Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Goal Review

I like to make goals.

And then review them.

Catch the past few years ....2010 Review...2011 Review ...2012 Goals

I must not have been thinking too big for 2012 because I am a little shocked with how short my list is!

But let's review.

  • Welcome a happy and healthy baby into your family and live to learn as a family of four. Success! Emily is a perfect baby and I feel more confident in our life as a family of 4 as I probably ever did as a family of 3.  I am just in a really good place right now. ... and of course Happy Mommy = Happy Family. 
  • Pass atleast 1 more exam...Hmm I sort of bypassed this one. I skipped taking exams this year to keep a lightl work load and went the module route.  I have modules 1-7 turned in.  I did fail IA... but it has been redone and I am currently awaiting results. I also took my Stats VEE and awaiting that grade... so if I passed both of those, there would be progress towards my designation and that is the ultimate goal right? ... so semi success. 
  • Become more settled in the house.... whether its finishing the basement, new projects, more decorating, or even finishing the baby's room! (That is kind of a must). Ugh, the basement is 90% finished and Emily does have a nursery... but otherwise I do not feel like we did much around the house at all! I have such a long list of projects to do... maybe we can knock out some of the smaller ones soon since the basement sucked up so much of the budget... 
  • A new car for me would be nice.Yep, I am now the proud owner for a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan that was purchased at the end of April with 6 miles... it now has 10,000... O_O <--- did="did" face="face" font="font" happen="happen" is="is" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" ow="ow" that="that">
  • I really want to get Leah involved in a activity... swim lessons or dance probably. I feel like we took the easy route in getting this goal accomplished, but she has been involved in Soccer & Dance, both thru school during the day.  It is just convenient with it being during the day! She does great with both we are told. Listens & participates!  No hiding in the corners here! ... This coming year will bring real soccer and tball! Cant wait! 

So without any lofty goals, 2012 was definitely a success. 

I have some big things in mind of 2013 so hold tight for those goals! 


  1. I'm looking forward to your 2013 goals! I'm thinking my 2013 need to be loftier too....



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