pictures soon... she loves it but hasnt grasped the idea of jumping in it yet... or even really touching the toys... but she loves to stare at them and to just be in the upright position!

And I was reading a fellow baby blog... and her daughter just had her 4 month check up... and she was 25.25 inches long... and that was 90th percentile! Leah was 24.5 inches at 2 months!! I think we have a giant on our hands!!!!!!!!!

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