Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brian's Family Christmas Party 2012

Brian's family gets together earlier in the month every year and it is always a good time.

The 4 older girls were pretty crazy this with them being 2-3 year olds, but next year, when we add in 2 more little girls that will be walking I am sure it will be even more entertaining!

(background, Brian and his cousins all had 6 baby girls around the same time... Leah is the oldest and Emily is the youngest of the 6!)

And for the photos....

Attempting a family picture.... 

My love.. 

The girls too excited for Christmas presents! .... Leah could actually recognize her name and pick out which presents were hers!! Kind of awesome! 

They love each other so much!! 

Opening her first gift of the season!

Brian's cousins that I somehow convinced to run the half marathon with me in April! Cant wait! 

Emily got lots of lovin! 

Running from eachother... pretending Selene was an animal about to get them... 

Tried to get the girls to all sit for a picture... Watch as the girls slowly escape up the stairs... 

My sister n law Tara wrangling them up and getting them back downstairs... 

Olivia giving pony rides.. So funny! 

My mother n law on the left, with her twin sister Patty. 

Someone started giving the girls airplane rides, and then they all wanted to do it... 

2 of them standing on their Great Aunt Patty's stomach! 

And pony rides began! Too funny! 

It was a great time...

All the girls left tired, crabby, and ready for bed!


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